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53762 -  Peter0408 
Burryport Location
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55 minutes ago Write a comment

For sale 1 tkt for Southampton game east stand upper half way line £35 phone 07779426970
53761 -  mike 
cornwall Location
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Today at 10:01 Write a comment

Trying to be fair but realistic as well ,have just looked at our next 5 fixtures along with others down amongst us.Have come up with the following points for each after 30 games played.
Bournemouth 35
Swansea 32 ( includes one win v Norwich )
WBA 32
Newcastle 27
Sunderland 25
Villa 17.
I for one would take this outcome at the present moment.
We all have some tough games in these next five, in which a win for any of us would be a shock result.I have not included any shock results in my forecasts.
53760 -  Parmajack 
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Yesterday at 21:06 Write a comment

Don't know whee Andrew and the like have got this idea that there are problems with Guidolin.
In an interview with Italian press he tells how welcoming everyone has been and how brilliant the fans have been. Reminds him of his time at Parma a similarly family orientated club (always knew he was a top man).
If there were problems I think he is the type to come uot and say so. Also says in the article he hopes to be our manager for some time. Doesn't like the big club atmosphere.

bankjack Yesterday at 21:58
Does it surprise anyone what the idiot says ?
Horrible little man #@*%!

mike Today at 00:24
Sticks and stones, just dont respond to his attention seaking posts. Like a bad smell he will disapear.

andrew Today at 08:00
I understand FG discussed 4 players with HJ before the window shut, not one was Fer. He was not a player FG wanted, I understand he arrived like many here, on the word of scouting staff and HJ calling the tune.

I am told that if we stay up, unless there is a dramatic U turn in HJ transfer policy approach, then our manager will be long gone before the end of May. If he is not allowed to select the players that arrive, it is all over.

You can read any press release you want, he is not going to be critical, somebody on here says the Italian media report he has an 18 month contract, he does not. It is a contract till the season end, It will be reviewed by both parties at the end of the season.

I will get the usual abuse, only telling you what I hear , usually reliable.

Colin-swansea Today at 08:39
I have always been a big critic of the club's scouting network but what you need to remember is a statement from HJ during the Laudrup reign that the club will always reserve the right to utilise targets identified by its own scouts rather than be dictated to by a manager(Laudrup) and his agent(Tutumulu) who could walk away from the club at the drop of a hat any day. Otherwise, why waste time and money to build up your own scouting network. Whatever you think of HJ, his reliance on building the club's own network is the right way to go in the long run.

HJ has indicated a few weeks back that there needs to be an improvement in that department and myself, for one, will be keenly watching this space when the season is over as to what changes are made.

As for Guido, during the window he has stated all along that he only wanted a striker and a midfielder added to the squad before the window closed. The striker has arrived and are we to believe that Guido, after seeing Fer on the training ground in less than a week has thrown his toys out of the pram!

cigno Today at 08:54
It was I who mentioned the 18 month contract. I don't always believe everything written in the press just like I don;t believe a lot of what people say. You obviously have information that it's only til end of season.

What I will add whilst reading the Italian press like Parmajack is that Guidolin is happy here at Swansea - he loves the location and friendly atmosphere. He's a real gentleman and will walk if he feels that people are not listening to him.
He's been around the block long enough to realise that not every target he identifies will be signed. Fer is only a loan until season end and as Colin mentions he only requested a striker and midfielder.
We all know how hard it is to sign people in the January transfer window, let alone how inflated prices are. Always best where possible to wait til the summer.

Wayne Today at 09:35
I wasn't happy with Fer. Let's be honest Fer was thought to be the best option out of a poor crop of midfielders that were available. No need for anyone to throw toys, unless you pay top whack the players available in January are generally surplus to requirements.

Jack Today at 09:46
It was Guidolin that didn't fancy DeGuzman and said so from the off. Fer was someone mentioned and as he hasn't played a game for Swansea City, lets all agree that the jury is out.

Chris is a rotter and has been from day one, unfortunately, he won't go away, he gets off on his infamy. Why he calls himself Andrew these days I have no idea.

andrew 34 minutes ago
I could have the point more clearly, he identified 4 players as well as Paloschi that he thought would add to the quality of the squad. He wanted Paloschi plus one of the four, he got Fer.

I understand that in an ideal world, where you have a quality scouting network, as we did under RM, then they can be self serving, what we have at the moment appears to be clueless in spotting not just talent, but in understanding the players mindset, which as RM always said, is as important as his ability.

We then have a non football DoF making a final decision. It is a recipe for where we are now. As the Trust said HJ has blown a hole in near £50m since ML left, with little to show.

He has now embarked on another venture of the same, after saying he would change his policy on recruitment. He clearly has not, and Guidolin is not impressed.

I understand he has made it clear he will not carry on with the club signing who they wish.

Grow up you idiot.

James Thomas 30 minutes ago

dont get me wrong, i dont agree with much of what Andrew states as he has a personal vendetta.

however i dont agree with the club having its own scouting network, regardless of a managers preference.
i think this is a dodgy philosophy as the manager is measured on the success of his / her players, why shouldnt they pick thier own (as long as within budget... salaty / cost etc)
for once i am tending to agree that, if the structure (HJ + Scouting network) are not doing a good job, then who should be accountable? the manager or the system?

Parmajack 20 minutes ago
At Udinese and Parma it was the sporting director who signed players not Guidolin. He presented a list of names. Some he got some he didn't. He stayed. Its the way in most Italian clubs so am a bit confused as to why it should be different for him here.
At Parma if he fell out with the club he said the press.

James Thomas 9 minutes ago

i think this a model is used by lots of clubs... problem is, is that the manager is the fall guy regardless.
i cant imagine Brian Clough, Fergie, Shankley etc working like that... that said players salaries are not what they were in those days.

i think the manager should have a budget / inclusive of salary cap, to work under, then bring who you want... the players know the manager wants them as he is the one chasing, if then it fails he deserves the sack!
problem then comes from who comes in, what to do with said players

Manager selection is key, then give them the reigns so to speak
53759 -  BWJ 
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Yesterday at 20:24 Write a comment

Two of England's supposed brightest prospects for manager are finding what an incredibly hard job it is at a young age.

Paul Clement sacked after just 8 months as a No1 and Gary Neville it seems is a dead man walking.

They may still go on to become top managers but they'll serve a tough apprenticeship early days.

Perhaps Clement can drop straight into the Rotherham hot seat.
53758 -  colin-swansea 
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Yesterday at 19:59 Write a comment

Another fine article from the Principality that must have kept the journo up all night researching.


Matty Yesterday at 20:15
That article looks a lot like my 9 year old sons homework for this week big grin

Ancient Mariner Yesterday at 23:36
Sorry I'm late in replying but that was simply copied from the BBC Sport site:


Now that IS a lazy journo!
53757 -  Football-dog 
Swansea Location
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Yesterday at 18:00 Write a comment

2 tickets available:for Southampton on Saturday. Lower west stand. £60 for the pair.
Text if interested. Thanks.

Football-dog Yesterday at 22:02
Tickets now gone thanks.
53756 -  Bab 
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Yesterday at 15:47 Write a comment

March will be the defining month for us. Arsenal away, then norwich home (must win) Bournemouth away (take a point) Aston villa home (must win) if we 7 points there and hopefully 2 or 4 from this month we be doing well to stay up. Beyond then it's a tough run, so come on the Swans, let's get this done early!!!!

Daiaberdare Yesterday at 16:25
Bab, sort that stammer out lol
53755 -  Numpty 
Swansea back streets Location
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Yesterday at 15:31 Write a comment

People coming on this site saying the manager has issues with the club and that he will not be heare nexd year do the club no favours and should either say what they are or shut up , if they are true supporters

AG Yesterday at 18:51
What people.
I haven't heard anyone saying anything you've mentioned

deekay Yesterday at 19:09

I think Numpty is referring to Parmajack's post 53752, and it's responses, or at least one in particular

AG Yesterday at 19:14
Sorry numpty didnr see the post from the nasty vindictive chip on his shoulder andrew

Numpty Yesterday at 20:47
Deekay correct
AG , no problem
53754 -  Bab 
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Yesterday at 15:21 Write a comment

March will be the defining month for us. Arsenal away, then norwich home (must win) Bournemouth away (take a point) Aston villa home (must win) if we 7 points there and hopefully 2 or 4 from this month we be doing well to stay up. Beyond then it's a tough run, so come on the Swans, let's get this done early!!!!
53753 -  Daiaberdare 
Hau hin Location
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Yesterday at 15:05 Write a comment

I have watched the last two games of villa and sunderland, and have been unpleasently surprised.

Villa look to have turned the corner, and against hammers were the better team in the first half despite down to 10 men after 17mins.
Then they clinched a win this week.
Sunderland two battling performances that deserved more than one point against top teams.

Swans dropped 4 points against two weak sides, very disapointing, games we need to win to keep out of the bottom three, despite some peoples optimism can,t see us getting a point from the next two games.
I,m feeling a little uneasy the way the relegation hopefulls are starting to improve, hope i,m wrong but apart from norwich they all seem to be improving.....Bournmouth a bit like us, wishy washy.

Trimsaran swan Yesterday at 15:51
Dai - 8 points from the last 4 games,in my opinion wishy washy will be good enough. smile

Doddsy Yesterday at 16:20
Don't know what it is with people from Aberdare but you sound just like that beaut Eames. Do you also take a pair of binoculars to games?

Daiaberdare Yesterday at 16:23
Hope so trimsaron, but you have to admit the last 2 games were against below strength sides, and was a great chance to beat them for that reason, and their recent abysmal form.

Daiaberdare Yesterday at 16:27
From where i am ken would need more than binoculars you arse wipe.

Doddsy Yesterday at 17:05
Bit touchy today Dai bach, but sums you right up with your offensive language. Got enough to say about the club but never go to watch them, just like the other beaut.

Trimsaran swan Yesterday at 17:07
Dai - We've played well enough to win the last two games,which makes it all the more frustrating that we only gained 2 points.
There's a marked improvement in our play recently,and it won't be plain sailing,but Wishy washy will do.

Daiaberdare Yesterday at 17:14
Ken, pity you did,nt have enough guts to use your proper name........but you give yourself away with your favourite expression, BEAUT, lol
Offensive language? More of a compliment for you i would say.

Daiaberdare Yesterday at 17:27
Trimsaron the stand out thing for me when playing palace, we had them down and out at 1 nil, then all of a sudden we were on the back foot and they were on top.
Seems as if thats our problem when we go in front we don,t go in for the kill.
Against palace and the weak side they had out we should have slaughtered them.

Malcolm Davies Yesterday at 17:57
Hi daiaberdare,
the problem was half time , they made a sub , and came out very quickly , after that it was end to end ,

they had lots of injuries , but had their usual back 5 , cabaye , jedinak plus adabayor thats not a poor side
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