Williams: Players were “blown away” by Leeds

Swansea City suffered a humiliating 4-0 defeat at home against Leeds United on Tuesday night, as the visitors showed their class and quality in a dominant display.

The result, which was Leeds United’s biggest ever win in Swansea, exposed the gap between the two sides, and highlighted the areas where Swansea need to improve if they want to compete with the top teams in the league. Head coach Luke Williams admitted in his post-match interview that his players were “blown away” by Leeds, and urged them to learn from the experience.

The importance of intensity and aggression

One of the main reasons why Leeds were so superior to Swansea was their intensity and aggression. They pressed high and hard, forcing Swansea into mistakes and creating chances. They also moved the ball quickly and decisively, exploiting the spaces and stretching the Swans’ defence.

Williams acknowledged that his team failed to match Leeds’ intensity and aggression, and said that they have to play at a higher level of football to be in the game. He said: “We have to learn to play football at a higher intensity. If we don’t learn to play football like that, then you can’t play against the top teams or even be in the game.”

He also criticised his players for being too hesitant and scared to commit to the press, saying: “There was too much hesitation, we were too scared to fully commit to the press because we don’t want to get picked off, but if you stand off good players they’re going to pick you off anyway.”

The need for bravery and concentration

Another aspect that Williams emphasised was the need for bravery and concentration. He said that his players have to be more confident and courageous on the ball, and not let the pressure get to them. He also said that they have to be more focused and alert, and not switch off at crucial moments.

He said: “We have to play with a higher level of intensity and concentration, and be braver. We have to be brave enough to play our way and not be intimidated by the opposition. We have to be switched on and not concede easy goals.”

The hope for improvement and learning

Despite the heavy defeat, Williams said that he hopes that his players will learn from the game and use it as a motivation to improve. He said that he believes in his squad, and that they have the potential to play better and challenge the top teams.

He said: “We have to learn from this game and use it as a wake-up call. We have to work harder and smarter, and show more character and quality. We have a good group of players, and I know they can do better. We have to show more intensity and aggression, and play with more bravery and concentration. That’s the only way we can grow and improve as a team.”

Here is Luke Williams’ full post-match reaction following the Swans defeat against Leeds:

Feature image credit: Swansea City Football Club