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  • EFL finance

    Nah mate we and everyone else are making tens of millions a year but the dastardly Americans are stealing all of it.

    Dear me what a lot of responses to an outbreak of negativity and cynicism
    If you believe the club is well run and well intentioned ( exc the US owners ) and that there is no strange financial conspiracy going on , you don't need to defend your position
    You just beg to differ
    AS the saying goes everybody is right from their own point of view and Andrew2 sees the world as he is not as IT is
  • EFL finance

  • Ali Al-Hamadi

    Big strong and pretty quick. Has the physical attributes of a good striker. Still quite raw but a different type to Cullen and Josh Thomas. At this stage I would say he has promise but of course is still very young.
  • 16 out of contract

    yes. he posted that he is back in training. 

    had a bad ankle strain after a poor challenge - no quick fixes for those injuries.

    Cooper should update how far away he is later today. +Peterson who i think was ill so why missing from bench recently. 

    Phillip said:
    Brownie said:
    To play devils advocate what about Phillips theory of the expenditure on the non playing staff not being disclosed.can they be getting money out this way.i would certainly like to know where this money on non playing staff is going,right down to the pound dollar and Doitchmark
    Its not a theory, 2 of the years 2016/17 and 2017/18 total wages were 99M of 137M turnover. 52M of that was accounted for on the 25 first team staff and coaches, the rest was spent on over 350 employees, a rise of 120 employees in 2 years, nearly 150 of them are part time. But it looks good when you put total wages 99M against 409 employees. They don't have to name names but figures against positions would be helpful. 18 media employees in 2017 a 50% rise on 2016.  They restructured holding company, changed to non disclosure rules in early 2017. These are typical hedge fund rules where 20% can be taken from total assets, so if they sell a player for 10M and its paid in 2 instalments, they can take 2M immediately from a loan taken against instalments. This is not illegal, however the fans would be up in arms if it was disclosed. exaggerating amounts of employees, consultant fees, easily covers this, considering they only have 1 heading under wages. Of course you can take the view, they paid 63M for 69% shares, made sod all in 4 years and are going to sell at a 25M loss. It will of course be the first time in history where these type of guys lose out

    Hi Phillip,

    What is the source of your statement that "52M of that was accounted for on the 25 first team staff and coaches" and which financial year are you talking about ?

    These were the actual salaries printed in all the media, of course they may be a little inaccurate but they do support those professing these mega salaries. e.g. at the time Siggy 60K a week, Ayew, 90K a week and later Bony 100K.
    There are also some inaccuracies later where Dyer, Narsing, Routledge, Fer were all supposedly on 43K a week when in fact it was 29K a week. Other exaggerated sums were also mentioned last year like all the academy players making the first team on 10K a week when in fact James was only on 4K when he left.
    These figures might never be spot on but one thing is sure the first team squad of 25  never went above 52M,  In fact we have only ever had 3 players a season earning over 50K a week. so lets average out all 25 on 40K a week that's 52M, even giving all 10 coaches 20K a week will only get you to 62M but we all know they earn nothing like that and half of those 25 squad players were on between 4 and 10K a week.   
    If any on here believe that the Yanks have forked out 63M out of their own pockets, earned nothing for 4 years, sold 60M of players in 18 months slashed wages to next to nothing and are still 63M out of pocket, you are in dream land.
    I am convinced now more than anytime, they paid Jenkins and Crew nothing up front bar a few quid, gave him a salary of 700K a year for 3 years and the balance paid to them off the investors.
    Any other money to them came from asset sales as I stated before how its done, with them pocketing the difference.
    The sale was clouded in secrecy from the start.
    Anyone with 63M up front would have had 80M to buy it lock stock and barrel, they didn't have it.
    Another thing that baffles me, why pay 1.4M for a strip of freehold land opposite the South stand, which renders it useless for expansion, as one you cant build on leasehold land and two even if you could, it would only add a maximum of 3000 that's if the South stand was twice its height.
    I have heard suggestions without the Yanks austerity we would have become a Bolton, Sunderland or Portsmouth, well that's not true because although they spent massively,  when they got relegated they couldn't sell off any stars because they didn't have any, they bought high and ended up with players no one wanted. Didn't they have Yank involvement at various stages.
    Consortium investors who borrow and seek further investors are bad for football, they have no passion for the sport the fans love. Borrowing, searching out others with money to invest is their only aim. Hedge Funders never stay longer than 5 years, they never leave a company better off than when they leave unless they find someone to pay them off. Ask British Steel Scunthorpe, they borrowed 40M took 20% of asset value, made a profit and used the profit to buy a French steel company, then closed Scunthorpe, the way they did it makes it impossible to get the money back

    Bournemouths success was built on the Swansea model, or so says Jeff Mostyn

    I for one don’t think your gloating Andrew I could see where we were heading when the new owners said from day one they wouldn’t be putting any money in to invest.i got duped and blinded by the riches of the premier league wanting us to spend big on players.iff we’d stuck to the original model,kept the old board running the ship had someone like Trevor birch running the football side instead of the self appointed dof.bought young up and coming players a bit like the Bournemouth model.had a manager who had a footballing philosophy we might have eventually gone down but we’d have gone down fighting and been in a great position to yoyo back up and give it another go.But unfortunately as you said greed came before loyalty to the club and fans.

    Jack tar
    I posted numerous times last season for the sparkling football under Potter. Pity you did not see it. 

    I will be delighted if we go back to the top, however, from what I have seen, unfortunately it will not last.


    Chris Sharman

    Thank yo for the reply. I have never gloated.

    Not sure if you contributed to this site when everyone was hailing Jenkins as some Messiah ?
     I, just about alone, made it clear to everyone exactly what Jenkins was and is, also, what he and Morgan were up to. 

    For two years or so, I had abuse and threats on an hourly basis, every day. So not gloating, just pointing out what I said would happen, and it did. 

    I alone stated Jenkins was destroying this club for personal gain, I alone made a mockery of his jungle capers in South America while he was selling the club in the North. For that, I had even more abuse. There were countless other issues, in saying the Trust were more interested in their hobnobbing whilst The Liberty burned, they turned a blind eye so they could enjoy the luxury lounges of Old Trafford etc.

    So, no gloating, just time to make it clear, I had it right. However, the abuse continues, with your "scum" statement earlier.

    When I need a sermon from you I will ask, until then, believe or not, they have had their money back with bells on. They will try and drag out a few more millions in January, then the parachute payment. They will then disappear with a pile pf profit, greater than a Euro Millions win.

    Believe it or not, I do not care, but that is where we are heading. With some luck, somebody will pipe up with a nominal fee to stop us going into administration. Gloating ? No, but I told you so for three years.