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61338 -  h-owenjack 
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One way to break down teams is through pace , Dan james has it in abundance give him a go as teams will be forced to defend deeper as a result which in turn gives the likes of siggy more room . Look at Everton they gave tom Davies a run out look what happened ,not to mention the other 19 year old who scored.its too late when you're already in the last chance saloon.TDXTV
61337 -  Big G 
Carms Location
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A frustrating watch on Sat, glimmers of nice play & PC has clearly Had more effect in a short period than BB did during his entire tenure.

A couple of things rankle with me, we need to get in a solid & experienced CB & CMF pronto. Somehow we are still not doomed to relegation as many others have pointed out, but we need to get experience in the middle of the park, we have enormous assets in Llorente & Siggy, I just feel that a solid CB alongside Mawson or Fernandez & a tough CMF who can break up play & move the ball forward for us is not vital!

Watching Arsenals first goal just exemplified what we are missing, everyone stood & watched as the bal fell in the box, Giroud was the only one who moved, not one of our defenders reacted or threw themselves it the ball..........

Big G 45 minutes ago
'Now vital'
61336 -  dorsetjack 
dorset Location
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2 x spare tickets for Liverpool sat, work commitments mean now cant go.

Dillon Porter Today at 20:20
How much mate?

Bethan Wilcox Today at 20:29
I'll have them
If still available

Bethan Wilcox Today at 20:31
My number is07786 498813

Dillon Porter Today at 20:37
61335 -  Malvernjack 
Home Location
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Swans u23 2-0 ht .... Mcburnie both goals dance cheers

Mumbles Jack Today at 20:02
Some player there. When he came on, Saturday I was very impressed with his movement.

West Stand Jack Today at 20:07
hope he makes the grade.i think he needs to bulk up mind on a few Lewis Pies to dish out the biffa!! having said that he left his mark on a couple of Arsenal players.

Big Brenda Today at 20:17
Needs to get proper socks to look hard tho.

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 20:22
I hope Clement is watching.

He has his hattrick.


Malvernjack Today at 20:24
3-0 young swans flying clap

deejay 51 minutes ago
Check out the stats on

13 pts clear at the top.

61% possession

20 shots on goal 14 on target

Daniel James out injured.

Ollie 3 plus a crossbar strike. dance
61334 -  Swans Trust 
Swansea Location
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The minutes of the Swans Trust AGM held on Monday, 5th December 2016 are now available on our website:


The Swans Trust accounts for the period ended 31st July 2016 are also now available on our website:

61333 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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Reviewing the game deciding incidents from the MOTD coverage it's hard to decide what was more significant - our continuing desperate bad luck (two very unlucky own goals, and the two others involved some bad luck, and the penalty decision - more on that later...), or a combination of poor finishing and defending. There's nothing we can do about the former, so the latter has to be the focus going forwards.

With the first counter-attacking goal the first crucial mistake was down to Dyer trying to thread a not-on pass between two Arsenal players standing a small distance apart. It was a really foolish pass - and not the only one by Dyer in the match (although he did contribute well to the defensive effort in the first half to be fair to him). It's hard to find much fault with the initial opportunity flashed across the face of goal, with some sublime quality from Ozil. But how we then dealt with the second phase of the attack left a lot to be desired. First we left Naughton one-on-one against Sanchez. Fernandez made a belated half-hearted attempt to move out to support Naughton - but that just left him in no man's land. But the biggest error was in the complete failure to pick up on Ozil - who was stood completely free on the penalty spot for several seconds prior to Sanchez's cross coming in. It's hard to say empthatically who was to blame - but Ki was stood a few yards away with no one to mark, but barely moved to close down the obvious danger. I hope this was an individual error and not a result of the introduction of zonal marking - because that's the last thing a defence without a leader needs, where every player can cover their own arse by claiming they were covering their zone, and no one take the individual responisbiltiy to confront obvious immediate dangers when they arise. Mawson is pretty blameless for the goal - he did his job and got the block in - but was unucky it went off the inside of his thigh perfectly into Giroud path.

The penalty claim? This is really beginning to bug me big time. Not so much that the ref got it wrong - he only got one look at it, and I can see why he would have thought that Ki went looking for contact - even though he didn't. What I find inexcusable is that week after week MOTD pundits are so unprofessional and lazy that they can't be arsed to review the incidents properly. Look at it frame-by-frame and you can see that Koscielny catches Ki on his left ankle a fraction of a second before he plants his foot. Whether there was any contact on Ki's trailing leg is unclear - and in any way irrelevant. He certainly didn't dangle his leg away from his body, unlike the cheat Alli in the Spurs game (where of course the ref gave the penalty). Confirmation comes in the form of Ki's painfull grimace caught in still images from the match, and in Koscielny's reaction to when Jones points to near the spot and it seemed as if he was about to award a penalty. He immediatley turned his head away in resignation - if he thought he'd been cheated he would have reacted angrily.

Now my question is this - if a layman such as myself can review these controversial incidents and see what's what, why can't MOTD pundits do likewise? The Six Nations are about to start and there you will see try-scoring incidents subject to lengthy review from several angles, with frame-by-frame assessment of the evidence. And all this in real time. So why the xxxx can't the MOTD pundits, with plenty of time on their hands to leisurely assess the evidence do their job properly? Not ony did Ian Wright get it wrong on Saturday, but also Shearer with Reid's headed second goal for West Ham - where he scored not because "he wanted it more" as Shearer said, but rather because he was willing to foul Cork with a forearm to the back of the neck. Not obvious on first viewing - but a clear foul if you slow down the video.

One final rant. Siggy was badly at fault for the match-winning second goal. Back to goal just outside his own penalty area he attempts a clever flick round the corner, when a player was available to his right for the easy and safe pass. The flick was intercepted and the goal resulted (terribly unlucky though it was - up there with Cork's other OG against Crystal Palace as a contender for unluckiest own goal of the season). I've railed against Siggy and others attempting high-risk passes or flicks in dangerous places earlier in the season and clearly lessons haven't been learned. I do feel a bit sorry for Siggy - we missed a trick in not sending him away for a few days after the Palace game. He must be jaded, mentally as much as anything, following on from his Iceland adventure and playing pretty much every minute of every game for us.
61332 -  diane 
london Location
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I'll be really sorry if this happens - not always consistent, but has a lot to offer. I think we still need him - selling to get just £3m.

Birmingham City are in talks over a January transfer move for Swansea City midfielder Wayne Routledge, according to reports.


Cyril Today at 15:30
Narsingh can replace him, but Barrow, Montero and Dyer left as the other wingers scares me to death!
We need a left footed winger. Simple as that...

Wayne Today at 16:01
A good player and he has been a 'loyal servant' but he is at an age where his time in the sun is limited , The move is good for him and good for the club, hes not pulling up any trees by the roots, it's take a fee now or let him go for free in the near future. I suspect that he wont be the last winger to go

colin-swansea Today at 16:01
A quite underestimated footballer derided by those that can't see outside of their blinkers, and for me has been an excellent member of the squad during our period in the PL.

Ivorsleftpeg Today at 16:12
A good trier but unfortunately very little end product for a player in his position.
Should never have been given his last contract.

Gazza Today at 16:18
Time for DJ to get a run out if this happens. 3m is a decent deal all round.

TenbySwan Today at 17:23
Routledge has been a good player for us, always 110% effort.

Have to say though that I was impressed with McBurnie's cameo v Arsenal on the right wing, . His cross for Borja at the end was a peach

Ash w Today at 17:46
Mcburnies cross was a beauty. And if Baston was playing with the confidence he had this time last season it would of been a great consolation. Shame eh.

verajack Today at 18:09
Routledge has been pretty awful for quite a while now (not saying he's on his own though)

Under estimated ? I'd say quite the opposite, the only reason he's anywhere near our first team, is because the standard of the competition for his position we've brought in are so bad.

IMO the main reason why we are where we are, is because we've been keeping players well past their sell by date, and WR is a prime example of that.

Wearing blinkers ? facing reality more like.

Clloy2 Today at 18:22
Have to agree, ifs time for WR you go. The fact is he has been a great servant, but unfortunately time has caught up with him and we all must remember he is being asked to do a job in a league where he is undoubtedly finding it hard to do, This is not WR fault, and he us unfortunate in attracting a little of stick and criticism. The real problem and total blame lies with our DOF for not moving players on when they have served their time and been allowed to go out on a semi high instead of struggling week in week out to reach the required standards. Not just WR there are 4 or 5 others.

colin loughor Today at 18:53
Routledge has done more than Montero and Barrow put together this season.

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 18:55
I'm with Colin. I think he is very underestimated.

Yes his final ball can be poor, but of the wingers at the club, he has the best all round game.

I would not be surprised if another PL club looked at him, if the Birmingham rumour is true.

But I dont think it is. I doubt Clement would have played him for 90 minutes otherwise.

And also if he does go, then we'd need to replace him with another homegrown player, as we are down to the bare bones now.

Steve Today at 19:44
Vera maybe those advertising boards have blinded you! Not his best season but still better than Mo and Jeff who have been very disappointing!

Dai full pelt Today at 19:59
Routledge has been a bargain buy for us.six seasons in the premiership
I think we only paid £3 mill for him
But just like Taylor and ki he the fans scapegoat.

verajack 46 minutes ago
And there is the answer "Routledge HAS been a good player for us"

I reiterate, Montero and Barrow are just 2 of the reasons why he's in the team, he's certainly not there on his performances.
61331 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Dermot Gallagher thought it was a pen for a foul on Ki, so that's good enough for me!

Backs up my opinion, and when looking at the footage again, and Ki points the finger at Koscielny, the Arsenal player smiles, says no, and winks at him. That says everything to me.

And that would have made a difference to the game. Would we have won or got a point? We'll never know, but another decision we needed to go our way.

Dai full pelt Today at 13:09
Put it this way.
If it was up the other end he would have give it

Edward Today at 13:58
Mr Jones wouldn't have been able to give it quick enough at the other end, add to that the 2 own goals,the rebound from Mawson for the first and pass by Wayne for fourth and the phrase Lucky Arsenal springs to mind. Of course they were the better team but one does wonder when our bad luck is going to turn.

andrew Today at 15:01

Our luck will turn when we have better players who can run about the little green thing for 90 mins, not 35 as they do at the moment.

It may also help if we put PL players on the pitch instead of League One players and youngsters that may be good enough in three years time.

To blame the ref is utter nonsense. Arsenal were in first gear for two thirds of the game.

TrueJack Today at 15:56
You don't half spout some s**t.

jack61 Today at 16:04
Yes they were in first gear most of the game, but it's something Arsenal often are accused of.
My guess is Liverpool will be very different.

andrew Today at 18:09
True Idiot

And there was me thinking three home games we lost 3/0, 4/0 and 4/1 were all close. Will add it up for you, that is 1 for and 11 against in three home games, What part of 11 / 1 do you find some consolation in ? We should have had a penalty ? Give me strength.

in 40 odd years of watching the Swans, there have probably been a similar run, but I can not remember it.
61330 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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I see Gael Katuka is linked to us again - on loan. worked with Clement in the past, but his record isn't that great, and wages high.

tudor Today at 11:23
He's a six foot plus brick shit house no nonsense central defender then :roll eyes:

Peter Today at 11:25
Why I wonder have we not spoken about Jenkinson on loan

Mark (Jack) London Today at 12:57
because he's no better than Naughton, Peter!

Inconsistent. Lacks self confidence, so easily lost when he makes a mistake.

Has had one good season, two years ago for the Hammers.

His second season on loan was less than brilliant. That's not my opinion, but the Hammers fans in the office speaking.

Peter Today at 13:04
Ok thanks Mark
Am hoping against hope that the club will bring in quickly guys that our new leader wants

Gazza Today at 13:10
No truth in Kakuta. He's having a medial at Deportivo as we speak.. Smacks of an agent trying to get a better deal at the last minute.

Sally Mali Today at 14:00
Gael Kakuta is a left winger!!

peter Today at 14:37
thought Olsson would have been here by now all our transfers are long winded but unless a problem this one been on going longer than Carols why o why have we not got someone along side our D O F sorting things what is worrying me is who does it if H J taken ill (god forbid)

Steve Today at 15:06
Carroll seems to have been having his medical for days! Lol.
61329 -  tudor 
cardiff Location
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Even Alan Shearer can see the bleeding obvious


thats why I find it even more confusing and disturbing that some head in the sand merchants on this site still refuse see the wood for the trees, amazing!

Joe Today at 11:23
Tudor, I think your referring to a centre half, it doesn't take a genius to see that's what we need, but not just any centre half, one that leads from the front.

Where is he going to come from? he's not going to leave an established PL team to come to us, or as in John Terry's case, not getting game time at the top team but still won't come. We could look at the foreign market but communication is an important quality for a leader.

I'm sure Ashley Williams will be mentioned in that we should have kept him but the guy wanted out.

Anyway, I'm hoping that between PC, HJ, Dave Leadbetter, Brian Flynn and Mr Moneyball there's someone out there.

tudor Today at 11:50
Joe ask yourself why Ash wanted out he saw the writing on the wall and couldn't face another season of struggle?

Boy oh boy how we've missed him boy oh boy how we could do with him now

Jack London Today at 11:59
Ash left because he realised it was his last chance to play for a 'big' club and add to his retirement nest egg while having a guaranteed first team place (which he would not have got at Arsenal).

In far too many games last season he either gave away stupid free kicks or went missing altogether. If he was with us now you'd be criticising the club for not replacing him with someone younger.

We do lack leadership, but it's not as simple as you are making out.

Joe Today at 12:09
Of course we've missed Ashley Williams but if a player wants out, he wants out. You can add 'perhaps he saw the writing on the wall' as an opinion but you don't know that and in any case reports are that Ash wanted out each of the last 4 seasons.

Steve Today at 12:12
Had a decent game yesterday against Man City!

mike b Today at 12:35
If you watch our defending you will notice there's always plenty of white shirts, problem is most don't do anything and stand and watch as opponents react. Best example Arse's 1st goal. Ash was nearly always the one to get stuck in.

tudor Today at 12:38
Opinion fact who can say but it can't be fun for Ash knowing you're going to be fighting relegation every season without the quality troops to do it and then to be told one of the star players of the Euros a jack through and through will not be signed because of club policy. This policy I now believe originally portrayed as sensible prudencey was now as we know designed to make the club appear more profitable than it is in reality simply to make it more appealing for a quick sale behind the backs of a major shareholder who the conspirators know will consider due diligence and has the fans wishes and concerns at its black and white hart.

I guess we will have to wait for Ash's next book or more interestingly someone in the know breaking rank and spilling all.

Wayne Today at 13:48
You can only spend what you have got and after the wage bill that's not a lot. When you buy cheap you win some and you lose just as many nevertheless there have been some odd signings, Eder for one, his signing was a panic signing, they can't have really scouted him as he was never going to hack it in the Prem, far too frail and with plenty of injuries on his CV. What really baffles me is that there is no mention of a CB or a holding midfielder. I am open on Narsingh and Larsson but can't see what Carroll is going to give us.

Colin-Swansea Today at 14:25
We can all look back now and say how we miss Ash's presence in defence but let's not forget the games where he was responsible for as many mistakes as Fede in defence.

The main fault however lies at the feet of Huw Jenkins who wasn't satisfied at getting an excellent fee for a 32 year old, he replaced him with a 24 year old from Holland for £2M, who at best is League One standard. Receiving £12M for Ash, Jenkins should have used at least £10M of that cash for a ready made replacement that would be a significant figure in the Swans defence for at least the next 3 seasons.

Huw Jenkins makes all the football decisions at the club and he is totally responsible, the sooner he goes the more fans will have confidence in the way the club is being run.

Joe Today at 14:32
Tudor, not being fussy but clubs like Swansea are always going to come unstuck just like Watford, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Stoke, Sunderland, Hull and a plethora that's gone before us, some clubs our size will find the formula for a few seasons, we have but with that, so does the expectation.
We are usually top of the bottom league but not this season, I'm still hopeful but agree with all that we need a leader on the pitch to have any real chance. We've been lucky with Roberto then Garry and Ash with Tatey stepping in whenever called on.

tudor Today at 14:51
Joe your absolutely right unstuck yes any club our size without deep pockets of cash will eventually become unstuck but for me it's the largely self inflicted way we have let all our hard work slip away. This comforting excuse has become almost a self fulfilling prophecy and we are using the reasoning that every small club eventually comes unstuck as an excuse and well thats ok then if we expect to fail it's so Swansea.

Joe Today at 15:43
All im saying is lets be realistic, mistakes have been made but we've all known that a sale would happen, i think we can all agreeJenkins has not played it right but putting us in and keeping us in the PL for six years is no mean fete,

Pablo Today at 16:59
Colin you might not like Van Der Hoorn but to describe him as 'league one at best' is obviously hyperbole, even if the guy hasn't set the world on fire yet. Anyway have you really studied this player or was it just a off the cuff remark? He's only made 7 appearances afer all. Seems to be a distinct lack of generosity toward new players amongst fans. As regards the acquisition of an 'experienced leader' at centre half, people are right to point out that a top centre half is hardly likely to come to a club in the relegation places.
A loan is more likely but who is out there?
We aren't that attractive a proposition
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