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Who is our manager?

Good afternoon from a sweltering Copenhagen.

Can someone please clarify our manager situation?

Briefly....The news report prior to the Stoke game, Carvahal will be leaving the club.

But then I hear Carvahal say this is not the case. 
(Someone is telling porkies)

I think I read that the club and CC were going to meet on Monday....

This afternoon I read that both Moyes and Sam are leaving. 

But what about us?? 

Have I missed something??


  • Not a sausage on his continuation as manager of the Swans. The latest is a few days old now with no sign of an update. Hope that helps.
  • No more than the rest of us I'm afraid, apparently it's either school holidays, or I've got another club that's got something more urgent than dealing with relegation and no manager.

    Fourty days and counting until pre season starts. Lucky the transfer window isn't open, oh I forgot it is.
  • 9th August the Transfer window shuts. That is just as important!
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    Just realised didn't some guy in the bible spend 40 days in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil.

    i think I'm going to know just how he felt!

  • Maybe as before the main man is tempted by offers that are very desirable for the benefit of the squad and he refuses each and every one of them. And then when the window is about to shut tight he reverses each and every decision only it’s  too late to do so. 
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    ...and of course first match of the season on 4 August. I wonder if I should run a book.

    Guys and Girls, what are the odds that, we actually have appointed a manager:

    1. By End of May allowing 3 weeks to assess current players and recruit the players we need for next season.
    2. By 23 June the start of preseason allowing no time to assess and recruit players but start pre season with whoever has not yet walked out the door.
    3. By 4 August the first match of the Season, presumable an interim manager in place!
    4. By 9 August the transfer window closes, and we are left with whoever can't get out until January.

    Odds Ladies and Gentleman please and I'll start the countdown to each date.

  • But why have the board said nothing, despite all the media saying he’s leaving.

    Its very amateurish from them in my opinion.

    Hi Mark,
    why is the transfer deadline date equally as important? Surely an actual manager is more important?
  • @DenmarkJack I'm trying to keep my sense of humour but you are right, except calling it amateurish is probably an insult to amateurs in this case.

    The fact is we don't know, but Kaplan and Levine have been apparently trying to get Rooney signed for DC Utd and also get more investment into DC Utd. One story is Huw Jenkins has gone on holiday to Spain.

    We don't know for certain but like you we'd like to know if there is a plan and what the timelines are. However Silence Reigns at the Club.
  • hope the silence signifies Carlos staying. He has a very good track record in the Championship, two play-off places in a row ain't bad, plus we're better than Sheff Weds!
  • I Iike Carlos but he isn't the man who has our possession and passing game in his DNA. That's what we need. The silence probably means Carlos isn't getting the job as the announcement who be easy to do and the Club could pretend it was actually doing something.
  • Be patient, lets hope that the right decision is made going forward.
  • @mumbles The clock is ticking, some indication of action would be gratefully received. We always had a big Summer it's twice as big at the moment but there is no sense of urgency I can detect. A single press conference saying we have a plan and here are our timescales. Why is that too much to ask?

  • Hi Mark,
    why is the transfer deadline date equally as important? Surely an actual manager is more important?
    the best manager in the world will struggle with that squad. THAT'S why it is so important.
  • Pablo said:
    hope the silence signifies Carlos staying. He has a very good track record in the Championship, two play-off places in a row ain't bad, plus we're better than Sheff Weds!
    I was a big fan of Carlos and even when things started to go awry, I would defend him as somebody doing the best he could with inadequate resources. However I was disappointed with how he handled our run in. We had the 'easiest' last 3 fixtures of all the relegation candidates and we totally blew it. So I agree totally with Jason Burt in yesterday's Telegraph:  

    "Carlos Carvalhal's ill-advised self-defence  

    Carlos Carvalhal did not do himself any favours by quoting statistics from a sheet of paper attempting to justify his record at Swansea City within minutes of the club’s relegation from the Premier League being confirmed.  

    Given how much the football club means to the local community, not least for economic reasons in a challenged area, it was unnecessarily self-serving and insensitive. It was also pointless – which is pretty much what Swansea have been in their last nine games under their Portuguese manager when they have collected just three points and dropped back into the bottom three.  

    Carvalhal took 17 points from his first nine games, a remarkable achievement, but Swansea ended up like a runner in a long-distance race who has worked extremely hard to get back into the pack only to find himself exhausted on the home straight."  

    Hero to zero. Very sad for him and even more sad for us. 
  • With our absent owners in a different time zone across the pond and having no affinity with the local area , city or really our, sorry their club and no actual investment from their own pockets to improve the club what do you expect ? they are here for the money and thats all do not care about the local economy the community just the profit, as i write this and after    renewing2 seasons tickets for next season i feel betrayed by the sell outs and and our American owners and can only see a downward spiral, the squad we have look as if its going to be ripped apart and who is going to lead us ?after 9 days of nothing from the board
    The  championship is a different animal and a hard one with 2 games  a week and our squad as it is is not good enough or big enough to even think of a return to the top level not going to happen with these people in charge but would be glad to be proven wrong.
    After the last 2 windows we are supposidly still in profit transfer wise with NO new money from our 28 owners, We need people here to sort this sorry mess out not thousands of miles away who is leading us , whats the plan is there ANY plan?
    At this time cannot see a good out come to this at all
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