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55312 -  ian 
premier league Location
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This season we have beaten man u, Chelsea, arsenal, everton, Liverpool cool
55311 -  Joel 
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Yesterday at 23:48 Write a comment

Safe and do u know what, I'll take the same again next year with two games to spare

Expectations lads and lasses expectations
55310 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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I've yet to hear one good argument for us keeping Guidolin as manager. Yes, he's fulfilled his brief, and is obviously a nice and likeable man. But he's also been very lucky (playing weakened Chelsea and Liverpool teams and lucky victories over Everton and Villa) and tactically inept a lot of the time.

Guidolin's persistence with the diamond when everybody (including his right-hand man) could see that it wasn't working has beggared belief. Even when he's ditched the diamond he's often gone with lop-sided, one-winger formations that have been pretty much as bad. Take last week's change at half-time, bringing on Montero as a winger on the left, but then moving Ayew into the centre alongside Paloschi and playing Rangel (yes Rangel) as a wing-back. The crucial third goal was a direct result of this ludicrous formation. Once Rangel misjudged the flight of the clearance and allowed it to go over his head we were completely open, with Fernandez operating as a de facto right back. All this in spite of the fact that Barrow, who performed very well when Curtis was on the bench, has been available to offer balance and real threat from the right.

So let's hear some football arguments for Guidolin's retention. I'm afraid sentiment won't suffice.

Big Brenda Yesterday at 22:16
Pointless debate, The Don is off to Watford and that donkey Rodgers is coming back
if this is wrong I will show my tits in Burtons window at lunchtime .

MG Today at 00:12
i thought he picked a good team today, his record for us is good, the combination of curtis and him is a decent one and he has kept us up

its a new league for him, its not his team, so when you consider that, he has done very well. Any manager deserves a transfer window and at least a full season. He has done what has been asked of him

what i don't like is bringing a defender on to,protect a lead when we could go for more goals, the italian way if you like but he has a apparently built young attacking teams

i reckon he deserves a contract and if he wants one, he shouild get it
55309 -  Martin 
West Location
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Yesterday at 21:51 Write a comment

HJ, you big headed arrogant Pratt. Have the common decency to appoint Guidolin who has, along with Curt, saved us from the mess HJ and Monk created

Nobby Robby Yesterday at 22:13
What does that make you Martin. A total clueless arogant and ignorant bafoon

DJ Yesterday at 22:33
Burn HJ At the stake I say Robby! What's he ever done for us aye!

Philip 54 minutes ago
Well said if anybody should walk the plank it should be Jenkins,not Guidolin .
Since the Laudrup debacle he has gone from one blunder to the other. If he was half a man he should thank Guidolin and Curt for the work they have done since Xmas getting him out of the mess he had put us in .......Deal is done with Brendan Rodgers another old pal. of the board.
55308 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Yesterday at 21:46 Write a comment

great to see the desire back today.

I thought everyone played well, but these stood out for me.

Cork. His work rate and desire to win the ball was exceptional, and his goal the best illustration of that.

Ayew. Looks so much more dangerous up top. Again, his desire was there to see when in the box. he also found some excellent positions with his movement, and a better understanding playing in front of Siggy.

Amat. Has hardly kicked a ball in anger this season. So to see such an assured performance, with his reading of the game, interceptions and bringing the ball out of defence was a delight for me.

Having the luxury of being an armchair viewer today, there was one thing that took me by surprise, and that was Jenkins pre-match interview.

Not the part where he all but said The Don wasn't getting the job, by being so non-committal.

HJ: "We are delighted how things have gone."

Jake: " he wants to stay."

HJ:" I am sure he's a big decision for us to go forward...we need to take our time, and go through our options."

Jake: "but he's been here a few months, which seems long enough to assess whether he's the man for the future..."

HJ: " we won't be rushed into it."

No it was the part about the takeover.

HJ: "I'm glad it didn't come out in can see the impact it can have on a club...and I hope one way or another, whether it goes ahead or not, it's quickly put to we can plan"

That doesn't sound like a man about to earn multi-millions to me.

What does anyone else think?

DJ Yesterday at 22:04
Mark the deal is done! You may not want or like it, but it's done!

Neath Swan Yesterday at 23:52
Guidolin has done a good job but HJ must be careful in going for the best available and consider things like salary and terms. Bonuses and reductions if relegated will always be stumbling points. FG would seem to have a strong claim but only HJ knows the financial requirements and terms that he and his agent wants as well as the fund for transfers and control over the player selection. Brendan at least has worked well with HJ before. . Remember the Sunderland manager last year Aadvocat another mature Internationally renowned manager . Persuaded to stay on and discarded within 5 or 6 weeks no doubt with a substantial pay off.

jeremy H Today at 00:29
The deal is done, the Leprechaun is back on the books, worst luck
55307 -  Sid 
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Yesterday at 21:06 Write a comment

Got a funny feeling that Frank de Boer will be our nxt manager.
55306 -  bigoak 
carmarthen Location
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Yesterday at 20:52 Write a comment

Think today is a poignant day to admit that i got it so wrong about selling Shelvey to Newc: it appears the gamble paid of for HJ .

However, for me it was just that a gamble , and one i would not have taken and still would not take.

On saying that i got it wrong!!

sometimes even the great dont always get it right! haha

Ivorsleftpeg Yesterday at 21:48
Nice to see you accepting you were inaccurate, don't like the word wrong, too negative for me.

I do not agree that it was a gamble. If you have ever worked or run a team, sports or workers, where one or two are so disruptive that they are such a negative influence on the rest, especially the younger, less confident group, you will know that removing him was no gamble.

This was one of the most important decisions the club has made in recent years.

I, was personally inaccurate regarding the lad, but after he came back from England duty earlier this season and realised he was not in the frame for RH, he seemed to lose the plot.
55305 -  bigoak 
carmarthen Location
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Yesterday at 20:42 Write a comment

Indeed safe at last: and a performance to build on, i accept that Liverpool played a lot of kids today particularly in midfield, however its still Liverpool and its still a win

again Cork had a great game , topped of with a brilliant goal . one of our most consistent performers this season.

Was a great day in so many ways ; now we are safe , looking forward to France !! and a summer of change for our club,
55304 -  moorlands 
swansea Location
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Yesterday at 20:19 Write a comment

For what it's worth I would give the job to Guidolin with Alan Curtisin in his team.They know what they are doing and deserve to be given the chance..

I think it would be a mistake to go back and try to recapture the past with a previous manager,these things rarely work in real life.
Chasing some eccentric South American who could throw his toys out of the pram at any moment would be an even worse choice in my view..

countryboy Yesterday at 20:39
Bang on, Moorlands. Francesco Guidolin is our man, with Curt as his assistant. Let Rodgers go hang..
Good performance today. Amat and Cork looked the part.
Montero and Barrow will give us a different dimension next season, with Ayew/Paloschi battling for the main striker role.
55303 -  Barry The Hatchet 
Neath Location
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Yesterday at 19:52 Write a comment

Francesco Guidolin is a true gentleman.
His post match press conference saw him field question from the press regarding Brendan Rodgers and his rumoured appointment.
If so, Mr Jenkins, let's treat Francesco with a bit of respect and let him know as soon as possible.
Thank you, Francesco. I really wish you well.
A true gentleman.

desperate dai Yesterday at 21:02
We have certainly had a humdinger of a season, well below par but my grateful thanks go to Guidolin and Curtis for saving us.

Disappointed by recent away results and I am now a little unsure about appointing Guidolin, , BUT if the choice is Guidolin or Rogers then FG is the man for me.

We must reward performance and show appreciation of the task achieved.

Let's not forget how anxious we all were in January and now we are safe. partly due to some fine performances and partly due to ineptitude by our rivals.
6 seasons , who would have thought it?
We're living the dream, even though we have had a few scary moments.
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