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48922 -  Paul 
Carmarthen Location
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Carmarthen Town play a friendly against Walkington (managed by Dean Windass) on Friday evening @ 7pm. Tickets are £5 adut and £3 concessions.

Of more interest is that after the friendly IN THE CLUBHOUSE there will be an hours Q&A session with former Wales and Swansea City manager Terry Yorath. Entry will be £2.50 or free upon production of your ticket for the friendly match.

J4cka 23 minutes ago
With all his bonuses, he's on £60,000 a week

J4cka 19 minutes ago
Oops, sould have gone to post below re: Ash's wages.
48921 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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To me it seems pretty obvious what's going on with all this speculation around Ashley Williams. I don't believe for one second that he's eager to move on, and certainly not to Palace. But I can believe that he's unhappy with the wages that the likes of Gomis and Ayew are said to be on.

Given his age, his past and future contribution to the club, Ash can reasonably expect to be one of the best paid players at the club - if not the best paid. This whole affair smacks a little of Ramos using interest from Man Utd as leverage for a better deal from Real. If this is the case (and I don't have anything to go by other than gut feeling) then I wouldn't blame Ash.

Jason Today at 12:18
He already is one of the best paid. Apart from the two players who signed on frees, he's the top earner with Gylfi and Jonjo.
48920 -  J4cka 
In the ouse. Location
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Interview with Garry. 6:48 mins in. Talksport;

diane Today at 11:05
"Ash will be here", "Ash will be here" Gary Monk
48919 -  Andrew - North Hill 
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We're fine for strikers. People forget we never play with two out and out strikers, even when we switch to a diamond.

Last season we started with Wilf first choice, Gomis 2nd and Oliviera as back up.

This season we have Gomis as number one, Eder as 2nd option and we have Andre Ayew as backup because he can play centrally as well as out wide.

I'd much rather we keep a bit of cash aside for the possible departure of Leon, because if he goes we look a little bit thin in central midfield.
48918 -  Major Jack 
Llantwit Major Location
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Ex Swan Steven Caulker joins Southampton on season long loan


Wayne Yesterday at 21:50
He has played for 5 Seasons in the Premierships, for 5 different clubs, the last two were relegated, did a black cat cross his path? If I were a Saints fan, I would be hiring an exorcist

clyde Yesterday at 22:07
You have to wonder why they all want rid of him.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 22:30
you dont want to pay big wages in the Championship.

Iestyn Hadziabdic Yesterday at 22:39
Saints have greater strength in depth than us. Whilst we look to have an immense first team , we look like starting season light on options up front and arguably in midfield.
48917 -  Wayne 
UK Location
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You couldn't make it up could you?


48916 -  Roy Wells 
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Location
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I must admit I do share people's concerns about our striking options to a certain extent. Last season Gomis looked as though he was a 'confidence' player who needs a goal, or two to get him going. We have a difficult start to the season, and if he doesn't get a goal early on and the crowd gets on his back could it have an adverse affect on him?

You shouldn't judge a player on one performance and I've only seen Eder at Forest, but at times he looked a bit lost. He did take his (disallowed) goal well though, so there is obviously something there. Let's hope he can build on that.

We do have Ki, Siggy, and Shelvey who we know will chip in with a few, and again it's only on one viewing, but Ayew looks class. He could be our next Michu. Needs a few games to get fully up to speed I think, but will cause a lot if defenders nightmares this season I think. Looks as though he likes to drift around the pitch as well, so harder to mark.

As for getting in another striker I think it would be very difficult to get the quality of striker people on here are wanting and tell him he'll start on the bench. We run the risk of another Gomis/Bony situation.

I get the feeling we will run with what we've got at the moment with perhaps a Loan coming in later.

countryboy Yesterday at 20:19
I'd say that's a much fairer assessment of where we are than Dai Aberdare's rather pessimistic view below.
OK, we'll miss Bony, who was exceptional. But Bafe is a damn good lone striker in my book, no mistake, and, playing 4-5-1 we weren't going to lash out big bucks for a back-up striker.. It's too early to say about Eder, but when he's called on (maybe for the last quarter of a game to start with) he'll get his chance. If he doesn't take it, Marvin will get his. How many strikers can 4-5-1 accommodate?.
The real gain over last year is Ayew, who looks certain to add a new dimension. And he should spark new life into Nathan as well as Routs. I see Monero as a fixture out left, and hope he has a stellar season. Central midfield is our big strength, and with Grimes and maybe Fulton coming through, we're going to be even stronger.. My glass is usually two-thirds full (I wish), and I can see us doing just that, 7-8th.
48915 -  Chris hall 
Hereford Location
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Yesterday at 18:46 Write a comment

Nick, I thought it was telegraph last year?

NIck chan Yesterday at 18:56
Not mine sorry

Freddie Yesterday at 19:17
Hi Chris

Still doing the Telegraph one but no word on prizes from the guvnors yet so might be just for the thrill! Get yourself in Nick lad!

SCFC2 Fantasy Football

Chris hall Yesterday at 19:40
Joined both....don't worry about prizes... Never get clise

Freddie Yesterday at 19:43
Maybe we could say if one of us wins the Telegraph overall league we share the 100k between us?!
48914 -  Nick Chan 
Ross on Wye Location
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Yesterday at 18:03 Write a comment

Here we go again, the Barclays Fantasy football is ready for you to register


This years prize is a signed 2006/7 football with some great autographs on, Leon, Tatey, Trunds, the ginger ninja himself Garry Monk, Dennis Lawrence, and many more.

Anyone wishing to join, the league is called

Top Ten Swans

And the code is


If you have kept your same team details from last year I think you are automatically entered but you best check.

If last years winner Alex reads this, drop me a line at You still have not claimed your signed shirt.

All swans fans welcome, good luck.
48913 -  Daiaberdare 
Paradise Location
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Yesterday at 17:15 Write a comment

Looking at last years side, compared to this years side, i dont see any improvement, when you consider we had Bony for half a season, So will we be a top ten side this year, i doubt it when i see the likes of west ham, stoke improving their side, not to mention other teams that have recruited far better than us, i thought we could have gone for a striker to compete with Gomis a litle bit better than eder.

Wayne Yesterday at 17:37
Bony will be missed but remember he only played for half of last season, his last game was QPR away on New Years Day when he came on right at the end then he was off to the African nations Cup thence to Citeh. There is more strength in depth which will help avoid another run like we had in January this year, Eder is unproven but he was sprung because other targets weren't going to sign for us. I still think we are a striker light squad wise

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 17:49
we have more strength in some key positions, so overall the squad is definitely better in my book.

A better reserve keeper.
Left back cover.
5 good central midfielders - with 2 up and coming ones, and Grimes looking like he'll push some of the more experienced ones as the season progresses.

Improvement out wide with the addition of Ayew.

Ok, Eder is not looking the business at the moment, but he has been with the squad 5 minutes.
Remember Bony when he first came into the team. Ditto Gomis.

As for West Ham. This is a team that are in the Europa cup via fair play, and in the last 2 games have had 2 men sent off! Then they only get through vs a Maltese side on pens.

New manager. New system to bed in. Lots of players (who's to say they are improving). They have signed Lanzini from an UAE side. All due respect but its a big step up to the PL.

Ogbonna has Juve pedigree, but if they were happy to let him go, how good is he?

Payet looks a good buy on paper.

But all in all they have 8 new players to bed in, most of whom have never played in the PL.

Stoke will definitely be more of a challenge, because their squad was stronger the the Hammers anyway, and the manager is the same, so the playing foundation is in place, they are just adding an extension.

But again they have added 8 players. That's a lot to gel into a squad.

2 have PL experience. one is nearly 40 (Given). Glen Johnson is passed his sell by date IMO. Van Ginkel of Chelsea couldn't even get on the subs bench.

2 have so-called Barca pedigree. But Afellay hardly played for them, and spent last season making just 19 appearances for Olympiacos. Moha El Ouriachi is just 19 and never played for Barca.

I'd still rather be in our position than either of them.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 17:58
I also forgot to mention the players those 2 have lost.

Steven N'Zonzi and Asmir Begovic 2 key ones for Stoke.

Downing, their best player for most of the season has gone. Carroll is crocked again.

we have lost nobody to date
48912 -  colin-swansea 
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Reading the following carries a Government Health Warning. Make yourself a cup of tea now!!

From my earliest memories of catching the train from Burry Port with my school friends and entering my own impression of a football citadel, namely the Vetch Field, heroes wearing the white shirt have accumulated season on season in my memory since that time.

Apart from the exciting F.A. Cup run of 1964 and the memories of leaving the ground after 2 scintillating cup replays against Sheffield United and Stoke City with my feet hardly touching the ground as I was swept triumphantly through the tunnel underneath the 'Double Decker' West Stand, following the club over the next decade saw plenty of heartache, apart from the short promises of a solitary promotion season under the direction of an ambitious new Board of Directors.

Make no mistake about it, the club had become a laughing stock in local football circles as they lurched from one crisis to another, whilst the hope of increasing spectators through the Vetch turnstiles via the hiring of a generator in an attempt to overcome the prohibition of floodlight usage, merely added to the problems surrounding the football club.

Harry Griffith's short reign as manager was a breath of fresh air after so many turgid seasons of counting how many players remained on the pitch at the end of every match under Harry Gregg, and it remains to be seen if the respected Griffiths was in fact one of the main factors in why gifted youngsters like Alan Curtis and Robbie James later developed into top quality footballers. On very little financial resources, Griffiths assembled a team of journeymen professionals like Eddie May, George Smith and Les Chappell, coupled with James, Curtis and Charles that not only produced exciting football, but also became the launching pad to Toshack's later success.

Crisis after crisis followed the Swans around after every success period and true to form it wasn't long before the club was performing once again in the basement division of the Football League.

From my early visits to the Vetch Field one can remember a veritable A to Y of players' surnames, who for one reason another moved on from the Vetch and my, and other fan's concerns was in how the team would manage without them. But life carries on, opportunities are given to younger professionals or the manager entered the transfer market. Did fans have the same concerns when the great 'Ivor' left for Newcastle United in the late fifties as they do now in the modern game?

Whoever leaves the Liberty, fans will retain their own memories, good or bad. From Kuqi's open goal miss against Crystal Palace to Pratley's goal from almost the halfway line in the P/Off S/Final against Forest. Perhaps also, current manager Garry Monk's 3 red cards in his first season with the Swans.

As much as the cash on offer from the game has made Swansea City FC a better club, possessing 2 training grounds and an incredible profile in world football, what it does bring is the huge demands from players and agents on the club's wage structure. So many clubs will pander to these demands, even if it means the club spends cash it hasn't got, yet, the Swans have continued to work within it's limitations, drawing admiration from all and sundry, yet a staggering 65% of its turnover is being set aside for the monthly wage bill.

We have yet to enter the month of August, almost 5 weeks before the transfer market window closes, and I dare say there will be plenty of opportunities arising inside the club as far as player movement is concerned. A huge decision could revolve around 2, 30 year old players, namely Ash and Bafe. In Ash's case it would mean stretching the wage bill a further percentage points, yet in Bafe's, a decision the Swans will need to take in either turning down, or accepting an offer from another club. Besides succumbing to Ash's demands for more cash, overtures from other clubs will need to be considered for his services, balanced also in securing a replacement.

There is an incredible amount of cash in the modern game, even more at the climax of the new season ahead, yet I hope that all who have been patient to read the above will realise that there comes a time for everybody to move on. The secret Is in the timing. What will always remain however is one's own personal memories.

Swansea City Football Club has invented itself over the last 10-12 years into becoming quite an unique club, yet the number of players who made their own decision to move on and actually been successful can be counted on one hand. That particular statement should tell oneself that by and large the overall main reason for players nowadays is more cash. Nothing wrong in that, would we all do the same?

Hopefully by the time one gets to the last paragraph one will get the drift of the whole point of my posting. If not, apologies.

Jaxs Yesterday at 12:26
Well said, I enjoyed that smile

Wyn Yesterday at 12:41
It's always good to hear our current situation put into a historical context., thereby helping in keeping a sense of perspective. Thanks.

Wayne Yesterday at 12:44
I agree with you completely about the high percentage of players who move on and fail to live up to their reputation gained at The Liberty. It is down to effectively identifying players who are below the radar of other clubs who will fit into a system. This relies on months and at times years of scouting and waiting for the right moment. We do very well in the market when we properly research and line up deals properly, once we move out the our comfort zone it is disaster bordering on farce,

Apart from the cash, the main problem today that we didn't have when Harry Gregg's team were kicking seven bells out of the opposition and getting booed by the 2000 or so spectators, is the transfer window. It takes months at least to 'warm up' a deal for a half decent player. If you lose a player weeks before the window closes, selling clubs and potential replacements have you over a barrel hence the panic situation.

Once the window closes, there are no emergency loans to fall back on like the Football League, only free agents and our experience of that market has not been impressive - that one appearance Greek who cost us a win at Molineux and Mr Tiendalli who was OK on a short term contract , even got himself capped by The Netherlands then went AWOL once he had the security of a 3 year deal.

Our last minute signings have also been less than impressive: Vasquez, Ngog and don't forget the last minute failed deals two seasons running.
48911 -  J4cka 
In the ouse. Location
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Yesterday at 09:23 Write a comment

With all the "Will he,go,will he stay" bol**ks, around Ash and Gomis, here's a good insight behind it all.

How a transfer works:
48910 -  Jon 
Chorley Location
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Freddie - quick question. Trying to join the SCFC2 Fantasy League but it keeps on saying incorrect team name when I type in the PIN you gave. Is the league called something else or spelt differently? Cheers.

Llanjack Yesterday at 11:12

Copy and paste this


And then add the PIN number 8064135

Welshie Yesterday at 12:26
Is this for the Barclays FF? []

Freddie Yesterday at 13:53
Hi Jon, this league is on the fantasy telegraph site []
48909 -  Swansfan 
mumbles Location
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Yesterday at 00:18 Write a comment

just in case anyone has missed it, club shop Liberty closed all day Wednesday, all day Thursday Cwmdu.

Looking forward to the match on Saturday.

CU In FBs lol
48908 -  Chris hall 
Herefordshire Location
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Tuesday 23:28 Write a comment

Are we doing a telegraph fantasy football league this season, don't want to start on if there's already open

stephen Yesterday at 08:17
48907 -  Malcolm Davies 
brecon Location
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Tuesday 21:26 Write a comment

Ref plant controller ,

I disagree completely about selling ash , he is the linchpin of the defence and of the team , he is our leader , organiser, if leon used to be our oil , ash is the engine ,

Ash is our john terry , you only have to watch him play to see how important to the team , and I think he's 35 ,

Ash is only 29 /30 , I can see him playing top flite untill at least 36 , ash is swansea ,

No No No No , I wouldn't sell him , played superb through the last season ,

Mark (Jack) - London Tuesday 21:42
It's not whether the club want to sell him - I sure they don't.

But what if Ash doesn't feel the same way?

Jason Tuesday 21:44
I bet Ash is desperate to go partner Scott Dann at Palace. Who wouldn't be?

Jack Yesterday at 09:12
Every player reaches his ceiling, you reading this Mr Moralee?

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 10:12
you've obviously heard the same as me judging by that comment Jack! wink
48906 -  The plant controller 
Teletubbyland Location
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Tuesday 19:59 Write a comment

if we get offered £12m for Ashley we have to take it. I'm a big fan but what's he got left at the top, one maybe two years.

Slyman Maredick Tuesday 20:04
Ash is my Hero, I put £5 on him to score the first goal and Swans to win 3-1 every home game. If he goes what am I going to do mun

Martin Evans Tuesday 20:04
He has got a lot longer left at the top than Kyle Bartley!

Matthew Stonham Tuesday 20:18
If he goes he has to Timet right.

Take me, I was a fantastic rugby player and I woke up one morning and I couldn't catch the ball, I kept dropping it.
He's not getting any younger

Frillip Pymple Tuesday 20:21
We can't sell Ash, he's so hard he must be made of Titanium.

Matthew Stonham Tuesday 20:31

Look, this is me

verajack Tuesday 21:20
That guy had a £100 on the correct score. with the bookies.

Robert Tuesday 22:50
While 12 million for a 30 year old defender maybe a good offer the fact is we would still have to replace him.

We may have done OK since Bony left and in the past we may have replaced those who thought the grass was greener but Ashley Williams is not some one you can replace that easily. because he is that good and has so many qualities about him that are hard to find.

If Ash wanted to leave then fair enough but answer this one genius:-

What defender out there could we replace Ashley Williams' place with?

Because it would have to be someone special believe me.

Matthew Stonham Yesterday at 19:44
Robert, get real, I'm a prime example of an athlete getting to 30 and starting to lose fitness and skillset. Ash, for all his endeavour will go downhill rapidly and his value in synergy with his fitness go rapidly downhill, do you really think that we are too big a club to risk losing £12 million.

If so, you are clearly deluded
48905 -  Peter charles 
Burry port Location
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Tuesday 18:35 Write a comment

Does any one know what swans merchandise is on sale in Cardiff airport or is there a site I can go on to find out what's there thanks

Martin Evans Tuesday 19:59
Plenty of home shirts on sale there.

Peter 0408 Tuesday 20:40
Is it only home shirts on sale in airport

Robert Tuesday 22:53
I was there a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty sure home & away shirts were available.
48904 -  dave 
Home Location
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Tuesday 16:35 Write a comment

Swans under 18's just beat Slavia prague u19 1-0 in their last game of the cup.
48903 -  sTEPHEN 
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Tuesday 14:22 Write a comment

Panic over!!! big grin


DaiMaerdy Tuesday 14:41
Glad that they both seem to be out of the picture, but still hope the powers that be are looking for a main striker. Gomis still got a lot to prove to be considered a top striker.

Neath swan Tuesday 16:29
Gomis's deal means SCFC see him as the main man for the duration of his contract. [another 3 years] If he continues to deliver the goods he will be a snip at the going rate. Without checking the stats he will have matched or gone close to the £32m man Benkete. last season. There will be no sell on value as he will be 33yrs old. SCFC will not be able to make any money by moving him on so no incentive if he is doing the business.

Matty Tuesday 18:56
Unfortunately I think there will always be panic when Gomis is our main striker as I feel he continues to have his eye on the next possible payday

2 transfer windows since we signed him and in both there have been suggestions that he was keen on offers being touted his way

As long as he wears the shirt and puts a shift in each game he will have my support, but I will be very surprised if he sees out the duration of his contract with us

Jason Tuesday 21:46
It's not just him, it's his agent, too. We're going to be hearing the same shit about Ayew in 6 months guaranteed.
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