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58158 -  Robert 
Jack Army HQ Location
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Yesterday at 23:10 Write a comment

I myself am sick of moaning about this because I thought we finally ditched the stupid diamond (one winger) or whatever the hell you call it; near the end of last season but someone ought to tell Guidolin.

As great as the performance was yesterday; I felt we needed to go up a gear but that was never going to be possible with the shape we had. Sigurdsson on the left wing (is he back at Spurs?) and Cork pushing up field a lot in the first half even though he was guilty of giving the ball away a few times.

If the diamond has to be played I would rather Montero than Routledge because as hard as the latter works, what's the point in worrying about tracking back when you've got more midfielders than wingers playing?

We still lost the game, the midfield was guilty of leaving the back four vulnerable at times and we still leaked countless shots from the opposition.

However if it were up to me and pretty much most fans have probably said this; I would drop Cork next week and play two wingers. Montero because he can cause trouble from the start and Routledge on the other wing because then I believe his hard work and tracking back will protect Rangel. I do love Barrow but he better off as an impact sub again for the time being.

That's one more little thing Guidolin needs to tweak and we might have a chance against Liverpool.

For the record I don't want Guidolin to get sacked. He frustrates the hell out of at times but for our sakes I want him to succeed.

I saw Match of the Day extra at lunch time earlier. Dean Saunders was decent enough to say that talking about Giggs or any other manager while Guido is in charge is disrespectful but what do the other pundits do? They just couldn't shut up and carried on talking about Giggs! #@*%! Bunch of kiss a*** thick as pig **** morons the lot of them!

Blod Today at 00:06
Calm down dear 😗
58157 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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Yesterday at 20:31 Write a comment

With a bit of luck that performance should buy Guidolin a bit of time. I'm not his greatest fan, and wanted Rodgers to be re-appointed back in the summer, but it's in everybody's interests that he succeeds. More than that, after yesterday, I feel pretty much for the first time since he took over, that we can actually prosper and play attractive attacking football under Guidolin.

Having said that given all the talk about Giggs taking over (no thanks) I still can't help think that Guidolin may still go, and sooner rather than later. I can't help but think back to our performance at Anfield last year under Monk, which was hugely encouraging even in unlucky defeat (a harsh penalty - sound familiar?). But then next game we are embarrassed 0-3 at home in a shambolic display against Leicester and Monk was history. If we were to put in a similarly poor display next week I imagine all the encouragement in our performance against Citeh will be forgotten and Guidolin would go.

To avoid history repeating itself I sincerely hope that the penny has finally dropped for Guidolin in several regards:

1. If fit Leon plays - and should be captain
2. We should play with the same energy and intensity in every game - including against the big guns, home or away. If we can perform at that level against Citeh there's no excuse for not performing in a similar way against any team in the league.
3. Make substitutions pro-actively rather than reactively. If there was one criticism I'd make of Guidolin yesterday its that he waited too long to bring on Baston. Given the intensity of the game, and inevitable fatigue in the likes of Britton, it would have made sense to have brought him on with more than 11 minutes to go - and not after the decisive third goal.

If we continue to play in the manner we played yesterday, but don't manage the results I will support Guidolin, even if we're bottom of the league. Leicester stuck with Pearson when they were bottom of the league - and the rest is history. If Guidolin continues to be brave and bold I think most of our fan base will stick with him and the team.

franco Yesterday at 21:37
I'd back that. The big question for me is that IF Don G has done his research on us, and even if he hasn't why has it taken so long to find a way to set up a system that the players seem to believe in, and the fans like? Lets hope its not a one off.

Numpty Yesterday at 21:47
Wyn I very much agree with your point 3 substitutions to be pro-actively rather than reactively, I haven't noticed anyone picking it up., I thought Barrow should of come on after 90min if only to give more threat in attack to take the pressure off our defence who were. Savier pressure at the time resulting in the 2 nd goal

We match them in every department other than their world class attackers , and well done to our manager we are now getting some where

Numpty Yesterday at 21:51
Sorry Wyn should read 60 Min embarrassment
58156 -  Jeremy 
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Yesterday at 18:48 Write a comment

I think most of us would agree that the Swans performance against ManC was a reflection of our capabilities to perform against the best !
Against our next 2 opponents Liverpool and Arsenal we may well perform admirably again because it will be open play and actually getting a win is not out of the question !
The big and most frustrating aspect of our play is breaking down teams who recognise those qualities and negate our game by getting 11 players behind the ball especially at the Liberty !
We cannot afford to draw at home (or loose) against these teams even though we may on the other side of the coin actually get good results away from home !
Just because the opposition allows us time on the ball with a park the bus approach that is no excuse to apply it ourselves ! when we play teams from the bottom nine down we must ensure we apply pace to the game ( Leon does this admirably )
To do this as a team means to sit tight actually rather than having possession and not knowing what to do with it ! By sitting tight I mean we hang back a little more and play a more explosive win ball counter attacking game
But then what do I know !?
58155 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Yesterday at 18:29 Write a comment

I hope the club are looking at the clubs below us, who you'd have to say look in more disarray than us, despite spending nett shedloads more in the transfer market than we did, and yet don't have itchy trigger fingers - or not publicised ones.

Now is the time to be brave on and off the pitch.
58154 -  Big G 
Carms Location
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Yesterday at 17:39 Write a comment

Liverpool next up, I'd love to see Montero & Barrow on each wing with Llorente up top with Siggy tucking in behind him.

The Liverpool side are very good but I think their defence is frail & this attacking combination could give them real problems. I just want to see Llorente getting onto the end of the ball in the box, he's a lump of a player, no premier league defender would fancy taking him on in the air or physically in the area.
58153 -  Ivorsleftpeg 
home Location
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Yesterday at 16:29 Write a comment

More evidence during the West Ham game of another "Johny Foreigner" type character trying to cheat the referee as well as all the paying public.

Its a terrible shame that since the inception of the premier league (circa 92) that with the influx of enormous amount of players from all over the world that the British game has become contaminated with this awful plague.

Add to that the fact that local players are unable to get a game at the highest level when bang average players from overseas are averaging £50k + week.

Terrible shame.

Biffo Yesterday at 17:22
Am I right in thinking before the Maastricht treaty (1992) foreign players could only come to play in the UK if they were (or had been) internationals?
I wonder if we do actually leave the eu ( and the freedom of movement) whether it will signify the beginning of the end for 'any' Johnny Foreigner to come here and play?

Biffo Yesterday at 17:40
Am I right in thinking before the Maastricht treaty (1992) foreign players could only come to play in the UK if they were (or had been) internationals?
I wonder if we do actually leave the eu ( and the freedom of movement) whether it will signify the beginning of the end for 'any' Johnny Foreigner to come here and play?

andrew Yesterday at 19:28
This is an appalling and bigoted post that should be removed. We have seen similar types of post from left peg before, real shame in this day anyone should hold such views, appalling.

You clearly do not see the British players diving in equal measures every week.

Disgraceful post.

Thank god we have foreign players showing our lot how to play the game, and managers like Roberto teaching us how to play football.

big oak Yesterday at 20:19
Bony, Michu, Laudrup, and currently Siggy, Ki , and a host of other overseas players have graced our club with their silky skills and talents , The wonderful Rangel gives a lot of his spare time and money to the local underprivileged kids in our locality. i agree again with Andrew and will go one step further, your post is a lot of racist tripe. and you should be ashamed of it.

I do hope your bigoted and small minded view is confined to just you. Swansea City has always welcomed overseas players and been proud to call them part of the swans family. that will always continue, and i hope overseas players will continue to grace our game for years to come.

your post does not represent the true face of Swansea City and certinly not me!

franco Yesterday at 21:43
Cheats know no racial or ethnic, geographical or any other boundaries.

Ivorsleftpeg Yesterday at 21:52
For the definition of "racist" and "bigot" please see the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary.

For the definition of saying it as it is please see " Mrs Carberry" completely losing the plot in Father Ted, series 3, episode 1.
58152 -  Jackland 
Land of nod Location
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Yesterday at 15:10 Write a comment

Silly,silly mistake by Van Der Hoorn, De Bruyne was going nowhere, Van Der Hoorn was winning that ball easy.
But there u go, the guy will learn.

Sid Yesterday at 15:15
I guarantee if it was the other end of the pitch the ref wouldn't have given it. I thought the ref showed to much respect for man city yesterday. Imo.

Jackland Yesterday at 16:06
Sid. Correct 100%.

Big G Yesterday at 17:48
For me it's a soft decision by the ref, a foul maybe but the penalty is so harsh given the position of both players & the fact De Bruyne was running away from the goal across the area.

Maybe a free kick offence in the box needs to be considered for offences of this type, I do not think the foul warranted a penalty which more often than not means a goal.

If it was the other way round Pep would have been furious with the ref

Biffo Yesterday at 18:04
Big G, I couldn't agree more.
I think we need to see an end to the current rule 'foul in the box equals a penalty'.
Surely there should be a difference between a 'goal scoring opportunity' denied and what we saw yesterday?!

Big G Yesterday at 18:35
Bingo Biffo!

Colin Northampton Yesterday at 19:18
I always ask myself two questions.

Would it have been a free kick if it was on the halfway line? In this case I think the answer is yes.

Would it have been a penalty if it was against us and we were playing one of the big boys? I don't think so.

Wyn Yesterday at 20:08
I agree wholeheartedly with the points made above - the punishment should always fit the crime - and awarding a penalty when there is little or no prospect of a goal being scored is just plain wrong. Even now I can remember Dyer, of all players, having a penalty awarded against him for a push (a pretty minor one at that) on a Villa player on the edge of the right-hand side of the box with his back to goal. The chances of a goal resulting from play progressing from that point was negligible - and yet the laws of the game gave Villa a penalty that their play didn't merit.

With a lot of the pushing and shoving offences this approach should apply. Should a team be awarded a penalty when a player is wrestled to the floor and yet the ball flies miles over the heads of all concerned? A direct free kick would be sufficient punishment - and still present a good goal-scoring opportunity.
58151 -  Dave 
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Yesterday at 13:54 Write a comment

Anyone know why Baston didn't make squad yesterday?

Sid Yesterday at 13:58
He did make the squad. He was on the bench.

clyde Yesterday at 14:06
He played last 10 mins.

Dave Yesterday at 14:17
Thanks both. Nighshitfs taking affect lol
58150 -  Martyn Jones 
Myrtle Beach, USA Location
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Yesterday at 13:25 Write a comment

So is Tayls now 3rd choice left back

DJ Yesterday at 13:41
Are you suprised? Championship at best!

Wyn Yesterday at 20:10
Given that Taylor was on the bench and Kingsley wasn't, perhaps Kingsley is third choice. The bottom line is that whoever gets the chance knows that they have to perform well to keep the shirt with not one, but two strong alternatives.
58149 -  bigoak 
carmarthen Location
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Yesterday at 11:59 Write a comment

Cant add much to others comments on yesterdays game, except to say i hope that all talk of replacing the manager is now binned. He has always had my full support, would like to see some leadership from the board room now, with a statement that they are fully behind him.


Loughorlad Yesterday at 12:07
Evidence of Leadership from Judas, you must be joking

clyde Yesterday at 12:29
FG is held in high regard by many, especially in Italy and for good reason.
He has decades of experience of management, styles of play, formations, dealing with players at our level, turning around clubs of our standing, and more.
He's only been here a few months and given a few more I'm sure he'll be successful with us.

Jack London Yesterday at 13:15
Big Oak - I didn't see yesterday's performance so it would be great to hear your views on the game.

How did our new signings Lorente and Bajor play? Are they looking like good additions to the squad?

What about VdH - I gather he had a good game apart from the penalty?

Overall, did this look like a squad that can compete?

Biffo Yesterday at 14:17
Jack, I was sat in the liberty and was actually thinking at one point "we could win this"..
The second half it appeared to me man city were starting to turn the screw..but if we hadn't given the penalty away who knows what might have happened.?
For me, we didn't look like a team that is likely to be relegated...but Ofcoarse it was only one game. The big question for me is can we beat 'lesser' opposition who will play with different tactics?
I feel almost sure that aslong as we play with passion and fight (plus the liberty fortress playing their part) we will be ok this season. It might be a scrap but who cares...?
I've got a feeling our confidence levels will change almost on a weekly basis.
This team can fight and it must do every game. The frustrating thing for me is we have two very difficult games coming up and our confidence might be low going into the following games. Yesterday should more than a glimmer of hope that over a season (if we play like that) we can stay up. There are no easy rides tho... WE MUST STICK TOGETHER now and support the team more than any season in the last ten years.

Swansea Loyal Yesterday at 14:29
well said Biffo.. however its not in the DNA of a number of our "fans" as they are glory hunters.. Utd shirts are back out in numbers along with Liverpool ones as a bit of insurance of some glory along the basis i have always supported them!! oh yer!! ever since they won something every year!!!!!!.and they always have the 6 nations if all else fails... Mr Average S Wales.. a truly glory hunting individual that makes you cringe..

bob the eye Yesterday at 15:07
spot on swansea loyal why support a team where your not from must be sad to be a false plastic in life

rocksand Yesterday at 17:38
Ohhhh, lougherlad, the new tosh?..??? lol

rocksand Yesterday at 17:42
Brown islington jack, no more posts?.
now bigoak remerges, so funny, lol.
We haven,t forget your fraudalent posts big brownie...?

rocksand Yesterday at 17:59
Brown islington jack, no more posts?.
now bigoak remerges, so funny, lol.
We haven,t forget your fraudalent posts big brownie...?

big oak Yesterday at 20:31
Jack: : Biffo and many others covered the game superbly Llorents goal was superb, and a relife too see him get off the ground. if i have any criticism the centre of our defence is all over the place at the moment but as others have said, a much better performance..


Brownie Islington jack Yesterday at 20:54
What do you want to know rocksand whoever you are?never heared of you before or are you the big shit house you know who you are
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