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62247 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Need a ticket for one here:

62246 -  Jim 
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I have 2 tickets for sale for Sunday's game against Middlesborough for anyone who is interested.

Face value price of course

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you are interested


62245 -  Parmajack 
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No doubt the usual complaints about my post will be made....But having watched Italia beat Holland tonight I am a bit worried about our youth policy. Italy had many new caps and all young. Many have been developed by the youth academy at Atalanta and some at Milan. They play for the first teams and are really strong prospects. Yet at the Swans the successful under 23s never seem to get a chance. Recently Rangel had been brought back. I know that some sit on the bench but surely we have to find out if they are good enough. The set up must be costing a lot of money. Whats the point unless they are given a chance. Gasperini manager of Atalanta recently said "whats the point of having a successful academy unless you are going to use these players and give them an opportunity."
Sunday has to be a day to put the last couple of performances right...and I'm sure we will.

Mark (Jack) London Yesterday at 23:58
You forget that our Academy is still in its infancy.

And do you blood young kids into a relegation battle - which is what we are in right now?

All due respect, but Atalanta are 6th in Seria A, Milan 7th. But I bet there are fans for the latter wanting the owners to buy some success, and be further up the table.

I haven't seen much of our U21s but those that do, don't think there are many if any ready just yet.

I'd have preferred to have seen us Connor at Bournemouth with our injuries, than Fer at RB. But Clement will have seen him in training and will have known if he was ready or not for such a big, big game.

But you are right, with the money we have spent in setting up the Academy, then it will need to start producing sooner than later.

Jeff-Cowbridge Today at 07:52
I think it will take another 5 or maybe even 10 years before we can judge as to whether having a fully blown accredited Academy has been worthwhile.

There are annual running costs of £millions and there has been £millions spent in setting up the admittedly great facilities. But for this to be considered a success, we'll have to produce players that end up in the first team and/or players that we can sell on for a profit if they don't- and whether that sale equates to a profit needs to take account of the money we will have paid those players during the development phase which may have been up to 5 years.

I've never seen any cost/benefit justification for having official academies, as opposed to just having a modest youth team set up like we used to, but you could probably cite Southampton as being a stand out example of success and profitability whilst Chelsea's is maybe at the other end of the scale. If anybody has seen the evidence for the success or otherwise of academies, then that would be interesting to see.

Mark (Jack) London Today at 11:11
Chelsea and Southampton seem to be the opposite ends of the scale, but both make money.

Southampton's academy and recruitment consistently blood first team players, and sell on their current 1st teams for vast sums of money.

Few of Chelsea's academy make their first team, but they inevitably are loaned out for a fee and subsequently sold - whether that covers their development costs and wages paid is open to question - but I think there is more focus on Chelsea trying to develop players for their 1st team.

Andrew-Maesteg Today at 14:04

We are constantly in a relegation battle....when do you suggest 'throwing' them in??
62244 -  mark 
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Sundays game was sold out - now Boro have returned 1000 of the away allocation - they are on sale to home fans.

Dai full pelt Yesterday at 19:45
Here's hoping PC plays Leon sun,we a quick tempo to the game to get at York.
Cork to slow in mind body.

J4cka Yesterday at 20:07
Personally, I don't think PC has Leon in his plans. Hope I'm proved wrong, starting with Sunday.
62243 -  Swans Trust 
Swansea Location
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Trust Members’ Forum Announced for 4th April at the Liberty Stadium, with the Club’s majority shareholders, Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien, present to answer questions.


Biffo Yesterday at 20:46
Honestly, Who cares anymore...??

It'll be like Question Time but worse.!

We'll still be non the wiser.

We're in the Americans hands now. End of

Joe Yesterday at 22:11
Obviosly not for you then Biff, there'll be 200 who, like me, enjoy QT.

Owners, directors, players and staff come and go, there's one constant, us, the fans

Neath Swan Today at 13:14
Biffo It will not be anything like question time as theoretically everyone should be on the same side and wanting the best for SCFC. It is no problem for Americans to run the club providing they are shrewd expand the club create jobs and hopefully some local world class footballers under their control. The benefits to the city are massive and in my opinion the old board could no longer keep the club in the PL. There were no local buyers brave/rich/foolish enough to buy the shares off the old board. The fan base is a constant but has varied between 2,000 to 20,000 over the years just about the lowest at the top table. It is a good sign that the Owners appear to have now a good working relationship with the fans representatives.
62242 -  Grunter 
Swansea Location
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Taylor having some stick, reckless to say the least, but the likes of Keane happy enough to wind up the Irish players to be in our faces elbows and all, if referee had dealt with the Irish earlier this might have been avoided. Not defending Taylor let's be honest his timing is like a broken watch.

Dai Aria Monday 22:23
Was not only Tayls and Bale...

deano1 Yesterday at 08:31
That's one the Irish media and all concerned haven't shouted about that could have been a leg breaker

Dai full pelt Yesterday at 09:55
No blame on taylor,it was a blood and thunder game tackles flying in from both side.
Just bad luck,hope he makes a full recovery
62241 -  Dai Aria 
bytheTAcentre. Location
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The cause of Gylfi,s injury....

62240 -  Dan 
Swansea Location
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Gylfi was pulled out of the Iclandic team to face Ireland... Seems he's being rested though.


clyde Monday 12:36
Big relief. Losing him on top of other injury concerns would have been a mare.
62239 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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Old head on young shoulders?

Young Rodon sang 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrell as his initiation song when he joined up with the full Wales squad for training last week.

A young man brought up the right way, it seems.
62238 -  Brownie Islington jack 
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Kevin kampl Slovenia get him signed up HJ looks a quality player FVTDH
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