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63824 -  Jackland 
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ThankF HJ not in full charge now, SIGGY would have gone for 20mill.

Jon Today at 13:51
I don't buy that for one minute, Its true that HJ didn't or doesn't have the clout of the American's but he would only sell for the best deal he could get. The resolve might not have been the same due to the fact that the books needed to be balanced sooner.

BTW, I am not a family member and think the guy has sold the fans down the river but lets not make things up eh!

Jackland Today at 13:57
I am not making things up. WGAS about the books being balanced, it's a society of borrowing these days. Fact.

Ponty Jack Today at 14:13
HJ has not sold the fans down the river. This is a fans myth. Its a football thing or a Welsh thing ? i do not know but it defies all logic. They had to sell the club as they could no longer fund a PL club. Spinning plates is OK for a while but could not continue. The club was sold in the best interests of the club despite opposition from the Trust it appears. The Trust's assets have grown a 1000 times under HJs regime and in any other walk of life this would be seen as spectacular and something to be grateful for. ( long lost values) HJ and co. has even provided them with a buyer including himself.. So much for the whingers that said the Trust value was worthless. The Trust needs money in the bank. This can be done by sale or dividends. The future is bright but full of risk. Mr Gibson is the golden boy of club chairmen and he could keep his team in the PL for 1 season only playing dire football and now looks to an ex Swansea icon to help him. Not a family member and I do not care if the punters find my post boring.

Tosh's mum Today at 14:22
Pointy, Big Oak is targeted on here for his anti Jenkins posts, your Jenkins is the best posts are boring!

Give it a rest, those who agree with you don't need the sermon the rest of us don't give a sh1t!

enaitch 17 minutes ago
Pointless jack or whatever your name is . The club is in the same position now as under HJ and co . No investment yet by the Americans so you're statement that HJ and co had to sell as they're plates wernt spinning is baffling . All the Americans money went to the old board not the club .. The trust didn't receive any as yet and knowing HJ he probably will tell the Americans to give them some of the money from the Siggy sale . The rest in afraid will be divided between the board and recruitment none of their own money
63823 -  Martyn Jones 
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When is our financial year end. It occurs to me that maybe some clubs do not want to make a purchase until its passed e.g. say July 31st so that the price they pay for a player goes into the following years accounts. If ours and many others have a year end of July 31st then I would expect to see a lot more transfer activity across the league in the first week of August.

Anyone know when it is
63822 -  Pointy jack 
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SCFC must send out the message that it is not a feeder club for Everton. they cannot agitate SCFC players and stick their snout anytime they want. Look at Southampton and Liverpool. They have used the south coast club as a testing ground. Southampton have done well out of it financially but are unable to keep managers. Clement may become agitated by having his squad filleted every summer. The only way the club could accept such an arrangement would be having access to the best kids in their academies. Calvin Lewwin, Tom Davies Galloway etc or Harry Wilson at Liverpool. They will then tell SCFC to take a hike. Odd that Chelsea did not incorporate the Llorente deal with the Abraham loan. It suggests a non joined up management structure.

Wayne Today at 12:45
Update on Sky at 11:30, no change.and so much for a £45 million package. "Talks continue between Everton and Swansea continue for Gylfi Sigurdsson but the clubs are still far apart in their valuations. Swansea won't sell for less than £50m but Everton's package so far totals £40m."

enaitch Today at 12:52
Since our arrival in the prem we have sold more players to Man City than Everton so how the hell are we a feeder club to them. As for Llorente perhaps the truth is Chelsea dont want him . However I do believe that if HJ was still in charge he would have folded at £30 mill for Siggy .

Mark (Jack) London Today at 13:02
have heard that HJ has been frustrated by Kaplan's stance on the price. Deal would definitely been done by now otherwise.

But has Siggy had a change of heart? Really looking forward, in a positive way, to pic from this week's training sessions.

As for us and Southampton being feeders? Undoubtably we will sell to teams "above" us in the pecking order - like Everton and Liverpool. And they will, especially Everton, sell to the likes of Man Utd - Lukaku, Rooney before him. It's a fact of life. As long as they don't rape us of several players each season.

Liverpool have only taken 4 players in the last 3 seasons. 2 in 2014 (Lalana and Lovren) Clyne in 2015 and Mane in 2016. So not really devastating Southampton, who will always sell at least 1 player per season the way they operate, financially.

ZipJackCity 50 minutes ago
And rickie lambert dance
63821 -  Steve 
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I have 4 Gold Premier Club tickets for sale.

If anyone is interested - happy to sell in pairs - then please call me on 07796 372594

Dave Today at 11:03
They are not yours to resell.

Jeremy Kyle 8 minutes ago
Is this a lover's tiff that you'd like me to help mediate on?
63820 -  Abertawe jack 
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Does anyone know the time the team start training at Fairwood today? And are fans welcome to watch or not?

Jacknut Today at 10:32
Key question will Siggy be present??

NickR Today at 10:45

Training normally starts around 10,30-11.00am but it's closed to the public. They used to be ok about people wandering in but have tightened up over the years as other clubs have sent in spies to gather information.

Saying that, apparently there's a path that's open to the public and runs around the training pitches. I've not used it myself but apparently it's there and it gives you a good view of the training. I'm sure it's not hard to find.

m Today at 12:55
so does anyone know if siggy was training today?

Father Jack Today at 13:05
Think I read somewhere that they were training tonight. Might be to give the players more time due to traveling back from the states. Can anyone confirm this or I have I just dreamt it

Mark (Jack) - London Today at 13:45
I think you need to lay of the toilet duck Father! lol cheers

Father Jack 4 minutes ago
They are training this afternoon. Just read it I knew it wasn't in the morning.
63819 -  bigoak 
carmarthen Location
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Siggy is the ultimate pro, he will be training hard today what ever he is feeling about the move, its why he is worth far more than 50 mill to us , but 50 mill to a club like swansea is very tempting of course, but so is the prospect of the prem in 18/19 and to ensure we are in it we need players of siggy proven ability, put it like this there is no way we would be able to buy him at that price? in a word he is priceless to us. so Swansea, if ur going to sell him insist on the 50 by friday or the price goes up better still put a no sale sign up!

Bony: is a real gamble and after his performances at ManC & Stoke and now is preference for France, not one i would take unless it was a dirt cheap deal,
63818 -  Big Al 
NZ Location
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If Bony is favoring Marseille then au revour ....
Lets get someone in thats hungry not someone thats on the downward slope .He knows us ,the City and the people if thats not good enough then get xxxked .
With or without you we are Swansea City Football Club
63817 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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He's not everyone's cup of tea, but he's a man talking sense


big den Today at 01:04
Yes a lot of sense.

Ponty jack Today at 01:25
Good time to be a selling club and taking on high quality loan signings. Perhaps.

Good Housekeeping Guide Today at 07:03
Spot on Daniel
It's obsene
Players wages are as big a problem as escalating transfer fees
If Spurs's top man thinks it's a problem for them, then it's an even bigger issue for clubs like ours.
It has to be reined in.

Ben Today at 09:37
Isn't he the same one who insisted on inflated fees at the time for Bale etc? What goes around comes around
63816 -  BWJ 
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Royal Welsh Show is white.
Never in doubt!

Sam Bowe Yesterday at 22:25
63815 -  Bab 
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Bony coming back. Yes please, can still hold the ball up and dangerous in the box and if he's the 35+ years old you are all saying then he must be a fit old boy like Britton.

For the gloomers regarding his off field 'issues' paper talk? Highly likely and if you judge him on that then surely you wouldn't want to sign Messi or Neymar due to their tax dodging.

And finally Marseille sniffing around Bony, how can they afford high wages now all of a sudden and were scrimping over the Gomis loan last year over his wages that are considerable leas than Bony's.

Gardo Yesterday at 23:06
Have some insider knowledge that Bony is a done deal !

Duncan Today at 10:01
Please, no.

Super Swans.
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