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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Birmingham City - Championship 2019/20

    Comment on the Brum team for the game, off their website.

    Blues team news...
    Winger Jefferson Montero is ineligible to play against his parent club. Maxime Colin (hamstring) will have a late fitness test but could be available after missing the Barnsley game. Jake Clarke-Salter, Kerim Mrabti and Cheick Keita have all returned to training but may need additional time to regain match fitness. Jacques Maghoma (calf) is likely to be back in contention in the near future. Jonathan Grounds (calf) and Maikel Kieftenbeld (knee) remain out.

    That’s good news that Jeff won’t be eligible.
  • Borja - "I'm going to stay"

    I know you weren't  serious lol

    Was reading the gossip  and came across Lille to sign Sanches 
    Man Utd to sign Llorente  ?
  • 16,388

    Exactly @enaitch I knew someone would find that lol. Good family day out I'm sure
  • Oli McBurnie

    Not sure that any of us should be commenting in a public forum on a player's personal life and habits or perceived weaknesses.Having said that if you indulge in social media it means there is nowhere to hide.Hopefully if there is a problem it will be nipped in the bud.He seems like a great lad.
  • Oli McBurnie

    It's not like he didn't miss games with us due to his drinking, is it. "What's the harm?" people ask. Short memories.
  • What has happened to our possession game in the first 3 league matches?

    Don't know if it is an optical illusion - but Jake seems way more comfortable on the ball and accurate in his passes in the opposition half. I think it is when he is pressed in out defensive third that he tends to panic and get rid of the ball a bit quickly and aimlessly to avoid getting caught in possession. He has better quality than he is showing in these situations - I really believe he has not played in a team that is so prepared to pass along the back line (at least not since his early Everton days). 

    Overall made a very positive impression on me for his defensive ability alone as mentioned by @Colin_swansea and @Malc
  • Borja - "I'm going to stay"

    Jackareme said:
    With Borja and Ayew "lighting up" the division - I wonder if we should go in for a cheeky loan deal for Renato Sanches. Cooper seems able to breathe life into ailing careers - wonder if he could bring the corpse that is Sanches back to life :scream:
    Hi Jackareme  ,

    Looks as if Renato  Sanches is signing  for Lille  ?

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Birmingham City - Championship 2019/20

    Is Jeff allowed to play?
    You have forgotten to add the big lump Jutkiewcz up front, a good test for young Joe at set pieces.
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Birmingham City - Championship 2019/20

    Well Brum will probably play a 5-3-2 or 5-4-1 depending on who is fit. So the midfield will be congested, when they shift into 3-5-2. However they will be gaps on the flanks, especially as now their full backs do go forward down the flanks. Most of their goals so far have come from counter attacks or set pieces. Interesting goals scored by their two forwards all their goals have assists by fullbacks or centre backs. Which plays into the full backs getting forward and centre backs at set pieces.

    They will have to change formation if they want to include Jeff, but the only time they have (4-2-3-1) they were beaten heavily. If they play Jeff as one of the midfield 3/4 then we will need to exploit the gaps he will leave behind him.

    They keep the ball in the centre third about 50% of the time, and attack down their right flank, so we will need a solid left hand side on Sunday.

    So we will need some width and pace on the flanks but we will need a solid midfield to stop  being overrun.Id expect us to get 60%+ possession, use pace down the wings and make the pitch as long and wide as possible. They do shoot a lot, but at the moment with low conversion, ideally we need to keep they goal attempts to about 10 rather than the 17 we are averaging at the moment.

    Brum was a big banana skin last season, so I’m taking nothing for granted considering they have shown this season they can score and win tight matches.

    I’m hoping for a 2-1, However we are capable of scoring 3, I just hope we don’t need to.
  • Oli McBurnie

    How much he drinks is (NOW) none of our business.. However the comments and criticism on here and other places - make it highly unlikely he will again stand with the travelling Jack Army. Sad!!
    I would have liked to see more celebration of Ollie from true Jack supporters and less flagging up his deficits. 
    Personally I don't care if he is on all fours chundering over the touchline on Saturday - I love him for loving our Swans and being a real character to boot!