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49459 -  DDWT 
Swansea Location
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Morning all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have now setup an SCFC2 Forum on the site, which is aimed at making it easier for everyone to chat about the Swans using different boards, such as General Chat, Match Day, Tickets and Travel, U21s, etc.

This should make it easier to read through the threads and keep them on topic smile

Anyone who wishes to post on the Forums must be registered but guests are allowed to browse the forum, this will hopefully cut down any potential nonsense that often plagues other Swans related forums.

Jim and I would love all your regular Guestbookers to get involved and let us know what you think of the forum.


Remember this online community is for us all to use to talk about the club we support - please get involved and be involved.
49458 -  andrew180 
swansea Location
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JIM and ALL other users to this site,

Is anyone planning on running any trips to france next year. Loved the european trips away with swans. Time we do it with our country!!

Anyone know of anything?
49457 -  Ancient Mariner 
SA1 Location
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Not a game of great quality but a welcome win and another step closer. The 'stars' disappointed somewhat until Bale's header at the end but some hard graft from the lesser lights of the side got us through a potential banana skin.

Ash was superb but I agree with comments below that Jazz hardly put a foot wrong. He found a red shirt every time and produced some neat footwork to get himself out of trouble when given some hospital passes. His cross for the goal was a peach!

I'd like to praise the ref and his pals who, unlike the prudes in the Prem, allowed the game to flow, didn't fall for any play-acting and didn't flash cards at every opportunity. This led to a complete absence of the feigning injury syndrome which is spoiling the game - a topic highlighted by Jack Butland today. The ref's atitude and sensible application of the Laws meant we saw a fierce, at times, battle with some tasty tackles, yet I cannot remember the medics being required. There were no 'handbags' and little whingeing. Everyone gave and took in turn with only half-hearted complaint, if at all - and the game benefitted for it. Well done Sir!
49456 -  Schmilly 
Sketty Location
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Yesterday at 22:03 Write a comment

arise sir jazz Richards - great cross smile

god on a stick Yesterday at 23:29
Great performance, pity we didn't give him a run of 10 games plus to show his worth.
49455 -  J4cka 
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Yesterday at 21:47 Write a comment

Well done Wales!!!!!!
Superb team effort.
Start the buses, we're off to France!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way,hope we've got a good sell on deal with Jazz. Didn't waste a pass all night,and what a cross for Baleo to head home.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 22:10
We didn't play at our best tonight, but Jazz Richards was immense.

Cool, calm. walked his way out of trouble quite a few times. And then puts in a measured cross for Bale to attack.

I am chuffed for him. Our loss in selling him. But I hope he just gets better and better.

Neath Swan Yesterday at 22:20
SCFC producing players for Wales through Academy. I get the feeling that there will be many more

Allen - Davies - McDonald PL
Richards - Walsh Championship
Shepherd - Hedges - Bray - Roberts L1 L2 (work in progress)

SCFC to get the next Ramsey Bales Hartsons hopefully..
49454 -  Mark (Jack) - London 
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Yesterday at 21:24 Write a comment

Gylfi has scored for Iceland who are beating the Dutch 1 nil in Holland

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:32
Ki captains S.Korea to an 8 nil win vs Laos today too.
49453 -  Martin 
Llwchwr Location
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taylor missed a sitter, but disappointingly, Ben gon backwards

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:11
not playing a fluently as we can.

Cyprus working very hard. Hopefully they will tire in the next 10 minutes.
49452 -  Wayne 
UK Location
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Yesterday at 16:40 Write a comment

Just saw this regarding former Directors and Administrators at Rangers


What a state of affairs, there is also an ongoing legal battle between the current board and Sports Direct/Mike Ashley over a £5 million loan.

Talk about swimming with sharks.. Could we have ended up here in the days of the Antipodean?
49451 -  Roy Wells 
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Location
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Yesterday at 16:15 Write a comment

Thanks for all the responses to my post yesterday, some interesting and valid comments. I would like to pick up on Numpty's comment though regarding the 40 pont mark. I must admit I was expecting more on that theme..This will help illustrate the point I am trying to make.

Let's talk about football fans, and I mean your average rational supporter, not the rose tinted brigade, or the doom mand gloom merchants. I'm sure before the season started fans of Man City and Chelsea were thinking they would win the league. (and probably rightly so).

Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd fans would have been thinking they should be able to mount a serious challenge.

Spurs, Southampton and possibly Everton fans would have expected European football, with the faint hope of sneaking fourth spot. The common theme? nobody is thinking about 40 points.

Have the team done enough for us fans to change our mindset? Without being complacent, or acting Charlie BB shouldn't we be expecting to finish in the top ten at least? Why should we fear relegation, are we not an extablished Premier League team now?

We had a good team last season, and we have added class, plus players have had one more year's experience at this level, so should we throw the cautious 40 point approach out of the window now and believe we will not have to worry about it.

Another phrase often used is 'punching above our weight'. How long do we have to do that until we realise 'hold on, this is our weight.'?

I'm well aware that there have been plenty of established Premier League teams in the past who have been relegated, but most of them flirted with relegation for a while and were on the wane. We are still very much on the way up.

Numpty Yesterday at 16:42
Roy to stay in the prem. league is every thing and being naturally a cautious pension 40 points is a must for me and yes I am also ambitious for the swans and we must always strive to keep improving for to stand still is never an option
I have ambitions for us not just for this year not to be only in the top ten but to aim for the top 4 and if not then to get into the Europa league , and yes have a go at getting to Wembley
I think by the end of October we should have some idea of where are going

Glyn1 Yesterday at 18:04
Strangely enough, no team has ever been relegated in their 5th season in the Premier League, and I don't think that we're going to be the first. About two thirds of promoted teams are relegated in seasons one and two, but after that they become relatively safe, so I agree that we should be planning for the long term and a much more positive mindset.

It only takes Cardiff to be promoted this season for them to become the "best supported team in Wales", so we have to keep improving while we have the chance.

Jayzed Yesterday at 20:26
I am also cautious and tend to agree with Numpty, 40 points first, although I think this team is more than capable of a top eight finish. I'm also guilty of thinking they are 'punching above their weight' maybe due to the small fan base compared to nearly all other teams.
Huw and Co have continually managed to keep pulling 'rabbits out of the hat' as far as managers and players are concerned which has got us to where we are today, hopefully he can keep on doing it in the future when the vultures inevitably visit us for our manager or players.
Anyway lets live for today and enjoy the ride!

Glyn1 Today at 05:50
Here's a table I compiled about how long a team has stayed in the Premier League. I started it with the first Premier League season, and included the old First Division stats for the teams who were in the inaugural Premier League season.

You'll see that 21 teams were relegated in their first season.
Then 10 teams were relegated in their second season.
5 were relegated in their third season.
4 were relegated in their fourth season.
None were relegated in their fifth season.

I think that the trend is pretty obvious, and that once you have been in the Premier League for five seasons then you are there by right. Of course, teams will still be relegated but by that point it becomes a surprise rather than something that is expected.

Like Roy says, we are now a well-established top team and should make our plans accordingly.

Barnsley 1
Birmingham 1
Blackpool 1
Bolton (twice) 1
Burnley (twice) 1
Cardiff 1
Charlton 1
Crystal Palace (twice) 1
Derby 1
Leicester (twice) 1
Man City 1
Middlesbrough 1
Norwich 1
Nottingham Forest 1
Reading 1
Sheffield Utd 1
Sunderland (twice) 1
Swindon 1
Queens Park Rangers 1
Watford 1
West Brom (twice) 1
Wolves 1
Birmingham 2
Bradford City 2
Hull (twice) 2
Ipswich 2
Middlesbrough 2
Queens Park Rangers 2
Reading 2
Southampton 2
West Brom 2
Ipswich 3
Norwich 3
Nottingham Forest 3
Oldham Athletic 3
Wolves 3
Birmingham 4
Crystal Palace 4
Sheffield Utd 4
Sunderland 4
Derby 6
Leicester 6
West Ham 6
Blackburn Rovers 7
Charlton 7
Man City 7
Portsmouth 7
Wigan 8
Norwich 9
West Ham 10
Blackburn Rovers 11
Bolton 11
Middlesbrough 11
Fulham 12
Queens Park Rangers 13
Leeds 14
Wimbledon 14
Newcastle 16
Nottingham Forest 16
Coventry 33
49450 -  Lincolnshire Jack 
Lincolnshire Location
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Yesterday at 16:13 Write a comment

Anybody got a Watford ticket for sale? Any help would be great!

Stephen Yesterday at 16:51
I have one spare (bought 2 online by mistake) Face value £22. [email protected]

Lincolnshire Jack Yesterday at 17:16
Email semg, thank you!
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