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50771 -  northern swan 
cheshire Location
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Best we have done in league is 0-0 first season up, against the Dalglish team
As I recall we kept the ball most of the time ( Joe and Leon ) , and would have won if mark Gower hadn't had a rush of blood and shot over the bar
Possession football might not be to everybody's taste but the other lot can't score without the ball
Beats the hell out of giving Liverpool the ball and letting Coutinho in particular run at our defence from deep positions, making an extra man
I'd like to think we could go back to possession and BR's high pressing game on Sunday
For me the result comes second to a hardworking and organised performance to build confidence
I'd sacrifice a winger and man mark Coutinho, but what do I know?
Anyway bring back JC
How can you put the guy in a 4-2-4 against Stoke playing sometimes 5 in MF and then penalise him for not being able to get a share of the ball
50770 -  dai 
Abertawe Location
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If we get out of this mess we r in,and stay up
Can we go back to the Spanish way of playing.
The Spanish market is cheaper and much more pleasing on the eye.
We could off load some of our newly appointed more physical players to Cardiff,and bring in some players from Spain who are more comfortable on the ball.
50769 -  Stephen 
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Formation for me, Defensively minded & assuming all are fit enough
Fernandez Amat Williams
Cork Britton
Naughton/Rangel Ki Tabanou/Taylor

50768 -  Paddy 
Paddy's Place Location
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Today at 17:44 Write a comment

When Lawro was predicting our results last season, was he actually getting ahead of himself and predicting this season's results??

I really hope not.
50767 -  countryboy 
Aberystwyth. Location
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It's a tough time to visit Liverpool: they re on a bounce and we are.(to say the least) not..
Maybe it's time to try something different, like taking a leaf out of Cookie's tactics for Wales, which saw a return of 4 points from Belgium,. The key to our qualification was the ultra-defensive formation employed on various occasions, typically with 2 right backs (Gunter/Jazz) and 2 left backs (Taylor/Davies), with Ledley, Joey Allen and Ramsey pressing their socks off in midfield, and finally Bale and Robson Kanu roaming, sometimes even into the opposition half! It's the old Uruguayan set-up, designed to avoid embarrassing defeats against the likes of Argentina and Brazil.
With all this talk about Tabanou deserving a game (yet Taylor being undropable), plus the call for Rangel (while Naughton is our number.1 left back), Swans are well placed to play the Wales-Uruguayan system. It wouldn't be pretty, but neither was Sunderland's 3 points at Palace last week..:

Naughton, Fernandez, Ash (if fit), Taylor
Angel, Leon, Sigurrdson, Cork, Tabanou,

Ultra-defensive, yes, filling the spaces in our half. But it might just keep us in the game, and Skirtel is always likely to drop one. I certainly wouldn't start with the likes of Montero, too much of a risk defensively..

Colin-Swansea 22 minutes ago
can't agree with you when you say Taylor is undroppable.
The modern day game as you are aware is all about skillful, attacking full backs even if they are 5ft-6ins.
Taylor, albeit a good defender is an embarrassment when he crosses the halfway line. No attacking skill and incapable of delivering accurate crosses.

As for the Welsh team. Coleman settled on a back three of Gunter, Ash, Davies or Chester with Jazz and Taylor in wide midfield, tracking back when defending.
A good ploy at Anfield and it's a shame that Monk doesn't appreciate Tabanou's skill out wide as he was quite successful for St. Etienne in that position.

Eagle Eye 2 minutes ago
Dear me, surely you are not advocating that we play like Wales? Hang on for dear life & rely on one player to pull us out of the brown stuff? Surely you must realise by now our defence isn't good enough for the PL? The possession game limited chances for the opposition in previous seasons. Monk has abandoned the possession game but not strengthened our defence.
50766 -  bankjack 
Swansea Location
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Lots of Dung beetle activity today lads 💩
50765 -  Malcolm Davies 
brecon Location
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Hello all ,

who is optimistic have getting a result on sunday ?

last 3 visits in the league to anfield resulting in 5 = 0 , 4 = 3 , and 4 = 1 defeats , I think a 4 4 2 may be an answer or 5 2 3 ,

cant see garry making too many changes , in the win they pressed from the front , we need to keep the ball better ,

maybe a siege mentality will galvanise the team ?
50764 -  northern swan 
cheshire Location
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No I'm not against anyone expressing opinions - positive or negative - and I said earlier that I'm not rose tinted, I can give you ample negative analysis of the many and various mistakes made by manager and players this season
I'm just not sure it helps, other than helping me express my frustration that we're not having a season like last year

No, what I object to is firstly all the negative drowning out the alternative (entirely, at the moment ) and secondly some of the negative comments being made are disingenuous in the extreme, inaccurate and designed only to wind people up
I gave an example of exactly what I meant by that when I quoted a remark of yon Mr Eames

We are all anxious enough as it is without any of that
Within those parameters, I'm all for opinions, as long as people can take it as well as give it
50763 -  Parmajack 
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Today at 13:45 Write a comment

Sad to see Northern Swan and some others attacking people's opinion. This site is about opinion. They seem to think everything is fine. Perhaps their grandfathers were in the band on the Titanic.
Surely by now everyone can see we are in triouble. I'm not slagging off players or manager etc but its obvious. Lets just hope they can pull us out of this. No team is to good to go down.
Sundays team for me- Fabianski/ Naughton/ Amat/ Fernandez/ Taylor/ Britton (C)/ Cork/ Ki/ Montero/ Sigurdsson/ Gomis..
I await the abuse.

Jeremy Today at 13:49
No Ayew ?

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 15:51
Who is the defensive organiser in that line-up? and while I agree Ash looked like he is carrying an injury, would you really think of "resting" our Captain against Liverpool, and replace him with a player who hasn't had a match of any description since 2014?

Despite my criticisms of Bartley in the last week, chucking players in with no game time - not even in the U21s (as there's no reserve side anymore) is a big gamble.

You could see that in all 4 of the players drafted in against a mobile side.

Liverpool's hard pressing game is going to be a real challenge for a fully fit and functioning side, so I'd be loathed to pick anyone not up to speed.

So for me, usual back 4 - even though I'd prefer to see Angel at right back.

I'd maybe go a slightly different formation, if there was enough time to work on it.

Cork, Ki, sitting, and covering behind the fullbacks.

JJS sitting quarterback in the centre.

Ayew and Siggy as inside left and right, supporting inside the fullbacks, who push on, and Gomis upfront.

When the attack is down the right flank, the Ayew pushes on to support Gomis. Down the left, Siggy does the same.

Both are good at closing down the opposition from the front, so that's 3 defending from the front with Gomis. And we don't get caught so easily on the break with two defensive midfielders, as we did last weekend.

Implementing something that radical prior to a big game is also a big risk, I grant you!

But if we need to radically change something, it's an option.

Dave Williams Today at 16:38
Shelvey not available for this one Mark.

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 18:26
ah yes, forgot about that.

buggars that up then lol

and that's why Monk is the manager, and I am just a keyboard warrior cool

colin-swansea 4 minutes ago

shame that Tabanou is out in the cold with Monk as he would be ideal as a left sided midfielder, able to drop back in front of Taylor or counter attack with pace and skill, also delivers a good ball.
As for Montero, away from home his lack of defensive nous leaves us wide open and for me he is at best only good for the bench until he can be unleashed when the game starts to open up two thirds through the game.
50762 -  james14 
swansea Location
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Today at 12:23 Write a comment

Anyone have any idea where to park around anfield on Sunday? Any cheap car parks near by??

mike b Today at 12:29
In front of our goal !

Natterjack Today at 12:42
Especially if it's a transit van! lol lol


TenbySwan Today at 15:07
Haha, nice one guys!

Seriously though I was wondering the same myself, all the streets round about seem to have been made resident only.

Matty 59 minutes ago
You can park right opposite the stadium in Stanley Park and costs about £8 or park over by Goodison and stroll across - takes about 15 mins

Arkles pub is away fans friendly, close to away end, serves decent beer
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