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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Blackburn Rovers - Championship 2019/20

    My team would be
                                               Wilmot                        VDH                   Knaughton
    Roberts                                                                                                                            Bidwell
                                                      Celina                                                TC
                     Kalulu                                                                                                     Peterson

    back three helps to hopefully cut out cheap goal give aways
    Roberts and Bidwell can concentrate on attacking  overlaps as neither have been great in defence this season overall
    Celina and TC can provide hopefully quality amunition
    And the attacking threat of Borja then is provided by including Kalulu and Peterson to provide the crosses and as both have shown to cut inside. and assist Borja
    Defencive duties for Kalulu and Peterson being restricted as they have Roberts and Bidwell behind them.

    This set up gives safety at the back with 3 CD, extra cover being able to advance and assist midfield
    Attacking wingbacks  assisting the creation of amount of additional pressure from both flanks.
    Celina and TC  would not need to stay purely defensive and would allow either to advance into the 10 role behind Borja.
    It also allow Kalulu and Peterson to concentrate on showing their attacking prowess and assist qualities to Borja who we all know is capable of scoring

    At he same time Blackburn although playing away, having seen Swans lose last four home games, may likely be less cautious and try an attacking game which also allows us to play a fast counter attacking game with this set up

    Mind you I am no football manager

    So just an opinion     
    I'd be happy to see that formation with that personnel given a go @Morriston_Jack_Dubai
  • All i want for Christmas besides the Truth is....

    Guys We are being made fools of  7 years in prem and £65 million in cash from sales just this season and we cant afford a Championship Sqd?  The slide is not going to be stoped by no signings this window. vote with your feet .dont attend home games save up and gop to away games. we must stop the rot
  • Leon

    We played a Christmas tree formation  on Sunday. It was full of gifts ????
  • I’ve had enough. COOPER OUT !!!!

    No matter what your views are on Mr Jenkins, he could certainly pick a manager. 
    I think he would have seen through all the charlatan interviewees. 
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Blackburn Rovers - Championship 2019/20

    SeaJack said:
    Agreed. Hard to put your heart and soul into performances if your future appears to lie elsewhere and not with the club you play for.
    no it's not hard. They're professional footballers. They earn their wages, or should. Anyway the idea is pure speculation not fact. It's also 8 players out of contract, not that unusual for a football team in the Championship I'd have thought. Players on loan don't count as we can't renegotiate. We need a resounding win to stop all the whinging. I predict we'll get it because the team is still the same one who played so well at the beginning of the season. I'll be right behind them  
  • All i want for Christmas besides the Truth is....

    moorlands said:
    Hi Big Oak,
    So you reckon that the Club was run sensibly when in the Premier, League,without excess,over- priced transfer fees shelled out, and excessive wages paid to the signings?.Not my Impression.

    We were all at fault for wanting to be part of the madness.

    For me they gambled with the future in the hope of survival and staying on the gravy train,and quite obviously lost 
    post Laudrup, one glance at the wage ratio to cash incoming will give you where sensibilty went out of the window. 
  • Our current plight

    Cooper said he was supposed to start in the first cup game but picked up a knock which led to the Dhanda/Byers midfield and de Boer sub appearance. Carroll was then fit for the second round so he only got to come off the bench for his debut. Contrast with Cabango who having been fit for the first round kept his place in the B team throughout.

    Was good tonight. Good in possession and put his foot in well.
  • All i want for Christmas besides the Truth is....

    I did think at the beginning of the season that the team appeared to be more balanced in terms of the personnel covering the positions, but the question is now how have they improved the overall effectiveness of the squad. What we seem to be lacking are game changers. Dan James springs to mind for last season. No one Immediately springs to mind at the moment.
  • Best moment of the last decade

    My best moment was the Liverpool game when we went 2-0 up, they came back at us, then Gylfi scoring the winner, the look on them few scousers in half and half scarves in our end, priceless.
  • Match Discussion: West Bromwich Albion v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    In March this year and with a midfield trio of Fulton, Byers and Celina (Grimes played centre half that day) Swansea City played Man City off the park (well, we at least matched them). McBurnie didn't play, so Dan is the only obvious difference.

    The major difference is in how the manager set them up to play and the confidence the players had in being able to deliver his game plan.