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  • What next?

    I sometimes think the season we went down, if we hadn't spent £40m on Bony, Clucas and A.Ayew, we'd have still gone down but would have a tidy bank balance to give it a serious go at the first attempt.
    As for Brendan, what I heard was he wanted a 3 year contract at £4m a year, and even if it didn't work out second time around, we had to pay him £12m, sometimes, it doesn't happen for a manager second time and just imagine he was relieved of his duties after half a season, that's why the club offered an extension to Guidolin that summer, in hindsight, perhaps Brendan would have been the better option even if a lot more risky?
  • What next?

    Always difficult the concept of playing the way the fans like.Norwich appear to have done that this season and down they come again.Can't have been much fun for their fans watching them losing regularly.Perhaps being competetive is overall more interesting?
    Still lots of parachute money to sustain their club.
  • What next?

    Guidolin wasn't for me.

    I remain convinced that had he not fallen ill and Curt took charge for a series of crunch games - Norwich home and Arsenal away iirc? - then we may well have gone down that season. He was a typical Italian coach really, he had us relatively organised most of the time but I never felt he really 'got' what the club was about. 

    I think there are many - Jenkins included - who got far too excited he won a few games at the end of the season v Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham when those games were complete dead rubbers for those sides. Liverpool basically sent a third XI down here as they had a European tie a few days before and after. 

    That summer was the point we should have had Brendan back - a huge mistake. 
  • What next?

    Would have been interesting  if Guidolin had not been sacked , I think with his vast experience and players  in his squad  we would have survived  that season   
  • Match Discussion: Nottingham Forest v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    Ok so we all want 3 wins and hope Cardiff drop a point somewhere, actually 2 if the draw. But I looked at a fall back scenario, we get 2 wins and a draw and end up on 70 points. Who can finish above us and what results do we need midweek to make playoffs with 70 points. The lack off Leeds point is huge.

    Cardiff - need to lose a game or draw 2, settled on GD at 70 points. Best chance Derby today
    Derby - max out at 70 points and bad GD
    Preston need to draw a game, max out at 69 pts Brentford & Bristol City away
    Millwall - need to draw a game, max out at 69
    Bristol City - if we get 7 points then they cant reach 70
    Blackburn max out at 69

    So if we reach 70 points
    Bristol, Blackburn & Derby(GD) will be below us
    So for 70 to be a success for us

    Milwall fail to beat Blackburn at home
    Preston fail to beat Brentford away
    Ideally Cardiff lose today, at worst draw.

    If Millwall & Preston fail to win they cant be above us on 70 points.

    That'd leave the only challenger being Cardiff

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Leeds United - Championship 2019/20

    In fairness to Cooper we did not have a Pablo or an Aliosi on the bench - so I understand to a point. 
    However, in the format of this back to back shortened season and against a high energy opponent who had thrown on fresh legs to seize control of the game - lets be generous and say that sitting on his hands was baffling by Cooper.
    I was thinking about the game in hindsight (which is always 20/20) and wondering what is the last thing that Bielsa would have wanted to see - and I cant help but feel that bringing VdH on for Fulton, shuffling Naughton to right wing back and releasing the energy of Connor Roberts into the middle and attacking third would have given Leeds something to think about.
    One of the tragedies of the Cooper season has been his misuse of Connor - the boy is an absolute machine - one of the most impressive physical athletes I have ever seen in a Swans shirt. Kalulu in place of Brewster playing on the last defender would also have stopped the Leeds back 3 from playing a high line and maybe given the wing backs something to look at in the rear view mirror as they bombed forward.
    Of course not sure that any of that would have worked - but we needed to change, and we remained the same until the game slid away from us.
  • Wycombe promoted

    I share your excitement. I was born in Swansea, am an avid follower of the Swans, watch every game on Swans TV live and played for the Wanderers in the 1970’s. If the pandemic permits I will certainly cross the Atlantic from my home in Massachusetts to see a Championship clash between the
    Swans and Wycombe. Naturally I am still hoping that the
    Swans make the play-offs.
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Leeds United - Championship 2019/20

    I get the argument that perhaps we needed fresh legs on Sunday and I understand the argument to not rock the boat.....

    Last night Man Ure were 2-1 up, they made a couple of subs and ended up drawing 2-2. just don't know what affect changes will have on the team.
  • What next?

    I believe that BB was all about exposure of our club in America, it failed badly but there is no doubt that the Americans are in love with the 'EPL'.
    We, as Swansea City fans, discourage outsiders and even have a go at the Stateside Jacks, even the Dutch Jacks cop it. Unless we open our eyes and accept fans from all over, we will continue to be a club knocking around the lower echelons of the football pyramid. 
  • What next?

    Guidolin's assistant who had a good command of English, sent best wishes to the fans and club on their behalf after the sacking,with thanks for the welcome they had received.In the circumstances I found it impressive.