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Thursday, 16 February 2017 21:42 Write a comment Permalink

Detailed tactical match analysis as Swansea City get another vital win under Paul Clement against fellow relegation rivals Leicester City.

Another sound, solid and professional performance from Clement's side to get a well-deserved win, see my thoughts on the game via the link below:


clyde Thursday, 16 February 2017 22:50
One of the main reasons we've been so successful over the years is that we've bought versitile and adaptable players with football intelligence, capable of playing many positions and in many formations, even in the same game.

Players like Routledge, Leon and Siggy. Unlike, say, Shelvey and Gomis who very whilst good at what they do, aren't versatile enough. Which is why Barrow is on the way out, with Montero, quite possibly next.

Leicester don't have so many players like this and so, once found out, cannot find a different way of playing to get something out of the game.

Hopefully we'll get back to acquiring such players again. Ayew is such a player, perhaps, Narsingh too. We'll soon find out I suppose.

clyde Thursday, 16 February 2017 22:53
... who, whilst very good at what they do, aren't versatile enough.

Proper Musher Thursday, 16 February 2017 23:49
So why did we sign Shelvey, Gomis, Barrow and Montero in the first place if they were'nt versatile.
???? I'm totally dumfounded at this post.

clyde Friday, 17 February 2017 07:45
I presume they were signed to try and take us in a different direction and style of play.
Obviously this did not work out as intended.
I hope you are not so easily dumbfounded by things in the future.

clyde Friday, 17 February 2017 07:47
I presume they were signed to try and take us in a different direction and style of play.
Obviously this did not work out as intended.
I hope you are not so easily dumbfounded by things in the future.

Wyn Friday, 17 February 2017 09:38
I'm very much in agreement Clyde. Gomis has proved, with Lyon before he signed for us, and now with Marseille, that he has plenty of capability, and yet, apart from a couple of good spells, he really struggled to adapt to our way of playing..

Future acquisitions, especially those in the middle of the park, must be strong in certain core skills - especially the ability to deliver a high percentage of first time passes and speed off the mark. Other attributes should supplement these core skills not substitute for them. This would preclude signing the likes of Shelvey, Montero or Gomis in future.

Joe Friday, 17 February 2017 11:42
I don't think we played to Gomis' strengths, we played to Bony, and kept it for Gomis and should have changed, we, as a team have to be adaptable too.

clyde Friday 12:08
I think we bought Bony because his strengths dovetailed with the team's strengths. That's why he was successful here but not so much at Man City.

We tried to change to accommodate Gomis but couldn't quite get there. We bought midfielders/wingers to supply him but then lost some of our short passing game because of that.

I think we are best with lots of players who can link and interchange positions. That's what Barcelona under Pep were best at and he's trying to do that now at Man City.

Dai full pelt Friday 17:14
Disagree Shelvey and boney are very good players,our boo boys hounded them out.

clyde Friday 18:34
No need to disagree Dai. I said Shelvey was very good at what he does and so is Bony.

Malcolm Davies Friday 18:47
Dai ,
how can you say bony was hounded out , didn't you hear all the chanting for wilf ,
come on wilfried bony score a goal for swansea , go wild , wild , wild , most fans were very disappointed to see him go , he wanted to go , and play for a top 4 side ,

shelvey lost the plot , and needed to go , from a distance appeared to disrupt the team ,

Mark jones Friday 18:50
Dai tight belt its Bony. You can't stop spouting crapping and yet you can't spell an ex players name with four letters in it. And how was BONY hounded out you silly little man.

Dai full pelt Friday 20:14
Sorry boys I ment gomis

Dai full pelt Friday 20:17
Mark I might be silly but I'm 6ft 2 inches so I'm not little wink

countryboy Friday 22:06
Bony went for big money, which. with the benefit of hindsight, may not have been such a bad deal for Swans. Gomis was never given a chance at Swans, neither by the fans (who were quick to get on his back) nor by the players around him who woefully failed to play to his strengths. For me, the main culprits in Gomis fall from grace, were the wingers (WRouts more than JMontero, and, especially, Ayew who took his space rather than fed him the ball, in a blatant attempt to put himself in the shop window. Paul Clement would appreciate Gomis and use him properly, and still might if Llorente goes. (But I'm happy to keep the latter myself).
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