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58908 -  Patrick Allen Patjack 
Briton Ferry Neath Location
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Today at 08:50 Write a comment

A lot of people say they don't know where our next points are coming from. Over the years I've supported them the Swans are more likely to beat Man U or Valencia, and please don't give us a non league side in the cup. I will be surprised if we don't get 40 points this year.
58907 -  peter 
carmarthen Location
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Today at 07:40 Write a comment

for Biffo, from yesterday are you a member of the trust ? if not as Colin says join it and you can ask your questions from within. saw quite a lot joining on sat hope you were one.
I would urge all Swansea supporters to join
58906 -  h-owenjack 
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Today at 07:20 Write a comment

Added to that I would expect West Brom to drop points in the coming games starting Sat against Liverpool -thy score most goals from set pieces and I can see them being dragged downwards .
58905 -  Robert 
Jack Army HQ Location
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Today at 00:16 Write a comment

This may sound like a stupid question but after last time I feel I need to ask:-

Anyone know if Fede Fernandez was injured again or was he finally dropped from the squad this time?

I'm guessing the latter since we know Amat and Taylor wern't injured. wink
58904 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Yesterday at 22:46 Write a comment

This is a long post, so I will split it in 2.

After leaving the game, and chewing over the result over a couple of pints last night, my mates and I were all a bit down on the situation on the field - I wont even speak about our thoughts on Jenkins, Dineen et al.

A long drive back to the Smoke today made me reassess yesterday, and after watching the match of the day highlights, this has not just backed up my reassessment, but added to my positivity.

Don't get me wrong, we are in a difficult situation, but it is not as dire as it seems, imo.

Yesterday we played an especially difficult opponent for us. Watford are a BIG physical side.

All bar 2 of that starting line up were over 6ft, and of the two that weren't, one was 5ft 11 1/2!

They are a side that like to sit in deep, defend and spring on the break, at speed.

these are the games we have always struggled to get a point, let alone a win, even before we reached the PL. Yesterday we looked comfortable defending against them.

Also notice, we didn't give many set pieces away near our box.

Apparently Watford had 10 shots on goal to our 11. But I cannot remember, nor did the highlights show that any of those were serious goal threats.

Now while I was frustrated by some of our attacking play - in particular Naughton slowing play down as he nearly always has to take a touch instead of the incisive first time passing we see from Angel, we created 11 good chances, which, on another day, we would have taken at least one of them.

It is unusual to see Gylfi hit a couple of shots without the usual crispness, and that can only be a confidence thing. Then he hit the post.

VdH again came close, and must break his duck with some better luck soon.

Llorente showed the doubters his class too, when he came on. Big. Physical. Up for the fight. and he seems to have sussed out pretty quickly that he wont get free kicks given to him, or concede if he physical in his approach.

The passing from the back has to improve, esp VdH, but this side, besides one or two tweaks should start the next few games.

And if Naughton cant fix his hesitancy, his position will come under increasing pressure from Rangel, and the transfer window.

Jeff of course will also put pressure on, and take it off, our two wingers, allowing them continue to run their socks off, knowing there is someone as good as them to come on and keep the pressure on.

It also keeps the pressure on the opposition fullbacks - and neither Stoke's not Utd's have looked particularly good so far this season when up against a super fast winger, let alone 2!

If Utd play Blind at left back, or even Rojo, then Mo will have a field day. Jeff against his mate Valencia will be another interesting match up.

The balance of midfield looked much better. Siggy and Ki played a number of neat interchanges that created space for Siggy to hurt the opposition.

And Bradley seems to have connected with Ki, which the last two managers have not.

If Bob can get us back our Player of the Season of 2 years ago, which there were signs of yesterday, then I think we could turn the corner quickly. Ki on the kind of form that saw us finish 8th could be the successor to Leon - and I know some will scoff at this comment. But 2 years ago, he showed many of the attributes Leon shows.

When he is playing well, he plays heads up football. Plays one touch. Looks to play forward. he can play short or long passes, and can turn and run forward with the ball. Like Leon his primary defensive skill is intercepts - he's not a natural tackler, but showed more aggression - there was one occasion he lost the ball, and there was an audible gasp of exasperation from the home crowd, but he chased down and helped win the ball back, or at least put it out of danger.

All those that criticise because he is not a tough tackler forget that you dont always need to be a leg cruncher to be an affective defender. Bobby Moore?

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 22:48
And the final thing that makes me feel better is that one win is all it may take. and it normally starts with draw. And a clean sheet is even better.

Look at Stoke and West Ham.

Stoke had 4 losses in a row. then two draws against WBA and Utd. Confidence came back, and now 2 wins on the bounce has pulled them out of the bottom 3.

West Ham, again 4 back-to-back losses, then a draw against Boro, followed by 2 wins on the trot and 15th place.

Stoke's losses were, like ours, against some of the stronger teams in the league - Citeh, Everton, Spurs.

West Ham's against Citeh and Chelsea (who we drew against), but they were also spanked by Watford 4-2 at home. West Brom by the same score; and 3 nil at Southampton, where we only lost 1 nil.

Things can change quickly.

And the other big positive was that we continued to run hard right up until the final whistle, whereas we had been blowing by the 75th minute in earlier games.

The next game is away from home, against a side that will allow us to play a bit more than Watford and Hull did. The fact we are away may also take some of the pressure off some of the players - the aforementioned Naughton may benefit from that too.

We are far from being out of the woods. But I think there was enough there on Saturday to believe again. and believing is half the battle for the players.

To me on Saturday, the atmosphere in the crowd reflected the tension in the players on the pitch.

So if the fans believe then hopefully that will transfer to the pitch to the players.

Brownie Islington jack Today at 06:45
Great post there mark can't argue with any of just like to add in regards to ki,A fit and confident ki also increases the tempo of our play always looking to get on the front foot.if we can get him back to the player we know he can be,it will be like having a new signing.

andrew Today at 08:21

I wish I had your confidence, I must say, I thought Watford were as poor as they come, the only reason we were not puffing at 75mins was that Watford, unlike Liverpool, did not run around. They were static,.

I do not see Ki and Leon lasting beyond Stoke, They will be pulled around, and my own feeling , we will lose by 3 at `Stoke. I do not think you can get through a season with three quarters of your back four as novices. I have no faith in Kingsley, no better than Taylor.

Not in your post, but some of the drivel about Mawson written on here is embarrassing . Somebody said make him captain. The bloke just played 90 mins against the least mobile forwards he will ever face, he must have thought he was back in League 1,. He may turn out to be ok, he may after a season or two become a future Captain, who knows, but really, get a bloody grip.

It seems the fans now, like the board are clutching at straws to save us. We have the worse side since we arrived in the PL, if we survive, we will need three others to be worse, we will not survive because BB will turn us into anything great.

We must hope Sunderland remain rooted, and Hull look like at us at the moment, the three points they took of us may be a relegation decider, so who will the third side be.

Burnley, no, already beaten Everton and Liverpool. Stoke will be fine, as will West Ham.

Looks like us or Middlesborough.

Numpty Today at 09:23
Interesting read Mark, I am not so sure about Kie yes he played better but I want to see a little more from him

Mark (Jack) London 31 minutes ago

I am not getting too excited by the new back 4.

I agree Kingsley did no better than Taylor on the weekend, certainly he seemed reticent to attack as has Taylor.

Naughton IMO is not the answer at right back. He looks better as a left back, actually!

And Mawson and VdH need to improve their distribution.

Another test for that pair will be against a less combative front line.

Where Watford are all about power, pace and an aerial threat, Stoke offer some of that in Bony and Arnautovic, but the latter and Shaqiri offer more trickery and guile to deal with.

But I think we need patience, and Bob needs to get the defence settled as quickly as possible, because you can't keep fanning around changing it. Certainly not centrally, anyway.

As for Burnley beating Liverpool and Everton, it's far too early to make judgments on how things will pan out.

Burnley had some decent results the last time they came up.

I think Stoke will be ok, but who have they beaten this season? Hull and Sunderland.

West Ham, beat Palace, who have dipped the last couple of fixtures, and again Sunderland.

While Watford beat Man U, and have only lost to Chelsea, Arsenal and Burnley (who we beat).

The biggest challenge to Bradley is to get back to the crisp, one touch fast passing. Ray Houghton was spot on in his Sky commentary, when he said we look a different team when we move it quickly.

And watching the Sky highlights this morning over breakfast, again, I am more hopeful than depressed.
58903 -  Brian 
Sketty Location
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Yesterday at 20:36 Write a comment

It may or may not achieve anything, except the yanks the club and trust will know how us fans feel ask a simple question.
Q As a Swansea city fan are you happy that the club has been sold to Americans?


Do this at next home game( print off 20,000 plus voting forms, then if the majority say no then then ALL fans have a mandate to challenge the owners, club trust. get some answers that people are asking on here and on the trust site and others
If the answer is Yes then accept a democratic vote and move on
I for what it is worth would vote NO

Jack London Yesterday at 21:14
Would you feel OK with that if the survey had the word 'Arabs' or 'Africans" or "Asians" or "Jews"? What does the continent they were born in have to do with it? Would you prefer Al Gore as your country's leader or Nigel Farage?

Brian Yesterday at 22:07
Not that its the issue change it to sold and leave out americans
58902 -  Stan 
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Yesterday at 20:13 Write a comment

How disappointing was that yesterday?

A point doesn't really do us any good and we are still stuck in the relegation zone & i am honestly struggling to see where the next win is coming from

In the last few weeks we have faced the top sides and the happy clappers have been quick to point that out so what excuse have they got for not beating a poor Watford?

I sometimes wonder why I bother because we are a shambles off the pitch and we ain't much better on it either

I hate plastics Yesterday at 20:53
"I sometimes wonder why I bother". Simple answer to that is don't .if you only want to support the swans when things are going well,then you not a genuine so many on here If we get relegated then you will go and dust of your Man U,Liverpool ,Chelsea shirt and your ilk won't be missed.... No offence...
58901 -  bigoak 
carmarthen Location
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Yesterday at 19:44 Write a comment

I find it diffucult to understand how some posters run to judgment after two games. Lets be honest about it, Watford where a poor side , and faded has the game went on, but i am willing to give BB the same game time ( the ynakks insist that's what we now call it lol) the Don had. 7

I posted earlier that i thought the CB pair should be given more time, and that's what i will do before judging them. Mawson was everything we bought him for, VDH has not done much wrong in both starts and could have had a few goals to his name. next week its Stoke Mn U S , lets call it after that

come back at Christmas and then Judge.

To the moran's that still abuse me , nothing worse than trying to reason with brainless people who don't know what reason means! and in your case guys, i doubt you even know how to count past 11!! ten fingers etc lol

Stan Yesterday at 20:18

The way things are going we could well be miles behind by then

Where is our next win coming from?

People have asked to go easy on the Swans because of the he tough sides we have faced but we blew a big chance yesterday

You can still be a fan and moan mind, yeah?

The happy clappers need to wake up and smell the coffee
58900 -  Jeremy 
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Yesterday at 19:25 Write a comment

Mawson at 22 years made captain ?!
After only one game ......... Rediculous !
Actually no , not in my eyes - he is very Ash like and comes across as very grounded !
Some may say get at least 20 games under your belt first
I say I know what I see and he is the real deal , make him captain after 8 games by which time I am sure he will be ready !

Peter Bowen Yesterday at 19:38
I have always thought Swans fans know their onions more than any other Club fan
Swans fans think Alfie is the bees knees !
Enough said !
58899 -  Grunter 
Swansea Location
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Yesterday at 19:12 Write a comment

Thought Barrow was poor in the first half, good second half with Bradley on the touchline keeping him awake, big downer was Fabianski screaming at him in the last minute wanting to distribute the ball to him and he was looking at the south stand away with the fairies, Llorente made a difference no one else on the bench available to come on unless we scored and wanted to defend, Fer possibly but after last week ?

BWJ Yesterday at 19:17
It's clear Barrow still hasn't got 90 good minutes in his legs. Stamina needs to improve.

Andrew - Ynystawe Yesterday at 19:34
Barrow isn't helped by the huge pressure place upon him to make things happen. Our LHS has been ineffective going forward. Mo overworked & over used in my view as consequence. We need better quality on our LHS to ease the obvious burden.

On a side note, he does play better when BB is on his side of the field barking orders. Happened v Arsenal & Watford

colin-swansea Yesterday at 19:40
Barrow was knackered after 75 minutes

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:15
not surprising. he'd run his bollocks off as our primary attacker.

he still managed to create some chances late on though.
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