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55688 -  Gandhi 
Aberystwyth Location
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Yesterday at 19:23 Write a comment

Can you buy tickets for the fan park in Lens?

Blod Yesterday at 20:39
Be aware that there is an alcohol ban in place for Lens between 06.00 on the day of the Wales v England match right through until 06.00 on the Friday morning, any alcohol found will be confiscated

Chatz Yesterday at 21:51
Except in fans zone I believe
55687 -  Martyn Jones 
Myrtle Beach Location
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Yesterday at 15:36 Write a comment

Pre season friendlies to be preceded by a pre season tour

July 23rd Bristol Rovers v Swansea
July 30th Wolves v Swansea
Aug 6th Swansea v Stade Rennais

Lewis Yesterday at 20:11
Any info on the tour Martyn, Italy or DC perhaps?

clive Today at 04:57
I see that despite releasing Ki early so he could do his military service, he actually posponed it and is playing 2 friendlies for Korea in early june.
As far as i am concerned that is a snub to the club, now he will miss some pre season training.
Personally he is another player who i would like to see go at the right price.
His attitude, his lack of effort was evident most of the season except for maybe 2 or 3 games.
His nice guy image appears to save the day for him, but knowing many koreans its the smile to your face approach that deceives people
55686 -  DJ 
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Yesterday at 12:29 Write a comment

Well that's one out the door! Eder gone on a four year deal! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Jeff-Cowbridge Yesterday at 12:51
I'd like to wish him all the best for the future- he clearly fits in better at Lille than he did here.

steve Yesterday at 13:23
Let's hope we can get rid if Tabanou and Bartley as easy!

Mark (Jack) - London Yesterday at 13:50
Swansea have managed to recoup most of the Β£5 million they paid for the striker

I'd hope we've got at least all of that back, and any signing on fee from the player, who wanted to leave!

Wayne Yesterday at 14:00
According to reports at the time Swansea paid 6 million euros for him and today's reports are that we got around 4.2 million euros back so there's a loss of 1.8 million euros unless part of the fee was conditional on appearances.. He will prosper in Ligue 1 because apart from PSG there's not much strength

Martyn Jones Yesterday at 14:53
Sold him for 4m pounds so a 1m loss. Plus we have add ons in his Lille Contract so if he prospers hopefully we get that 1m back too. Sounds a good deal. Original bid was 4.5m euros which is about 3m. So I'm happy with the 4m plus. Move em out as quick as possible so we can focus on the ins
55685 -  Colin Northampton 
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Yesterday at 02:20 Write a comment

Watched a couple of minutes of England U21 tonight and turned over. Just realised that I had thrown up a chance to have a 90 minute look at Matt Grimes.

Their next two are on the evenings of 25th and 27th for anyone who wants a look at him.
55684 -  sw02sea 
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Monday 22:11 Write a comment

Considering Brendan Rodgers wanted Ash at Liverpool,what's the chances of him now going to Celtic?
Last big pay day,not so many hard,competitive games,chance of Champions league,
Wouldn't blame him really.

Chatz Monday 22:16
The right money and I'll pick him up and drop him off... I'm already doing a run with Andre Ayew somewhere

On a serious note, be less money in Celtic .. Poor payers

brian brain Monday 22:20
Is there anybody you want to stay

mike Monday 22:57
There's no money in Scottish football.

Huw 'R We? Monday 23:39

My money would be on Ash moving for a
final fling to Arsenal.

Granted Wenger's policy is to move on players
aged 30+ but I reckon Ash's performances against
the Gooners over recent years including the freak goal
last time out will tempt him to take a cheap option -
along with the growing impression that Swansea are a
selling club. wink

Chris (Cheshire) Yesterday at 13:01
It's hard to see Ash going anywhere. He's SO important to us that I can't imagine anyone being willing to pay enough to tempt us to sell.

TenbySwan Yesterday at 22:38
Ash has been fantastic for us but the players that came in v West Ham and Man City did not look out of place.

I would like to see Ash get a big pay day before retiring, he deserves it.
55683 -  Chatz 
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Monday 19:40 Write a comment

So, it's surprise to hear that Ayew is now on the FBI's most wanted list ....

Can't believe the bloke tbh....yes he was our top scorer but Christ, 12 goals is hardly a world beater...any offers of Β£15 million the. I'll pick him up and drop him off free of charge....

Denmark Jack Monday 20:25
Agree Chatz.

I like Ayew, I think he's a good player and gives 100% but I just don't think he 'fits'.

I thought this from very early on. Individually he's good, but in my opinion as a team we looked worse with him in it.

To be fair, most of this opinion was when he was supposedly playing wide right.

As the centre forward I think it's a better fit but personally think we should sell if the price is right.

Murphs75 Monday 20:28
Clearly thinks he's better than he is. We've been here before.

Neath Swan Monday 22:14
Bizarre comments again regarding Ayew. Clearly he is a lot better than what SCFC fans think of him. Without his 12 goals SCFC would have been really struggling. Look at the scoring lists. Up there with club heroes Sanchez, Costa and level or above Mane, Pelle, Anautovich, Alli and Deeney. A brilliant piece of work to get him. HJ now needs to tie him down. SCFC look great with Britton, Routledge Cork etc the trouble is they cannot score regularly [if at all] including Ki this year. The strikers have struggled big time. Guidolin has got results with SCFC playing solidly but winning largely down to Siggurdson and Ayew. Pretty SCFC football will no longer be good enough in the Liecester era.

mike Monday 23:00
Come on guys haven't you learnt by now, its flipping paper talk.

harold Yesterday at 03:14
Yes neath swan, beggars belief some of the attitudes on here.
Here we have a player who give 100% every game, was a big part of our survival, and still gets knocked from pillar to post.
Thank goodness this site is not representative of the majority of supporters who travel the length and breadth of the country to support the Swans.

chatz Yesterday at 08:58
don't be so naΓ―ve to think this is driven by players agent. how come there are no headlines about Gylfi? our most consistent performer...Its not about wanting players who give there all, its about wanting players to feel honoured to play for my club rather than have a good season and look to capitalise...if he wants to stay at my club then great, if he wants to try and manufacture a move after one season then as I said, ill give him a lift. The paths are paved with the reputations of numerous other players who thought they were better than the club.
now as I said, if we get offered Β£15 Mill, and the club feel that's his value, and he wants to go then great but please have some bloody humility and stop touting yourself in the meantime

DJ Yesterday at 09:49
This Ayew show is doing my head in! He's needs to sit down and shut up! If he's not happy then simply shut up and wait till we have a good deal, then he can go! I'd take 20 million for him, so he can stay off French TV saying he wants to move, like he did on the weekend!
55682 -  J4cka 
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Monday 08:50 Write a comment

With Eder's agent stating.............

"I think in the form he is now, I am 100 per cent sure that he can play a big part for Portugal in the Euros."

Why should we sell him, pre- tournament, for Β£4.5m?

Wayne Monday 10:58
He could have a blinder and his value could rocket but there is only one club in the running currently and he made no impression in the Premiership or the cup games. I would sell, money in the bank. If he did so well in France you would expect a bit more interest.

harold Monday 11:35
Ha ha, value rocket, double your money and take it away, as hughie green would say.

clyde Monday 13:41
Or he could get injured and we'd be stuck.

Martyn Jones Monday 15:50
Sell him and insert a sell on clause so if he does start scoring for fun then we get 10 or 20% if Lille sell him for 15m
55681 -  PaulT 
Llanelli Location
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Sunday 21:11 Write a comment

ayew touting himself.....get top dollar and re invest in a top notch striker i say..i dont begrudge him a move, but we mustnt sell ourselves short

Mark (Jack) - London Monday 00:30
He needs to stop whoring himself around

mrk Monday 01:35
If all the focus stays on him and away from sigurdsson we should all be pretty happy i reckon!

madjack Monday 09:26
Ash, Taylor, ayew, siggy all be gone this summer club gone crazy,greed, adultery killing us from within, the sale could have put an end but think that's dead. People say joma deal better its not its based on sales, they gonna be way down, there is a hole in club Money just keeps disappearing, they show no ambition to succeed so will struggle to recruit, fer & jh are shite but we will have them just need the rest of qpr and we down.

Joe Monday 10:53
Madjack, no ambition? and here we are going into our 6th season in the PL, you have no evidence that Joma will sell less and its silly season on players coming and going, take a chill pill and enjoy every moment, I know I am.

Rich b Monday 11:09
If we do sell him, we have got to get 20m for him.

Then invest in a top striker.

Ron Monday 12:28
Madjack, bigoak, blod,tosh, whoever you are today, give us a break, give HJ some credit you illiterate buffon.

The one and ONLY Blod Monday 13:19
Ron..... give it a rest you stupid oaf! Instead of spouting your bile why not post a thread yourself about ANYTHING Swans related? ?

northern swan Monday 14:55
Yes the club is now officially part of the Andre Ayew transfer sideshow, complete with disingenuous statements ( staying depends on what the Chairman says, I'll just quietly destabilise my relationship with the club while I wait for a better offer ) and agent leaks ( hey look how good he must be , Chelsea/ Manure are interested )
Contrast that with the BBC programme about the players from the 1966 world cup winning England team tells you all you need to know about the modern game
The club just have to suffer it until we get an offer we like!
Thank God for the Euros as a distraction

rocksand Monday 15:14
Andre thank you very much, you were the common denominator in keeping us in the premier.
Whatever tactic you use to secure your future for yourself and your family, good luck to you.
Football is no longer a game of loyality, and don,t forget it works both ways, there will be quite a few out on their arse very soon from Swansea fc.
55680 -  Lee 'wonky' Purnell 
Dancing on the ceiling Location
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Sunday 20:22 Write a comment

Anyone fancy coming to see Lionel Richie with me ?

Hello is it me you're looking for....

Archieartex the No 1 poster Sunday 20:33
I'd really like to go with you Lee. I'm a big fan of the Commordores as well as Lionel Ritchie.
I've been looking for tickets. I'm an avid caravanner but I don't mind missing a weekend in the van to see Lionel.
Are you going to take some sandwiches and a flask.
Get back to me Lee as soon as possible thanks.

Camp Jack Sunday 20:48
oh what a feeling dancing on the ceiling !! lol

Mark (Jack) - London Sunday 20:48
I saw him at the O2 last year. The main is a top entertainer. Highly recommended.

Big Brenda Sunday 21:03
I believe it is a Lionel Richie tribute group,
don't expect to see the main man.

Camp David Sunday 22:13
Lionel Richtea is good, but not a patch on Rod Stewart! ! Jus sayin bitches πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Mike chunky chubby hopkins Monday 10:55
. I'll come Lee. I always like coming in Lionel's concerts.!!!

swansfan Monday 11:18
HELLO, , Big Brenda it is the man himself, i'll be there.

Mal coady Monday 17:13
And I'll come Lee. I can see it in you're eyes I can see it in you're smile. Let me know you can see I'm a billy ocean fan as well as a Lionel fan. They're both gorgeous...

Andy1 Monday 18:59
Going to see him tonight in a bar in Las Americas real thing by all accounts
55679 -  Andrew Davies 
Aberystwyth Location
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Saturday 22:08 Write a comment

Any spares for Slovakia v Wales
Face value please.

Dai wonk Sunday 11:20
Would you like a cup of tea and a biscuit as well in the price????

jojaca Sunday 15:44

LeedsJack Sunday 18:38
Will know for def in next couple of days if I have a spare.or if it's needed by one of the lads. Cat 2 €105 face value plus the €15 b.ooking fee it cost me - so are getting it for what I paid. Will leave another message as soon as I know.No tea and biscuit provided!
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