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63833 -  Robert 
Jack Army HQ Location
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I'm not being serious or anything but it might be funny if we told Everton we'll except a £45 million bid if we can have Kevin Mirallas. in exchange too.

He only cost Everton £16 million in five years ago and he doesn't appear to be one of their top priorities, being overlooked by the overrated Barkley. wink

I know, I know it'll never happen but I like Mirallas and would have him in my team if I could wave a magic wand.
63832 -  Rugeley Swan 
Rugeley Location
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Ferrie Bodde on trail with the Swans, to play in friendly match 9th August!!!!
63831 -  deejay 
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We are a laughing stock......... #@*%!

Look up Jean Michael Seri ...... our offer of £15m for a player
with a release clause of £35m has been ridiculed.

Who the hell is responsible for trying to take the p*** ?

Don't watch French footie. Today at 20:44
Well I am not laughing, never heard of him.

deejay 50 minutes ago

You will soon - with Arsenal favourite to land him. wink
63830 -  Les lake 
Marquis arms Location
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Who's this sammy Abraham we've signed. Ain't heard much of him. How much he cost from Bristol city.

Paula Today at 21:25
Stop talking bollocks Les & come up to bed big boy
63829 -  Emma 
Ponty Location
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Looks like everton are intrested ìn gylffi, hold on to you're hats

verajack Today at 21:26
Where have you heard that from Emma ?

Emma Today at 21:48
One of my boys heard 2 blokes talking when he was selling meat down the pub vera. said they were both wearing ties so it was quiet believable.

PaulT Today at 21:50
NO WAY !!!!

They'll be after Ashley Williams next.....

it's ok, Brendan wont allow it.....

verajack Today at 22:00
If they were wearing ties it could be true, BTW any Chops going cheap Emma ?

Emma Today at 22:14
Think it was mainly scrag end he was shifting today vera but I'll ask him to have a word with glyn the meat to see when his next delivery is coming in. it isn't welsh lamb so you know vera.
63828 -  LbroPaul 
East Mids Location
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Just read the fascinating piece by Martin Laurence in the Guardian entitled, "Everton should think twice before signing Gylfi Sigurdsson for £50M"! He lists the statistical reasons why, in his opinion, Gylfi is not worth that much.


I have tried to insert the link above. If it didn't work, perhaps someone could please help me?

It is a detailed analysis of Gyfli's stats from last season and appears to show that he is not as good as the hype. In fact, he names 3 players with similar attributes who would be available for about half the £50M price tag. We might react to the dismissive way he speaks about one of our favourites, but looking on the bright side this article could be a win-win for us. If Gylfi goes, we have a ready-made shopping list to consider; if he stays, we keep our playmaker who is worth £50M to us!!

Whilst the writer looks dispassionately at the stats, imagining Gyfli in 'any other team', at Swansea he is known, is happily settled, knows the Swansea Way and fits well into the ethos of the club family. These are 'add-ons' not commonly associated with transfer considerations. (We have seen others leave on a high, only to find that the grass is not as green on the other side. In other words, they didn't realise that the Swansea Way made them appear better than they would be in 'any other team'!)

I hope that Ronald reads the piece and decided to back off - and thinks how others might be better fits for Project Koeman after all. For me, keeping Gylfi is worth the £50M to us!! I hope he stays.

Martyn Jones Today at 19:30
Siggy is consistent season after season. The alternative he mentions just had one good season last year

Riyad Boudebouz scored 11 last year but only 2, 5, and 3 in the previous seasons
Valter Birsa is 30 yrs old. Scored 6 last season and 0, 2, 2 and 0 in his four previous seasons
Jonathan Viera scored 7 last year and 0, 5, 0 and 2 in the previous four seasons.

I wouldnt say thats a particularly good shopping list

Ds Today at 19:37
My guess is we need to sell siggy to bring in players. If he stays then the squad we have now will be the squad we go into the season with, less a few fringe players.

Llorente and ki will miss the beginning of the season as well.

Worrying if the above happens as i don't think we will be equiped enough for a whole season. Siggy needs to be sold and 3 brought in to strenghten squad

Mg Today at 21:59
Yes Ds, let's sell our best player, sounds like a good plan
63827 -  Steve 
Swansea Location
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Ha ha rumour has it we bid 23 m euros for Seri of Nice! What a fucking joke, if we won't pay 26m for Viera we won't pay 35m for Seri.
Jenkins would collapse!
63826 -  Mark (Jack) - London 
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Siggy played a full part in training today.

Koeman unsure if they will bid again.

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 17:59


Bab Today at 19:21
Glad to see him back in training and Dodgy Ron being unsure. Barkley is determined to leave Everton too
63825 -  Chris 
Aberdare Location
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All the critics of hi should read the article on bbc sport with Daniel levy. What this guy's got to say is common sense the way transfers are going so will many clubs .. To be astute in business hj has had it spot on sorry if I offend you. You can't splash the cash and then say 5 years down the line on shit we're in conference league and then be wound up by HMRC. We may have to duck and dive every year, but sustanibility is a must. We are not ever going to be top 6.

Dai Today at 17:59
Got to agree at that Chris.

We will always have sell players to survive

It would be nice to extend the stadium to grow the club

Because I think the bubble is going to burst soon with sky

Big G Today at 18:58
Um, remind Me Levy of how much he sold Bale for, he was one of the protagonists of this transfer money madness!

Colin northampton 11 minutes ago
Big G
The key word there is "sold"
63824 -  Jackland 
LIBERTY Location
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ThankF HJ not in full charge now, SIGGY would have gone for 20mill.

Jon Today at 13:51
I don't buy that for one minute, Its true that HJ didn't or doesn't have the clout of the American's but he would only sell for the best deal he could get. The resolve might not have been the same due to the fact that the books needed to be balanced sooner.

BTW, I am not a family member and think the guy has sold the fans down the river but lets not make things up eh!

Jackland Today at 13:57
I am not making things up. WGAS about the books being balanced, it's a society of borrowing these days. Fact.

Ponty Jack Today at 14:13
HJ has not sold the fans down the river. This is a fans myth. Its a football thing or a Welsh thing ? i do not know but it defies all logic. They had to sell the club as they could no longer fund a PL club. Spinning plates is OK for a while but could not continue. The club was sold in the best interests of the club despite opposition from the Trust it appears. The Trust's assets have grown a 1000 times under HJs regime and in any other walk of life this would be seen as spectacular and something to be grateful for. ( long lost values) HJ and co. has even provided them with a buyer including himself.. So much for the whingers that said the Trust value was worthless. The Trust needs money in the bank. This can be done by sale or dividends. The future is bright but full of risk. Mr Gibson is the golden boy of club chairmen and he could keep his team in the PL for 1 season only playing dire football and now looks to an ex Swansea icon to help him. Not a family member and I do not care if the punters find my post boring.

Tosh's mum Today at 14:22
Pointy, Big Oak is targeted on here for his anti Jenkins posts, your Jenkins is the best posts are boring!

Give it a rest, those who agree with you don't need the sermon the rest of us don't give a sh1t!

enaitch Today at 15:24
Pointless jack or whatever your name is . The club is in the same position now as under HJ and co . No investment yet by the Americans so you're statement that HJ and co had to sell as they're plates wernt spinning is baffling . All the Americans money went to the old board not the club .. The trust didn't receive any as yet and knowing HJ he probably will tell the Americans to give them some of the money from the Siggy sale . The rest in afraid will be divided between the board and recruitment none of their own money

Gaylord Today at 18:06
Ensnatch. Or whatever your name.
Yes the club is in the same position,still in the premier league.
I happy with that.
Also when you buy shares you are entitled to sell to whoever you want

Ponty jack Today at 20:21
Enaitch you just do not get it. Investment cannot be made without the Trust putting in their share. This is to avoid dillution. The investment will come with stadium development of £20m. To maintain a future 10% share the Trust must contribute 10% which is £2m. The Trust now have a coherent plan and will make a lot of money if things go well. The club upto now does not pay significant dividends - that is why the Trust is skint and do not have the money to fund litigation even if they vote for it. Members will be asked to contribute if that happens at which point they will run to the hills.

Jon Today at 21:03
Ponty. You say Jenkins made the trust 1000% but the reason why the old board was successful was because everyone had the same goal, worked together for that goal and pulled the club from the brink, after sustainable growth over many years, greed reared it's ugly head, there's no one on this guestbook who wouldn't have sold if they had the offer but where the sellers went fundementally wrong was keeping the sale to themselves, that was as sly as it gets. Legally the sellers may believe they've done nothing wrong but morally, what they've done is heinous. And the fecking know it good boy.

Ponty jack Today at 22:02
Jon check your maths you are out by a factor of 100. A bit worrying. Being sly or wise comes in handy dealing with the likes of Daniel Levi and an army of dodgey agents. The Trust had reserves of a mere £800,000 after 14 years - frankly pathetic. They have been booted out of their intransigence into the real world and can now flourish big time if they play a good hand and work together with the US guys and HJ.

Steve 54 minutes ago
They would only have to out up with working with Jenkins for another year at least eh Pointy!
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