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61878 -  Mark (Jack) London 
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anyone else watching the pottiest game of football in memory?

Reminds me of that 4-3 Liverpool - Newcastle game


Mark (Jack) London 3 minutes ago
beyond potty!
61877 -  Cadoxton jack 
Cadoxton Location
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15 years ago tomorrow , our rise was starting !

Dai full pelt 5 minutes ago
Looking at that the club has gone from a tinpot club without a pot to pee in.
To an established premiership club with great trading facilities and with a multimillion turn over,
Employing a lot of people.
Hard to believe,the clubs most successful years ever

Jon 5 minutes ago
14 years

Jon 3 minutes ago
And it's premier league not premiership DFP
61876 -  Colin Northampton 
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There is an article up showing the league if Mark Lawrenson was always right.

Hull would have 3 points and Leicester 51. Chelsea would be 5th.

Why do the BBC still take this man seriously?
61875 -  Swans Trust 
Swansea Location
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Impressive Swans line-up announced for Fans Forum on Wednesday evening at the Liberty...


61874 -  Colin Northampton 
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Palace v Boro and Hull v Burnley on Saturday.

What do people think are the best outcomes for us?

When you look at the table and the remaining fixtures and factor in recent form, I don't think either of these are straightforward questions.

Mark (Jack) London Today at 10:02
First one a draw - it benefits neither greatly., and you dont stay up by only drawing games

the second a Burnley win all day long. They are pretty much safe now.

Colin Northampton Today at 10:47
Think I agree Mark. But the 8 aways in the last 13 games for Burnley nags at me.
61873 -  ian 
prem Location
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shelvey v taylor tonignt

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:00
Kevin Amankwaah vs Theo Walcott

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:03
and good to see Sian Massey running the line.

Oh how I have missed her. best assistant ref in the game.

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 21:33
Never thought I'd see the the day where Kevin Amankwaah tackles Alexis Sanchez.

harold Today at 04:30
Yes sian flagged a few times in our favour, when many wouldn,t have.

Daniel Curley Today at 07:45
Does Sian officiate in PL games anymore?

Can't recall seeing her down SA1 for quite a while now?

Stephen robinson Today at 08:23
Yeah she running the line on Saturday Chelsea v Swansea

harold Today at 09:19
Yes steve as mark pointed out earlier, shes the lino.
She had a baby which kept her out for a while.

Mark (Jack) London Today at 10:08
Yes, she had a baby girl, Harriet. And was awarded an MBE for services to football in the New Year's Honours List.

Stephenpete Today at 18:19
Totally agree with positive comments re Sian Massey.

She always appeared to honestly judge situations and flag as she saw it,nearly always right.

What a step up from the current crop of PL lines persons who appear to work only to the refs signals and then belatedly flag whatever the ref has signalled.

Mark (Jack) London Today at 20:21
Spot on Stephenpete.

I'll never forget the lino at Fulham a couple of years back, when the ball bounced a yard behind the touchline right in front of him and he didn't raise his flag.

One of many poor, poor "assistant refs" who can't make a decision - or a right one.

I can't think of one error I have seen her make either reffing one of our games or any other match I have seen on TV.
61872 -  James 
Swansea Location
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Sorry to keep on guys, if anyone has 2 tickets for Chelsea Saturday up for sale will be very appreciated! Cheers fellow jacks
61871 -  grunter 
swansea Location
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Having watched the Russian football hooligan documentary I was in Egypt when the uprising was happening and the Russians and the Italians where screaming to be flown home, all us Brits sat back and enjoyed the sun. They [email protected] themselves.

lewis Yesterday at 15:40
Grunter i am not surprised,
But lets be honest only brain dead brits would holiday in egypt for a cheapy in a 4 star hotel, at the same time risking you life.
But your posts do confirm your level of intelligence i suppose. #@*%!
61870 -  Roy Wells 
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Location
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Not Swans related, but an view on the FA Cup so if you're not interested please scroll down.

As it stands we have the potential of a Sutton v Lincoln final. ok very unlikely, but possible. Does that emphasise the magic of the cup, or does it detract from it?

Everybody loves the underdog, and all the neutrals will be rooting for Sutton tomorrow, and f they win it brings the possibility of that final closer. I'm sure everybody involved with the lesser clubs are in dreamland, but in reality if it happened how much interest would there be in the final?

How much would the neutrals want to watch a non league game as one of the biggest games in the British sporting calender. A game that would normally attract probably less than 1000 people. Wembley would be half full., the Club Wembley seats would be empty, and the corperate business' would struggle to get their boxes full unless people went there just for the free food and booze. You could probably turn up and pay on the day!

A lower league tean will raise their game against a bigger club, but against a team at the same level all you'd get is a non league game. Would the winners even be able to afford to compete in the Europa league?

I'm not trying to denigrate these teams performances, what they've done is fantastic, and having followed the Swans in the lower leagues I know how it feels as a fan to progress in the cup as a lower league team.

The point is if a solid mid table Premier League team the likes of Stoke, Everton, Southampton, WBA decided to target the FA Cup and play a stong team with perhaps 2, 3 or 4 changes instead of the regular 8,9 or 10 changes they would virtually be guaranteed a quarter final place.

OK I've just had a quick look at the cup draw, and it can't be a Sutton Lincoln final. but you kow the point I'm trying to make!!

Mark (Jack) London Sunday 19:29
sadly if Sutton win, they will host Lincoln, so no chance of the fairytale final

Hugh Williams Yesterday at 11:08
I was in Calais shortly before they got to the French cup final (as amateurs) in 2000. The town was awash with euphoria. Sadly, though unexpectedly they lost.
61869 -  Generousredswan 
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Think clement should have a good look at emnes still Think hes got something tgmws

Roy Wells Sunday 19:11
Looked really good first half and set up Graham's goal really well. Faded a bit second half, but there is definately a player in there. Nobody's been able to get that player to perform to consistently his best yet. Could PC be that man?

I would say certainly on the same level as Jordan Ayew who I see as a good squad player, and someone who given the chance to show what they could do to possibly force his way into the first team.

Having said all that he's had chances (OK fairly limited chances) and not set the World alight. He's never let us down, but never really shined either.

Mark (Jack) London Sunday 19:31
he's out of contract in the summer
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