Thread scanning irrespective of subject !?

something you can do on the guestbook with the one enquiry
on this site it puts everything into a compartment and then into a subcompartment
I do not think most people will have the patience to bother with this multi option  ........... Unless this new forum allows you to scan through just like the guestbook it will loose out and many current users will abandon scfc2


  • Hi Jeremy,  there are several ways you can navigate around this forum to get the information you want to read quickly:

    1. Via the default [All Categories] view and browse them by subject title;
    2. Via specific Categories [Swansea City, Wales, General] by clicking on them on the right hand side of the screen;
    3. Use the search box to find information/phrases you are interested in;
    4. Or you can bookmark a particular thread(s) you are interested in and follow it that way;

    Whilst the way the Guestbook was setup made it easy to ready everything (albeit in the same order as the original message posted), it was a nightmare trying to follow message threads once they disappeared off the first few pages.

     Unfortunately it isn't possible to have it both ways sorry.

    Only time will tell which method users prefer but lets at least give this new forum a chance :)
  • Why not ?
    is it impossible to have the Guestbook option available on the new forum ???
    that would satisfy everybody surely ?
  • Also it was a nightmare to who exactly regarding threads being lost outside the first few pages ?
    Not to me !?
    And I suspect not to many ?
    Maybe to you ! But what right have you to speak for everybody !
    I shoot from the hip !
  • Crickey first punch up on the new portal. Bravo.
  • Did not like it at first but since a lot more posts have been made and they are highlighted as new, it is quicker than going page by page. Not to bad once you get the hang of it.
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