Amer Gojak

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Went to see Wales U21s play Bosnia in Bangor last Friday and was very impressed the Bosnian 10 Amer Gojak. Apparently he's seen by the Bosnians as the new Edin Dzeko - and I can see why. He was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch - and certainly caught the eye more than Harry Wilson, who's scoring and assisting regularly, and is  captain of Liverpool Under 23s, who are well clear at the top of Premier League 2. Apart from being physically strong, despite being only 20, he has that hard to quantify quality that all classy players have of having so much more time on the ball than his peers. 

He currently plays for Dinamo Zabreb - and we should be after him to bolster our academy in the first instance. But I suspect that he could challenge for a place in the squad in the not too distant future. Don't believe me - check him out for yourself: Just watch the first 26 minutes, up to when he scores the opener and you will see what I mean. Apparently Real Madrid and Man City are interested, so we need to get in there now before he's out of our reach.


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    Bossing the game for Bosnia in the U21s game vs Wales.

    Scored 2. creating mayhem whenever he gets the ball.
  • Sign him up quickly Thought Joe Rodon did ok too
  • Bossing the game for Bosnia in the U21s game vs Wales.

    Scored 2. creating mayhem whenever he gets the ball.
    Looked good against a poor Welsh U21 team
  • I suggested him on here during the game Wyn, as I too was very impressed, but got shot down as he was playing against a sh1te Wales team apparently!
  • Mark, great minds and all that....

    Look at the teams that the Welsh U21s are playing for - mostly Premier League academy sides - Poole at Man U, Smith at Man City, Wilson at Liverpool, DaSilva at Chelsea, and of course Rodon with us. We played poorly for sure - and that's a worrying sign with regards to Page's tenure. But we did beat Switzerland 3-0 earlier in the campaign, so perhaps it's a one-off. We will see tonight - more than anything I expect us to play with a lot more patience, rather than all this long diagonal/channel ball speculative stuff that we saw against Bosnia. The Welsh Way was supposed to be modelled on the Spanish/Dutch possession-based approach, but I'm beginning to wonder if that's a thing of the past under Coleman/Page.
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