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Has to come good and change his and the Swans life around !
If he has any conscience and I think he has , he will know in his career what mattered most was his contribution to Swansea city !
It's up to him ! We need the Swans Bony not the guy who lost his way over the last two years !
Get that man back and we may just survive !


  • That's putting a lot of faith in hopes.

    It's not even like he has a World Cup squad to aim to get into either.

    He was a massive gamble.

  • A gamble but not a massive one as you describe Mark. His career was stalled only over the past few seasons. A player who was picked up by Man City because they saw his obvious quality. The trouble with the Man city move was having Aguero and Dzeko ahead of him in the pecking order. We saw with Sinclair how big money moves to Man City can be detrimental. The Stoke situation compounded the problem. Anyway I don't see that as a massive gamble but a calculated one. We all know how devastating a player he can be when firing on all cylinders. I'll reserve judgement and hope it turns out because yes we need him 
  • Pablo, i am afraid i have to agree with Mark, he is a   a huge gamble; based on his most recent form; he had a great opportunity to get back show his full potential at Stoke, but failed, swas it Mark Hughes who called him lazy? The records show that we went back for Olivera from Norwich  on the final hours of the window, he rejected so its was Bony: is that not a gamble?
  • Too slow, too ponderous and too expensive.

    Too right.

    Too much is at stake to rely on a player who lost his way since last playing for us.

    However, I do hope he comes good and can win us games.

    Super Swans.
  • Great, lets get rid of our one proven goalscorer, and then make so-called 'calculated' gambles on a rookie 19 year-old who has never played in the PL, and a striker who, on a season-long loan last year, started just 9 and was a sub in 1 game. Scored zero, and didn't make the squad from 11th February, even though he was fit for selection. 

    Or the season before that, where he played for the free-scoring Manchester City. Started and played 26 times in total. Started only 13 times, and was subbed in every one of them. scored just 4 goals with 2 assists.

    4 in 29, in one of the most creative teams in the League. 

    We are gambling our premier league status. That's taking a punt of a £13m stake in order to win £100m+

    I'd call gamblers anonymous if I was you. because if you think that is a worthwhile risk, you've got a problem!

  • Mark,Bony scored twice against Swansea I recall. It was a bad night with Amat given his chance and failing.
  • Hardly a ringing endorsement scoring against us last season, especially with Amat playing!
  • Let's hope he makes you all eat your words, for our sakes.
  • I would happily eat humble pie colin.

    Whatever my beef with his signing, by primary concern has always been, and will always be us winning games, and hopefully in a way synonymous with the Swansea-style, be that before I was born with the like of Cliff Jones, Charles, Allchurch playing, when my dad used to watch them. 

    Or when I started with Harry and then Tosh in charge, through to the Martinez, Brendan and Laurdrup eras.

  • Colin
    i also hope he comes good, because if he doesn’t it’s going to be a very long season.
    clement needs to get him playing week in week out to get him fit and Upton speed or it’s been pointless buying him.

    clement needs to find a way to get him and Abraham in the same team
  • We signed him 11 weeks ago.

    Players have a pre-season of up to 5 weeks to get 'up to speed' after the summer break.

    Just how long does this Bony need?

    Sometime, never!!

    Hope he can score this afternoon; but I certainly won't be holding my breath.

  • Off the bench to score the winner today :)
  • The biggest gamble will be  his fitness. He took ages the last time he came here. And that was after he had been playing practically every game in the Dutch league. 
    Now he’s back, after 2 and half years, of him watching from the sidelines. 
    With his build, he needs to be playing week in week out. 
    One thing I saw, in the limited games he has played, since his return, was that leap he used to have, where he seemed to “hang” in the air, was non existent. 
    Worrying, but what’s the alternative ?
    If Abraham gets injured,it’s Bony or McBurnie, to get us goals to survive, unless a miracle happens in the transfer window. 
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