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Reading a lot of posts on here,  and it seems that there is a lot of negativity been written,  yes some comments might be justified, which is fair enough.  But  why can't we just try and get behind the club with our posts and on the match day. There is no one more cheesed off than myself too find the club back in the same situation as last season. Although I dont think we are as bad as that. Look I am just trying to say, can we please just try and get behind the club, by attacking we are just shooting ourselves in both feet. Stid, 


  • We are powerless to actually do anything about the current situation the club finds itself in, so we are each trying to help by focussing on the thing we think is causing our misery. For me it is Clements, for some it is Jenkins, for others it is whoever is responsible for our recruitment. It’s about as effective as any other solution (ie not at all) but it passes the time and makes us feel like we have ‘agency’.

    Personally I would love to get behind the club as you urge, but the idea of chanting Paul Clement’s Barmy Army leaves me cold. Now Leon Britton’s Black and White Army has a ring to it...

  • A positive post, is that allowed on here?, its not tolerated on Planet Swans

  • You're not alone Mumbles. If only the critics could resist the foot stamping once in a while, then we might get somewhere. It's been tough but I've never in my entire time of following the Swans not supported the team however bad the season was. Players love success like the fans so it's hard when the fans turn on you. The cult of winning. People salivate over it, demand it even. It's this desire which leaves some bitterly disappointed and of course someone has to cop the flak.
    So I understand the frustration but try to keep a bit of perspective on the matter and I definitely don't go looking for a scapegoat and whatever anyone thinks of Clement, every manager has a shelf life...and the current mortality rate is worse than a World War 1 pilot! Whatever happens he's judged on results and with our form being poor, he's getting near the mark. He'll be well aware of it and you can see it in his demeanour recently that it's a cloud over him. And that is the sober reality for managers. I'm not entirely convinced by him but the idea of changing managers mid-season is a real gamble.
    So getting behind the team and giving out positivity to the max seems a better idea than booing and getting all bitter and twisted over who or what has caused our bad start to the season. 
  • For what it's worth I've said on here previously that in my opinion it's 90% the club and 10% Clement ( an appointment the club should have decided not to make)
    At root what has happened is that the club has lost its sense of standards   - standard of player  recruitment, organisation and tactics, standard of fitness and standard of play
    We wondered if Brendan Rodgers had lost it going to   Scotland  only to see Celtic unbeaten for over a season in the league and BR pushing to keep that record going
    A man who knows about expected standards of play has to be at the helm, and not one who thinks money first 
    We had a solvent  transfer window but put money before the right standard of player and are now  10-12 points behind what a fully functioning Swans team of the last 6  seasons might have got
    The owners may not understand standards of play because they are post Laudrup and Monk season 1 people
    HJ and many of the players should know better though
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