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‘Star’ players, keep or sell??

Good evening.

I was wondering what your thoughts were about our supposedly ‘star players’?

I thought the Ayew brothers in particular would have gone by now but have been involved in pre season and they look like are off on tour tomorrow. 

But unlike Siggy last season, I don’t have the same feeling about desperately wanting to keep our bigger name players. I wonder what others feel?

I thought I’d put into categories my views on certain players...

Would love to keep: Mawson, Fer, Bony

Prefer to keep but not fussed if sold: Ayew brothers and Fernandez. 

Please sell: Clucas and Fulton 

I haven’t included everyone, just a few of the main ones that sprung to mind for these categories.

Couple more thoughts (if you are still reading!?)

1. Could Wayne Routledge replicate Ashley Young and go from a right sided winger to a left back? (As cover) WR has lost the speed but I always thought he was a hard worker and tactically strong.

2. With Potter going for a 4 1 4 1 formation, I wish Leon hadn’t retired!


  • I really want us to keep Jordan ayew, Alfie. Montero and Fer, would like bony, narsingh vdh, fede and Tom to stay and not too worried about anyone else. 
  • I am with Mark G - exactly!

  • Love to keep: Mawson

    Prefer to keep: Fernandez

    Please sell: Clucas, the Ayews, Bony

    Sad to see but need to go: Wayne, Nathan, Tom.
  • Speaker, if fit, do you not think Bony would be great with his hold play, bringing in the wingers?
  • Yes if fit and back in form of 3 years ago , but even then we can't afford the £8.5m per annum he costs us. The question is will he ever recover that type of form again.

    So I've said for some time the best option is we try and get him back fit and back from injure, try and play him into some form and sell him during January.
  • My thoughts on Clucas is he may be useful in a different system under a new manager. Something tells me that he may in fact be a revelation once we’ve tapped into his strengths. Just like Jack Cork did albeit with a different team under Burnley’s manager. I’m sure that GP will know whether or not to stays or goes and if he’s still here come the start of the season I’ll be satisfied with the managers decision to keep.
  • Agree totally with Speaker Jack
    Keep Alfie and Fernandez would be best CH partnership together with the Van if playing 3 at back, but sign guy from Aberdeen as well. We also have Roberts and Roden who should step up this year
    Ayew brothers, one well over rated at 18M the other has nice skills but far too selfish and doesn't pass when he should.
    Bony will never be fit enough but remember he didn't score that many when he was fit with us, so get rid.
    Wayne, Nathan have been good servants but well past their sell by date, Fulton and Grimes can go, they have had enough time and would have made it by now, if we do sell one of the defenders then buy back Kingsleigh I thought he should have stayed.
    If we sell all the back four as predicted we will not recover, that would be a step too far, a solid defence saved us the year before last but given the defensive tactics employed in last eight games put far too much pressure on them, they cleared most of the attacks but it just kept coming back as there was no one up field. with a decent midfield I thought our defence would have been one of the best.
    What we need is talent in midfield, a good distributor and a box to box player, these we don't have.
    Someone to cross, if Montero regains his fitness, I can see Olie scoring quite a few
  • Would Love to Keep: Bony, Mawson, Fer, Jordan Ayew
    Good to Keep: Dyer, Carroll, Montero, Narsingh
    Sell: Routledge, Andre Ayew, Fernandez, Mulder, Clucas, 

    Would love to see bought: Mepham from Brentford and Mckenna from Aberdeen and Ghoddos from Ostersund
  • McKenna will not join, Aberdeen raised the price as soon as Burnley allegedly bid for Alfie and Clucas, now their bids have cooled. We have been linked with a Man C winger but they want 4-6M cant see us paying that without selling.
    WBA, Stoke have all bought big signings and so have Notts F, all buying before selling anyone.
    We have already off loaded 11M and removed big wages, will they invest first, will they heck.
    Potter will do good with what he has but think what he could do if allowed some money that the yanks do have 
  • Direct U.S. investment now is bad for the Trust. Very bad.  The club is now worth say £40m.  ( same as Sunderland) The Trusts own 21%.   £8.4m valuation.  If uncle Sam adds  £20m to the pot the club is worth £60m.  8.4 /60 = 14%.  Seven percent share gone overnight. Uncle Sam will be buying shares at a discount all perfectly legal and fair.  The Trust will be asked to contribute but will have to decline.  What if the club gets back to the PL the Trusts value will return to the original £21m right?   No sir not so.   The club will be worth 100m +20m = 120m.  The Trusts 14% share will be 14 % of this. £16.80m.   So what happened to the £21m.? A  £4.2m paper loss.  Fresh  US investment in players now  would see the Trust lose asset value  and share ( if the club return to the PL,) unless they put their hands in their pocket and match fund.  

  • The best option is we sell off virtually all of the high cost players, and let GP and his team start again with players they want and who want to be here. Let the results fall as they do as long as we start playing the right way

    If GP can't get us promoted in 2 years they will want out anyone, with their tens of millions of losses.
  • As far as I am concerned Fernandez will definitely go as he has been mentioning Krasnodar in the press so Potter wont be interested in him if he doesn't want to be here.

    Interest in Mawson seems to have cooled probably due to the asking price but I think you have probably seen the last of him in a Swansea shirt.

    I expect both Ayews to leave at some point as neither will fancy the championship.

    Apart from these 4 there is a chance everyone else will stay.

  • SeaJack said:
    My thoughts on Clucas is he may be useful in a different system under a new manager. Something tells me that he may in fact be a revelation once we’ve tapped into his strengths. Just like Jack Cork did albeit with a different team under Burnley’s manager. I’m sure that GP will know whether or not to stays or goes and if he’s still here come the start of the season I’ll be satisfied with the managers decision to keep.
    Genuinely now, what strengths? Please don't say workrate because that's the least you should expect from a professional footballer.
  • Bony will go even not if it's not the Summer but January. One of Olsson and Naughton may well go, and Clucas if there is any interest.
  • Since the championship was guaranteed, I don't know why exactly but I've had a strong gut feeling that hanging on to Oliie and VDH is quite important. On the evidence of last year, I think VDH could be a serious performer next time round. Colossal against Chelsea and didn't deserve to go down over the season IMO.

    will be sad to see Alfie go but think the only thing that will stop it perhaps is his injury.

    so many high earners can go and I'll feel no sadness at all. Just anger at how much was lost on them.
  • Stoke and West brom seem determined to go straight back up.. Why aren't we? 
  • I think we are in a shambles in comparison to stoke and West Brom. With all the poor spending it’s left us no choice. I’d much prefer to start a blank canvas and rebuild properly. Get back to what we were all about. Even if it takes a few seasons at least we’ll be watching the football we’ve all been wanting to see over the last couple of years. 
  • edited July 2018
    Don't prejudge the position with Stoke and West Brom. We will only know where each club sits after the first 8-10 matches.

    Sounds like Aston Villa will spend another season throwing money at Promotion, so they will probably be favourites. I hope they go on a major spending spree and perhaps we can pick up one or two of their quality players who will then be deemed surplus to requirements.

    At this time of the season every club looks at the other clubs and believes they are doing preseason better. No one knows until the rubber hits the road and we get underway.

    There are probably 14 teams who believe they have a realistic chance of being in the promotion chase,  60% will be disappointed.

    I like the calm way GP and his team have gone about preseason so far, there will be ups and downs, but the direction of travel of the club feels better.

    A big step up this weekend in the quality of the opposition, so we will see how we have progressed and how we deal with it.


  • Tough change to the FC Magdeburgh  kick off time, GP and his team will need to field two separate teams, so will be interesting how the players are split up between them by experience and youth.
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