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65320 -  Jack London 
London Location
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Stuart James predicts

Naughton FF Mawson Ollssen
Sanches Clucas
Bony Abraham

Some of the Guardian's starting XI predictions have been well off the mark, but James usually knows what he is talking about.

That would be an interesting line-up. I'd rather see Carroll start over Clucas because of his creativity and dead ball skills (and his ability to ut accurate crosses into the box, which we clealry need to work on after Tuesday's showing) but if you are going with a diamond formation I guess Clucas is more solid defensively. I'd be a bit worried about the other flank too but we ought to be a handful in attack with that set-up

SpeakerJack Today at 12:20
I'm concerned if we go with a diamond formation as it rarely works against 4-3-3. Weren't Newcastle playing 4-3-3 last time

NickR 43 minutes ago
It's that hard and dangerous call - deciding between needing to win at home against a "weaker" team but being strong enough defensively to ensure we don't lose at home, as that would be a disaster.

The team you put out from the Guardian could also look like this if slightly adapted:







I suppose there could be one formation with the ball and one without, but I think we would need to keep Ayew and Abraham wide.

Will be an interesting and important game, although maybe more tactical than end-to-end.
65319 -  TenbySwan 
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Item on official site re Cup tickets.

On sale Monday to ST holders to purchase own seat only £20 & £10 concessions

General sale Fri £30 & £10

Prices are good but I don't think it's right to go straight to General Sale Fri, should give at least one day to Jack Army members who are not ST holders ?

65318 -  Kins 
England Location
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We can't make the game today. I can sell 2 tickets for the West Stand if anyone is interested. We'd much prefer for someone to have these tickets than them go to waste. If you'd like them please email me - [email protected]
65317 -  SpeakerJack 
Home Location
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So what will be the formation today, which will dictate who plays. I believe PC will want to play a 3-5-2, but only leaves room for 3 midfielders, and we have strength in options in midfield.

So i wonder if PC is considering a formation to allow more midfielders to start with a back four.

Mesa deserves an opportunity, Sanches needs game time and to play further forward, which more support in midfield would allow. We need at least one box to box midfielder, Clucas or Fer and tom carroll does offer something different from the other midfielders. We ebxxsstill have a number of other options.

I'd want to see 4 real midfielders, not in a diamond, and Bony up front.

Malcolm Davies Today at 11:18
Hi sj ,

if anybody can predict the team for today they deserve a prize ,

Fabs ,

Naughton , Fede , Mawson , Olsson ,

clucas , mesa , carroll ,

sanches , bony , narsingh ,

would like that team given a run out , tough on ayew , tammy and fer , will have a strong bench to change the game if needed

Jeremy Today at 11:33
Yes agree 4-3-3
Ayew / Bony / Tammy up front
Malcolm's mid field
Rangel may sneak in after his Reading performance

SpeakerJack Today at 11:56
Malcom the 4-3-3 is a good option, as way we tend to play it Sanches and Narsingh would be playing behind Bony which strengthens the midfield. I agree with your choices as Sanches needs to play and Mesa deserves to play.

One of the weakness in the 4-3-3 is out wide so Id like to a winger but not sure PC will start with Narsingh

My choice very similar burt a different formation would be


Naughton. Fed. Mawson. Olsson


Sanches. Mesa. Carrol


I'd like us to overload the midfield, as it is the other potential weakness of the 4-3-3. If we can drive their two supporting AMs/secondary strikers back into deeper positions it will take the strain off our defence and allow our full backs to get upfield and push their entire team into defensive shape and mindset

We need to win the game not just hold on and hope for some counter attack opportunities. I'm hoping Mesa can be our new midfield general and boss the midfield, that might free up Sanches to get more forward where I think he will shine. That said with a nod of the head to Leon who has always done that for us.
65316 -  Pointy jack 
Istanbul Location
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In Turkey. Gomis has got 7 goals in 5 or so games and is very popular. I warned my Istanbul mates that he may not perform so well on a snowy Wedneday in Karabuk. Even Spurs's Jensen is scoring for Fenerbache and Negredo yet to score for Besiktas.

clyde Today at 10:46
Just goes to show how difficult it is to score in the PL
65315 -  Tonto 
Shire of Carmarthen Location
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Watched the U23 last night.
Who was the Right back for SCFC ??

Looks really solid and could well push for a first team spot imo

Ponty jack Today at 08:29
Tyler Reid I think - Aaron Lewis on left. Was due to go on loan but there was a late cancellation of some sort. His brother is with the u18. He is getting on a bit so needs a breakthrough this season.

NickR Today at 09:24
Yep. Tyler Reid. I thought he was poor in the few times I had seen him before but I thought he did quite well last night to be fair.

He's NOWHERE near the first team and, in reality, these players need to be showing the potential to be able to step up, especially the older ones in the group.

ZipJackCity Today at 09:32
Kinda reminded me of a young Micah Richards...

Tonto Today at 09:51
Tyler Reid.
He has the physique . Still only 20
Sometimes you only improve playing with better quality players .
Look at Ben Davies, had the opportunity and took it.
65314 -  Julie 
Swansea Location
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Selling 1 Adult and 1 Under16 ticket for Watford. South Upper. £35 for the pair.

07749 770524
65313 -  Llandybie Jack 
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East stand ticket for sale watford game face value 07890 023771

Chris Yesterday at 23:37
Is ticket for sale ?

Llandybie Jack Today at 01:18
Yes chris
65312 -  Aled 
Carmarthen Location
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The Swans will host Jose Mourinho's high-flying side at the Liberty Stadium, aiming to book their place in the last eight of the domestic competition.

Paul Clement's side have already defeated MK Dons and Reading on their way to the fourth round, while the Red Devils saw off Burton Albion in round three.

Tickets will go on sale from Monday, September 25. Full details to follow...
65311 -  Ivorsleftpeg 
Gammon Location
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Sick to my stomach of all the foreign coaches constantly criticising the league cup as a "waste of energy" so on and so forth..

Its quite simple.... The solution is staring you in the face...

Pack your bags and feck off back home to your bang average Spanish, German and Portuguese leagues that will allow young British coaches and players the chance of a shot in the Premier.

Yes, you heard right... Feck off home.

Legal Jack Yesterday at 20:55
Agree 100%. Just here for the money so if you don't like it F off back so Spain or South America.

colin loughor Yesterday at 21:13
The way the transfer system worked against us this season the league cup is a saviour for us , if not for anything else it has given PC a chance to bed the team.
We must look at the first six games of our season as our preseason.

Crikey I think Vivaldi would have been proud of that post.

Maybe one more season who knows, I'll get my coat.

marrio99 Today at 00:26
If you notice it's only the teams in champions league that didn't hear mourhino moaning when h won it couple season you said they don't like it go home.lets hope for another Wembley trip In feb

Ponty jack Today at 08:37
These teams have squads of 25. People like Garcia Toure and Mangala need to play. He could easilyleave his stars at home and send the assistant manager to WBA.
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