Rangel named as new Club captain

Announced on the Swans Official site earlier:


Am not sure how I feel about the announcement tbh.  There is no doubting his loyalty and love for the club BUT he doesn't play that often.

IMO I think the captain - as the nominated leader  - should be on the field at all times. 


  • In fairness it does say Club captain not Team captain... but I take your point  :)
  • Agree. What's the point in having a captain who doesn't play?
    Should have picked Mawson, while we've still got him. Especially for the position we are in. 
  • The decisions taken this week show the signs of preparing for at least one season in the Championship.

    Clement's statement that "on occasions when he (Rangel) is not starting, I will look at the teamsheet
    and make a decision on who will lead the team that day." can be taken to mean that he receives a
    completed version of the teamsheet before deciding which player wears the armband.

    "Your turn today" sounds like there isn't a clue at the club who the best leader is and the huddle before
    kick off is simply intended to rouse the fans. Perhaps someone can come up with a Swansea Haka led, if
    necessary, by the non playing captain.  
  • Or is Rangel (with reports he is recovered from his foot issues) pencilled in to start at Burnley? With a good defensive midfielder ahead of him e.g. Routledge maybe his lack of pace would be less exposed? I would give my right arm to turn back the clock on Angel and Leon as they are a class apart in their prime!
  • I do hope that this turns out to be a shrewd and considered move rather than simply the cheap option. It's all very well looking internally for candidates but it does remain to be seen wether or not Angel and Leon can cut it in their respective new posts. However, congratulations to both and fingers crossed for continued success. God knows we need a shot in the arm right now.
  • It's great news, keeps Leon close to the club and Angel fully deserves to be  Squad Captain. Model professionals both. 
  • Now a much better setup behind the scenes,  two players who truly care about the club. Hopefully we will see a big improvement in our play. Definitely need some point's before the tranfer window.  Dont want clubs around us to pull away. 
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