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Ignore Facility

edited September 2018 in The Lounge
Hello everyone, just to let you know that @DDWT has now implemented an 'Ignore' facility on the Forum on an initial trial basis.

This will allow forum users to ignore posts from other users. 

Users can be ignored in one of two different ways, either:

1.  Click on the username of the user you wish to ignore, and then click on the [ignore] link at the top of their profile;


2. Click on your own profile name at the top of the screen, then click on [Edit Profile] and then click on the [Ignore List] menu item.  You can then manually entering their username to ignore.

Just a couple of points to note:

1. Currently you can only ignore a maximum of 5 people (which should be enough for most people).
2. If a user you choose to Ignore starts a new thread - you will see the initial thread post from them but not any follow up posts they do.
3. You can still read the posts of Ignored users (should you really want to) by simply clicking on their post - which will then expand it for you to read.

Let us know how you get on and whether you feel it works or not :)


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