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Can someone give the Guinness Book of Records a ring?

This may never be beaten.   :)

Don't agree with the comment though.


  •  :D brilliant!                    
  • That number would be a hell of a lot bigger if it wasn't for the ignore button!
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    Just shows how many idiots there are out there.  Remember 17 m voted for Brexit.

    The Trust harshly treated?   with an assett value of £21,000,000 and a buyer put in front of you.  Beggars belief.   
  • Hi Ponty 
    I have admire your persistence In repeadedly propounding your particular views on things.However  your words 'a buyer put in front of you' in your last post' beggar belief' in themselves.
    How often does it have to be repeated to you  that the Trust was precluded from the sale of shares to the new majority owners??Get a grip man !!
    Sad that you are still in denial.

  • And once again the trust get bought into a topic that basically has sweet f a to do with the club .... Ponty why don’t you just give it a rest for a while by now everyone knows your game and frankly it’s wearing a bit thin  :|
  • September 2017 premier league team.   The US guys were interested in buying 5% club holding for £5m with more to come.  The buyer had the cash ready.  The Trust fought amongst themselves and the buyer walked away.  No wonder I get WTF and ignored.  
  • Swansea City's American owners have put talks about buying some of the Swansea City Supporters' Trust's shares on hold until the end of the season.

    Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien led a consortium which bought a controlling stake of 68% in the club in 2016.

    The Trust kept its 21.1% share but had proposed selling up to 10.5% to Kaplan, Levien and chairman Huw Jenkins.

    With the Swans bottom of the Premier League table, both parties have decided to put negotiations on hold.                                    From 6 jan 2018

  • The monotonous message we get from one poster is, I think, ''Card Stacking Propaganda". It does work both ways but the facts are facts.
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    A lone voice in defence of the U.S. owners and the men that built the club. A lot of smears and accusations against the owners, but absolutely no evidence of wrong doing from the majority of folk on here.

    The owners  are doing a good job.  They have supported the academy and the results are showing up in spades. 
  • Ponty -

    There's a long list of wrong doings by the Americans which deserves it's own thread when the time is right. But just for starters, their first wrong doing was executed even before they bought the club - they colluded to secretly negotiate with the sellers. They admitted that the sellers had asked them to keep it secret from the Trust - and at that time the Trust were the second biggest shareholder, and that was unethical, possibly even unlawful. These people cannot be trusted. 
  • To quote Huw Jenkins:

     ‘By having a style and structure of play, it’s easier to recruit players,’ said Jenkins. ‘And managers.’

    [On]Swansea supporters own 20 per cent of the club. ‘From my view, it has allowed us to grow quicker, as we have that identity that we are a supporter-based club,’ said Jenkins. ‘Supporters of other clubs would love their club to be like us.’

    Personally i don't have an issue with the fact that the previous shareholders sold their shares.  And I wait to see what the current shareholders bring to the table. And the trust have been a constant throughout.  And it was the trust that helped the selling shareholders grow the club.

    As you have, repeatedly, mentioned Huw Jenkins has been a successful football club chairman previously.  Does that buy him a few years of mistakes? Maybe. If it costs you 25% of your investment do you stick with them? Shit or bust comes to mind.

    But ultimately the Chairman moved away from the very thing that made scfc successful, the fans enjoyed and bought into.  Something the fans all felt proud to be a part of. It is not the Chairman that is held accountable, it is the manager, players, shareholders and occasionally the fans.  That doesn't seem fair to me.

  • The Trust contributed a little to the growth of the club it is agreed.   Their representative who I am sure is a fine person is not now working at Liverpool FC so I doubt made many major decisions. 

    The growth and sucess of the club was down to Mr Jenkins and Mr Morgan in the main.  The Trust were fellow travellers that inherited a fortune but let it slip through their fingers as they, for some reason, did not foresee either the take over nor the relegation.  We're they fast asleep? 

    Selling was inevitable as was relegation. Any well run organisation would have allowed for this and accepted it with good grace having made provisions.  The Trust leadership was poor with no clear strategy.  Legal action would be the gambler's last throw of the dice.  No way to run a Trust in my view. Keeping 95% of your assets in SCFC was bonkers.  
  • As you say, that's your view. Why don't you discuss it with Jim ? Frightened of the truth ?
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