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Match Discussion: Republic of Ireland v Wales - Nations League 2018/19

edited October 2018 in Wales
This is the place to discuss all things related to the Republic of Ireland v Wales Nations League game on Tuesday 16th October 2018.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, team selection and score prediction for the game.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm GMT and the game will be shown live on S4C, Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Main Event.


  • Duffy auditioning for swan lake at the end of a borefest there, embarrassing
  • It was like watching an Internatonal version of Cardiff City with the basic tactic of long throw ins, corners and foul
    play (free kicks given more often against than for the home side).  Clearly Arter has learned how to behave from
    his current club coaches and along with the other cloggers  will be prime candidates in turning Tuesdays game into
    an All-Ireland (Gaelic) Football encounter.

    Don't forget players (or fighters) like McClean saw off Joe Allen in the World Cup qualifying round and a repetition
    next week will be loved by the crowd.    

    Perhaps a game for which to rest Ash and play James Chester and Joe Rodon in a back four without Gunter and

  • Ramsay has pulled out this morning due to "family" reasons. That doesnt sound good for the lad.

    So now no Bale, Rambo, Ampadu and Mepham.

    But Dan James has been promoted!
  • According to Radio Wales News,  Ramsey's wife is expecting to give birth to twins soon.
  • I expect a convincing home win in Dublin.

    Giggs isn't a manager, and the naivety he displayed v Denmark and Spain proves it. 

    Whenever we miss two or three key players we usually struggle. Not to mention Ashley Williams is still playing, he's finished at the top level. 

    2-0 Ireland.
  • he has a quandary tonight on who to fill in for the missing Bale, Ramsay and Ampadu.

    And does he go back 3 or 4? I'd be tempted to go 4 in a 4-3-3 system:

    Roberts, Chester, Williams and Ben. I'd actually like to replace Ash with Ben and stick Jazz in at left-back.

    Looking at the squad Giggs has few options to replace Ampadu  - likely to be King, so we have Allen, King and Lawrence, who again was one of our best players last week.

    In attack, then Brooks is a no brainer. has to start. but alongside who?

    Vokes or Tyler Roberts from Leeds - who is more mobile and in a rich vein of form. better goalscoring form than Sam is.

    the Temptation would then to have Woodburn on the left of that 3.


    C. Roberts, Chester, Williams, Ben

    Allen, King, Lawrence,

    Brooks, T. Roberts, Woodburn.

    if he chooses Vokes to spearhead, then I'd go T.Roberts over Woodburn on the left.

  • Is Wilson injured? I'd have him ahead of Woodburn who has been woeful at Sheff Utd while Wilson has flourished at Derby


    Roberts Rodon Chester Davies
                 Allen    King
    Wilson         Brooks     Lawrence

    I'd expect Gunter to come on at some stage

    Would love to see Gwion Edwards come on, as would I love to see Dan James come on. 
  • Surprised with Smith. Assuming he's been awesome at twente 
  • Half time report. No cohesion & being knocked off the ball too easily by robust Irish play (again). 
  • Cracking result, poor game, great goal from Wilson had a few chances to finish them off but makes the Denmark game interesting.
  • It wasn't perfect by any stretch. But the average age of that side was 24! 

    And that age was bumped up because we had a keeper aged 31, Ash 34 and Chester 29!

    2 teenagers started: Tyler Roberts 19, Matt Smith 18.
    2 x 21 year olds: Brooks and Wilson.
    Our fullbacks were 23 (Roberts) and 25 (Ben).

    And with Lawrence just 24, 7 of that line up was 25 or younger!

    Incredible really. 

    A win without Bale and Ramsay for the first time too. 

  • The future is bright and hopefully we have a fully fit squad for Denmark. It would be a great achievement to win this group. Important too. 
  • Ben misses Denmark on the yellow card.

    Lawrence needs to look wider than scoring for himself - he had opportunities to set up at least
    two goals after the first leaving the result beyond doubt well before the end.

    As I guessed a few days ago the clogging was viral with both McClean and Hendrick lucky to
    stay on the pitch and thanks to Cardiff the Arter clogging cost the game.   Ironically in the Observer
    on Sunday the Premier League Clubs' assessment of the season so far included  a Cardiff  
    fan selecting Arter as the player of the season so far.  David Brooks' performances since joining
    Bournemouth show Arter what it takes above his ability to make it at the Premier League and
    International levels.
  • cant disagree with that deejay.

    I was shouting at the telly when Lawrence got too greedy, too many times, and didn't even test the keeper.

    Mclean is a disgrace. every time I have seen him, he leave his foot in on a challenge. Dirty, dirty player. Someone should hoof him back. And hard. Would love to have seen Ash take him out.

    Hendrick, I think, is a bit more honest. 

    Ireland have no creativity, and if they are expecting Arter to deliver that...well they may as well give up now.
  • Was delighted. The usual direct onslaught came from the Irish but each time was repelled by the back four rearguard

    Wilson was awesome. 
  • how many lefties do we now have in attacking position?

    Bale, Brookes, Wilson, Woodburn, Lawrence
  • Well done Wales, could not see us winning over there so very pleased. great performances from some very young players (sounds familiar!!)

    O'Neill's time has surely come mind you. 

  • A good week overall  for Welsh football after  a tricky time for the age groups. Swansea players involved in all groups.

    U17  lost 1-5 Portugal   (Rickard Rushesha Gibbins Josh Thomas )

    U19   Won 2-0  Poland   (Cabango Cooper Cameron Evans) 

    U21  Won 3-1  Switzerland  (Lewis, Keston, Harries Cullen) 

    Senior Won 1-0 Roi  (Roberts   -  James,  Rodon John in squad)  

    The small playing pool in Wales means the talent is thinly spread with the better player migrating to the upper level. 
  • Mark (JL)  

    I agree almost entirely with your post match comments apart from your description of Hendrick as "a bit more honest".

    His tackle on Joe Allen in the 11th minute deserved a yellow and the challenge on David Brooks  in the 53rd minute
    was just as bad.  If you still have the recording check the second tackle - Hendrick missed with his right foot lunge and
    whacked Brooks with his left heel before falling on his knees beyond the touchline feigning an injury until he saw the
    referee was letting him off. The cry from Brooks could be heard over the commentary.

    As for the first half clogging look out for the 12th and 16th minute atrocities by McClean and Kevin Long - with the
    commentator offering the disgraceful remark that they were "testing out Brooks".

    I have no doubt that Eddie Howe must have been fuming to witness the treatment his player received and if the FIFA
    VAR facility had been available McClean, Hendrick and Arter would have been taking early showers.  The referee seemed afraid to upset the home crowd until the last half hour.  

    I am sure that Martin O'Neill is not the type to instruct his players to break rules but the methods adopted are more
    than likely to have been encouraged by one of his assistant coaches - no prizes for guessing who.

  • edited October 2018
    I expect a convincing home win in Dublin.

    Giggs isn't a manager, and the naivety he displayed v Denmark and Spain proves it. 

    Whenever we miss two or three key players we usually struggle. Not to mention Ashley Williams is still playing, he's finished at the top level. 

    2-0 Ireland.


    Good win for Wales. Ashley man of the match by some distance. Proved me wrong as well to be fair. Another good show by Connor.  These young players will only get better. With some composure from Lawrence and Thomas it could have been 3 or 4 at the end. It looks bleak for ROI.
  • ROI are crude and we passed them off the park but until the last 10 minutes we didn't make a chance
    We have to improve on that if we want to beat Denmark in the return game
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