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49851 -  Robert 
Jack Army HQ Location
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20 minutes ago Write a comment

Watching old recordings and decided to look over a feature length game between Swansea and Bristol Rovers in our League One promotion under Martinez.

How time flies.. Ricky Lambert was playing for the visitors at the time, Rangel was the only player in that starting line up that also started today for us and Mike Dean was referee today and in this game i'm watching now. eek!

Oh no Ricky Lambert has just scored in the 14th minute. 1-0 down. We can kiss our promotion to the Championship.goodbye lol
49850 -  Swansfan 
Mumbles Location
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Yesterday at 23:21 Write a comment

Brendan has been sacked. By Liverpool. eek!

Robert 30 minutes ago
Where has everybody been? That happened 6 hours ago. lol
49849 -  countryboy 
Aberystwyth Location
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Yesterday at 21:45 Write a comment

I agree with Stephenpete below, 49845, it was a generally positive Swans' performance against a good Spurs side.
The best Swans player, for me: Neil Taylor. Outstanding. I think he showed why he gets the nod ahead of Ben Davies in the Welsh team.. Neil was dynamic going forward and tenacious in his tackles.
Followed by Montero, whose dribbling and crossing were superb (against a very decent fullback in Walker).. And it was also good to see Angel Rangel have a strong game. He showed that he still has a lot to offer., which is something I celebrate. Whether he can do it every week is another matter.
Let's remember that Spurs defensive record (5 goals against in 7 games prior to today) is the best in the Premier League, and we breached them twice in open play. Their goals came from deadball expert Eriksen, whose power and accuracy are something to behold. Whether the fault defensively lay with the wall or the keeper is something that tv viewing may clarify tonight. It may also clarify whether or not the free-kick awards were legit (I had real doubts about the second)..
Those who attack Gomis are out of line. He is no Aguero, sure (or Latchford for that matter).. But he is a bloody good centre-forward who leads the line.well,, puts himself about, takes the pressure off a lot of players, holds the ball up well.and is currently fifth in the Premier League scoring charts (along with Andre Ayew now).. Look at the money clubs have spent on similar type strikers (Benteke, Lukaku) before you slate your own man. For me, Gomis is doing a fine job, though he may do better with more support..
The problem just now lies more in midfield, especially the Siggy-Ayew conundrum and where/what Siggy is being asked to play.. A case could be made for Ayew playing there and drafting in a more regular winger out wide.
Ki, Siggy, Jonjo all have their strengths (as do Leon, Cork, Grimes), but getting the right blend is more difficult.
For me, today was a point gained against the club that's likely to come 5th or 6th...

Wyn Yesterday at 22:14
I like your posts Countryboy and usually agree with just about everything you say. But there's a lot of spin in your assessment today - not least the idea that we can claim any credit whatsoever for our second goal, with Kane's own goal being completely self-inflicted, without a Swansea player within 5 yards.

Yes, it's not all doom and gloom, and there were signs of improvement, especially offensively, but for me too many of the basics are being neglected - and I don't think it's down to poor form, it's down to the manager's tactics.

In the past our players could pass the buck with our possession game by giving the safe sideways pass. Now they are passing the buck by automatically hoofing it, or hitting very optimistic balls to feet from 30 yards. On the rare occasion that the ball sticks we often don't have players in sufficiently advanced positions to receive the lay-off.

We need to show far more discernment in our play, and that comes about through instruction from the top. The fact that Leon didn't even make the squad suggest to me that Monk is struggling to see the wood from the trees here. We need the option of having players such as Leon that can inject composure and control. We can't expect to gain any sort of consistency resorting solely to hit and miss potentially high impact but low-percentage passing.

Wayne Yesterday at 22:57
I'm not so sure about today, we had a purple patch early in the second half.and the presence of Rangel improved the balance of the side especially when Barrow came on. The concern is the ease with which they were able to pass their way through our midfield and how open we were to their breaks later in the game.. All in all a better result for us than for them
49848 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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Yesterday at 21:31 Write a comment

One of the things that's impressed me the most about Garry Monk since he's been in charge has been the honesty and realism of his post-match interviews. But there's a few times this season where I've wondered if I've spent a couple of hours in a parallel universe. Yes, it was an improved performance, certainly from an attacking perspective, and I guess Garry wants to accentuate the positives, but I have to say some of his comments were a bit delusional.

One of the things that really gets my goat is the way pundits keep going on about how we pass our way out from the back - as if Rodgers was still our manager. We don't do that any more - get with the times...
49847 -  Andrew - North Hill 
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Yesterday at 20:55 Write a comment

Strange post match comment from Monk today I thought - specifically the one where he thought every player played well.

Must be a bit of reverse psychology going on there because from where I was sitting it was very obvious that both Gylfi and Ki were continuing to suffer from their very slow starts to the season. In the former's case I think his confidence looks shot, in the latter's he just doesn't look fit to me, he was struggling to close down.

As a result, what we got was another very patchy performance, one where for large parts of the game we totally lost control of the midfield. Luckily these days, we have game-changing players in forward areas and the Montero-Ayew move for the first goal was a great example of that.

I can't understand why Monk is persisting with playing players out of form or perhaps not 100% fit, especially in midfield, which is always our strongest card. Cork on the bench today, Leon not even in the squad, the young boy Grimes has also looked decent. So why not mix it up a bit?

Last season I was all for us being able to deal with games where we not dominant with the ball, and I still back Monk 100% on that. It just seems to me as if our default setting is slowly creeping towards being a reactive, counter attacking one rather than taking possession of the ball and looking to set the tempo. Hopefully that's something the manager will look to rebalance during the international break.

Overall 2-2 was about right in the end, and 10 points is a decent return from the fixtures we've had.

Wyn Yesterday at 22:02
I agree with much of what you say, but I'm not so sure that the problem is so much with individual performances, and more to the lack of balance in the side, and the expectations of the manager.

For instance, Siggy's coming in for a lot of criticism - but how much of the ball is he actually getting? We are bypassing him most of the time, it's like using a Rolls Royce on the school run. Yes, we need to keep the opposition guessing, and if there's an opportunity to get the ball forwards quickly then of course we should choose that option, but we've now got to the point we're coming close to abandoning the short, sharp passing game, which is Siggy's forte, altogether. The balance is wrong, and the period in matches where we are in command of the ball are getting shorter and shorter all the time. It wouldn't take that much to rectify - we've got the calibre of player in the squad - we just need to utilise our resources better. That's Monk's job.
49846 -  tj 
home now after another 5 hour Location
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Yesterday at 20:48 Write a comment

All those calling for Rangel back - well now you can see what a liability he is now at his age - he passed the ball more to a blue shirt than he did a white shirt, painful. The legend that is should be allowed to remain that in our memories.
As for the team, we are more and more a long ball team, too direct. Fabianskis prefered outlet seems to be a the hoof and hope ..and how many times did we win it? Today as in Watford and Southampton it just kept coming back.
Whats happened to playing it out and passing it around for fun, the give and go, the triangles? now we just look for Montero or hoof it for Bafe or Ayew.
Don't forget spurs played in Europe on Thursday and everyone knows you lose after a Thursday away day in Europe...not today though!
Maybe with Rogers available we should get him in to assist Monk, goodness knows we could do with the help since Curts has gone and before we become the other SCFC Stoke that is....that is tongue in cheek by the way.

DJ Yesterday at 20:55
Bit harsh on Stoke that mate, think Stoke play better football than us at the moment. like I said before, but people think Monk is God. The Swansea way is long gone ! Quite sad too see. And very disappointed fans can't see this! And there were plenty on this site, saying that they would hate is the possession football went, and we turned into a long ball team.

Andrew - North Hill Yesterday at 20:59
Watched a different game to me. Rangel was excellent, got forward well and did little wrong. Considering he's hardly played it was a very encouraging performance. He's still a decent player at this level.

Stephen Yesterday at 21:08
Just one question. Where has Curt gone? he was on the pitch working with the first eleven & was on the Tv explaining about the team selection.
Yes Rangel did get caught out a couple of times but it was first game back, so give him a bit of slack. Otherwise he did well.
For me, in the last few games JJS has been the liability, looking for the Hollywood pass to often & slow to react to the opposition around him. Siggy should be rested, he is way off form.

Paddy Yesterday at 21:39
"Fabianskis prefered outlet seems to be a the hoof and hope"

Were you actually at the game? Who was he supposed to pass it out to?

Eagle Eye Yesterday at 21:58
Spot on with your observation about Rangel today, I counted him pass the ball to a Spurs player at least TEN times today either through carelessness or trying to make longer than usual passes. Other than that the rest of his game was ok.

Fabianski's passing was poor as Spurs were closing down options to play out from the back.

As for Siggy & JJS, neither seem able to work themselves in to shooting positions. This is a concern as only Gomis & Ayew look like getting a goal. As for all those calling for Leon, who would you drop Cork or Ki? Dropping Shelvey or Siggy removes our midfield goal threat

Tj Yesterday at 23:13
Paddy I Funny how we can't create an opening fro.m the back now when we always could do. If they want to close us down then that leaves space. Spurs did it all day. Several times we put the hoof in from goal with easy out ball options.

DJ 32 minutes ago
Sorry about the fact that i keep repeating myself. The fact is i hate Garry Monk despite the fact that he continues to get results and sign excellent players. I was absolutely gutted with Ayews goal. Made me feel stupid again when i say we don't play football. The goal started with a move when the defenders were under pressure in our own box.
i keep on harping on that we dont play the Swansea way . I always forget that teams had worked us out , and were quite happy with us putting 30 passes together and getting nowhere.
What a silly man i am.
Absolutely gutted we didnt lose today. Would have given me some armunition to get God out. Why do i always call him God.
Anyway lets hope Stoke do a job on us next game. Now there's a team that can play football with a great manager. Love Mark Hughes , what a lovely honest man he is.
Anyway time for me to go to bed with my teddy.
I think ill be known DJ the parrott from now on. I can't help repeating myself.
I am a silly man i know.
49845 -  Stephenpete 
Swansea Location
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Yesterday at 19:54 Write a comment

Good point,won well.
Cannot fail to applaud the effort of whole team over the game although for some there were mixtures of skill/determination linked with sad gifting of possession or poor tackling.

First half Jeff really ripped up their full back,not so good second half.

Our most effective players were Ash, Angel ,Neil and Andre.

Make no mistake this was a good Spurs team and yet they could only score from two free kicks , one very good the other not , but Fab made up for the first goal with some excellent saves and blocks as well as aerial claims.

Bafy worked very hard,under a lot of pressure but has got to stand up and become more clinical with finishing.

There must be a lot of pressure with players going into international break if they are fighting for a national team place.

All in all not good for those of weak disposition but significant step forward from other recent games and against a good team.

Generally good albeit muted support until the usual mass walk out with ten minutes to go regardless of state of game.
49844 -  Wyn 
Bangor Location
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Yesterday at 19:51 Write a comment

A lucky point today - against a poor and jaded Spurs team. It's not hard to see where we are going wrong - Garry's got the balance wrong. We've become far too direct, and over-reliant on moments of individual brilliance from the likes of Montero, Ayew and Shelvey. The idea that we play a possession game, which the pundits keep harping on about, is almost laughable. Whenever we get the ball at the back we either look to hit early 30 yard plus balls in to feet , or try and hit the channels for Gomis to run on to. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't - and I have no problem with varying our play in this way. But just as much as we were predictable under Rodgers and Laudrup after the first season, we are in danger of going the other way, abandoning the short passing game that is the bedrock of our success.

To be fair I think Monk has some inkling that there's a problem. First half we had the unedifying prospect of even the likes of Rangel hitting long passes to feet - unsurprisingly with very little joy. That isn't Rangel's game at all. Fair do's at the start of the second half we were a bit more measured in our play, and Rangel started to have an impact - doing what he does best, producing short , sharp give and goes.

Should we go back to the old short, possession game? No, but we need a plan B now as much as ever, especially when we're not getting a grip on the game. That plan B is the old plan A - from time to time putting your foot on the ball and building from the back. We have too many players looking to hit Hollywood balls,, squandering possession too often. I find the manner in which Britton has been sidelined worrying. It's almost as if Garry doesn't get the Swansea Way at all - which to me is first and foremost about control, composure on the ball and team-play. Having been reminded what the quick short passing game is all about by Everton, and seeing again today our over-eagerness to get forward, there are legitimate reasons for concern.

To finish on a positive - Ash was immense today, close to a 10 out of 10 performance. I don't know where we would be without him.

Jackrabbit Yesterday at 20:04
Wyn, I agree with you totally - see my first half appraisal below. The team is totally unbalanced, our passing is dreadful and our retention of the ball is woeful. Shelvey needs a rest as he's probably the most profligate waster in the team - he's always been my favourite player but he just lumps it up the middle now. We have some athleticism and class in the team but we are inadequate in a few positions. Just after half time we looked like we used to - more measured and controlled but we should have taken advantage of our superiority in that spell. Instead inevitably we conceded and a draw was a relief in the end. As you say Ash was again immense. Thank God we've got him.

Andrew - North Hill Yesterday at 21:06
Wyn, good post.

While I wouldn't go as far as Jack Rabbit has (we're not woeful, or dreadful) there's a lot of truth in what you're saying.

Monk was right - and still is - to have a robust Plan B, but we just need to be careful we don't lose sight of what Plan A is. Spot on.
49843 -  Jack61 
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Yesterday at 19:22 Write a comment

It's must be at least 10 years since our midfield has looked so ineffectual. and not for the first time this season. Shelvey wouldn't get in the England schoolboys team on this showing, and Ki was just as bad. We were luckier to get a point today than against Everton, and that saying something.
We were a yard slower all over the pitch again. Leon would make a big difference, but does GM put his own personal credibility before the needs of the team?

Jayzed Yesterday at 20:28
Agree with you Jack.
Siggurdsson, Shelvey and Ki not performing as they used to when they all chipped in with goals. They also need to create a lot more because Gomis's conversion to goals rate is quite low. I don't think the present formation of players is working and hasn't been for quite a few games.
Why are we always looking for an excuse not to beat these teams, even when we are home. Stoke next, probably be, 'Mark Hughes teams are difficult to play agains, a point will be ok'
If we can't win at home it will be difficult to maintain a mid table position.
A point today probably a fair result.
International break next, god help us of they come back tired, if they go that is.
49842 -  Jeff 
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Yesterday at 18:32 Write a comment

NSR: Rodgers sacked according to Sky.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 18:44

All over the BBC too.

Jeff Yesterday at 18:54
Don't worry - Monk isn't in the frame for the job. Looks like it's Ancelotti's.

Pascoe and the other boys will be out the door asap.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 19:05
I would be amazed if it was Ancelotti Jeff.

1. he said he was having a back op if he left Madrid in the summer, and he'd need to take a whole year out to recuperate.
2. Ancelotti's record is for managing teams with players that are the finished article and big names and money. He's not one for developing youth or rough diamonds to sell on.
3. Moneyball is the club owners' policy.

Klopp is more suited.
he's available now, and has made no secret
he is used to the development and sell scenario

their biggest issue for getting either of these managers is the transfer policy - i.e. the committee, and the selling club philosophy

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 19:11
Jeff. Have you been living in a bubble?

Pascoe left in the summer.

Rob Yesterday at 20:52
Ancelloti has said no thank you to an offer tonight , my cash is on Frank De Bour
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