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63235 -  nednantyjack 
bridgend Location
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Anyone know when next seasons kit launch is?
63234 -  Martyn Jones 
Myrtle Beach Location
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Watched Huddersfiled a number of times this season and they strike me as next seasons Middlesboro. Not much threat up front but always keep it tight at the back
63233 -  diane 
london Location
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Off to the CL final on Saturday and although will be seated with the Real fans, not sure who to support.. Pros for Real is obviously Gareth Bale, pros for Juventus - John Charles and to a much lesser extent, Ian Rush.

What do you think?

Mark (Jack) London Yesterday at 19:29
Has to be the Old Lady due the Charlo-Swansea connection.

Rhydian Yesterday at 19:37
For me it has to be Juventus, mainly because I think Buffon deserves a CL winners medal more than any other player. His goalkeeping record (especially within the CL) is amazing and this competition is pretty much the only one missing from his record. Seems like an honest guy and at his age to still be playing at this level is a great achievement.

NickR Yesterday at 20:34
I'll be there too Diane. I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be interesting to see the streets packed with Spaniards and Italians.....surely a LOT different to the English when they're abroad!

I'm going with Real. I've liked them as a sort of 2nd team for dozens of years now....probably because they play in white!!! If they lose, seeing Buffon lifting the cup will at least be a consolation of sorts.

NickF Yesterday at 20:54
Heart says Juve for me. Not sure why. I've been to the Bernebau and was intrigued by the Galatico philosophy. The football world has changed recently. It is all a bit corporate and sterile( on and off the pitch). Hope you have a great night Diane and Nick.
63232 -  Rhydian 
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Really wanted Reading to come back up the to the Premier League, but now they've blown it let's go in and get Gunter to replace Rangel - underrated and always top quality for Wales. Maybe even Danny Williams as well if we are really committed to expanding our American brand!

diane Yesterday at 18:08
Me too. Much nicer fans than Huddersfield - remember them causing trouble at the Autoglass final. They're on a par with Leeds, Millwall and Cardiff, Happy for Danny Ward obviously.

BWJ Yesterday at 18:11
IMHO, Gunter about same level as Taylor. Not good enough for Premier League.

Jeff-Cowbridge Yesterday at 18:24
I'm really glad Huddersfield won. It's a proper footballing town that deserves a bash in the Premier League. A colourful manager and a local chairman/owner too.That's one of my away trips inked in for next season.

Jeff-Cowbridge Yesterday at 18:27
* that should read "football town"

Huw pc Yesterday at 20:41
Gunter might be a good shout,Very comfortable on the ball and plenty of experience.We have probably signed a lot worse than him in the past.We need Rangel to coach any incomer to play his way and keep the philosophy going.Our left hand side has improved greatly with Olssen and Carroll so if we can get the right side up to speed we would be a far more complete unit again.
63231 -  huwpc 
newcastle emlyn Location
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35 mins into play off final.Nothing to worry Swans here so far.Either one will have to go some to survive in Premiership.

BWJ Yesterday at 17:23
Boring, low quality match.
63230 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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come on, let's get Scott Sinclair's hat trick voted the most memorable second-tier play-off final moment. check out the vote tab on today's game.

63229 -  Big jack 
in me room Location
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Very interesting interview with Bob Bradley today saying how after a time out he's looking forward to managing a top team in Europe.

He goes on to say of how confident that the Swans team he built would eventually come good, how the Paul Clements has reaped the benefit of his hard work and solid foundations. How the Swansea board and supporters were wrong to turn on him after such a short time and how his team were on the cusp of success if only they could stick out the fourth quarter better than they had like I say interesting.


cimla jack Yesterday at 14:52
"Paul Clements has reaped the benefit of his hard work and solid foundations".

If Bob really believes the above, he really needs help,pity mun lol

Herbie Yesterday at 15:11
The guy is totally delusional! Hasn't he listened to the players all saying how there was no structure or organisation under him? We were down in bottom spot had he stayed.

Mumbles jack Yesterday at 15:27
Try and think of it from his perspective, if he told the truth he would never get a job at a big club again. As many have said in the past, he was totally out of his depth. He pulled the wool over my eyes I will humbly admitt.

clyde Yesterday at 15:34
I am looking forward to being 6'2" and marrying Michelle Pfeiffer!

Buffalo Yesterday at 17:04
Somewhere , there is a circus missing a Clown.....

Mr May Yesterday at 18:30
Unbelievable Jeff dillusional trumped up american , good bless future Dame Teresa The jack May.

Big G Yesterday at 20:19
I hope he does get another relatively high profile job, so he can screw that up too & then it's case closed on Bob, he can totter off back to the good ol USA
63228 -  bringbacktiswas 
Gendros Location
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Given today's Championship play off, I wonder what happened to the two Jeff's?
Didn't we once have one from Huddersfield and one from Reading on this GB?

clyde Yesterday at 15:38
There was only one. He lived in Huddersfield but holidayed in Reading.
63227 -  J4cka 
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FYI ~~~>


Joe Yesterday at 12:55
Good luck on that one Spurs, every club is a selling club but unlike Hull, we don't have to sell

Dai full pelt Yesterday at 13:06
Bring ash back?
63226 -  Boris 
Swansea Location
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All the talk of midfielders

How about Naby Keits a box to box midfielder a youngster with a massive future
Think he might cost too much for us though

Boris Sunday 16:28
Oops he is rated at tom .....

Boris Sunday 16:29
50 mil embarrassment
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