Match Discussion: Swans v West Bromwich Albion - Championship 2018/19

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v West Bromwich Albion - Championship game on Wednesday 28th November 2018.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Graham Potter's pre or post match comments, team selection and score prediction!

The referee for the game is James Linington

Have a read of the Swans v Baggies Head to Head record since their first meeting at the Vetch Field in 1928.



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    Big blow for us for Wednesday.

    Kyle Bartley is ruled out with fluid on the knee!  :*
  • Defend like Saturday on Wednesday, and it will b another stuffing 4 us. And play players out of position, for instance GRIMES at full back. FFS. 
  • This is a tester for potter. How does the team perform against another quality side, after a heavy stuffing. He will have had lots of thoughts and discussion about this one, no doubt. Let's hope the players respond. 
  • This is an incredibly competitive league, and one result does not really change that. Swans have played well against other top teams - and I expect the next two fixtures to be competitive and exciting.
    Given our defensive record this year (Saturday apart) I don't expect us to outplayed or thumped. Win lose or draw I expect hard fought games. Don't lose the faith..STID
  •  :(....oO(  I'm shutting my gob on this one!  :no_mouth: )
  • Let's play everyone in their correct position (possibly Naughton excluded) and not play some suicide stuff from the back as WBA would have seen what Norwich did

    Have a feeling Potter might go CCV instead of Rodon tonight. He might even stick Nordfelt for Mulder. I can't second guess him

    Roberts VdH CCV Olsson
          Naughton Grimes
    McKay    Celina James

    Bench: Nordfelt, Fer, Rodon, Fulton, Bony, Asoro, Carroll if fit, John if not

    I'll go 2-1 Swans though

  • SVJack
    Don't go down tonight, we're playing tomorrow
  • Tomorrows game will be a good yardstick after a poor performance last sat,  I am not going to try and second guess our manager who is  ham strung with hardly any new guys coming in, and i m o this is the time that lack of experiance in key areas is starting to rear its head, after international calls and all that entails 2 games a week and in all honesty no real depth in the squad its taking its toil . I think this managment team (not board and above) have and are doing a really good job and do not deserve stick some may disagree but thats opinions, if Mr Potter gets any players in Jan never mind the ones he would like i will be supprised  , we could make the play offs with some quality investment but not holding my breath
    Will not be there tomorrow  due to other commitments but am hoping for a swans win coys
  • @deekay

    I must be that intent on seeing us reverse Saturday  :)
  • Hard to know how to assess this
    WBA have had some great wins but also some bad defeats
    1-1 maybe
  • It is time Potter settled on a first choice XI now. SV Jack's suggestion above would more or less be that for me. 

    This is the most relentless part of the season regardless of what league you're in - mid Nov to mid March, non stop football, no international interruptions, teams get a rhythm going, you can't be chopping and changing all the time. 

    West Brom are the best of the three relegated sides, no question. We'll need to have our shit together for this game or else.
  • SV

    Not sure I'd be starting McKay. We'll need a fighting quality on the pitch, and I just don't see that in his game. I'd rather see Dyer in there to give us a bit more experience. we are badly lacking that every match, and an extra old head in there could help these young players immeasurably. 

    but defence and midfield I go along with, unless he was in the hole - but even then, I think I'd like to see Byers in there at 10.

    He has an understanding with both Oli and James, and it is the position he played for the U23s.

    Not sure he will, as it will look like he is punishing Celina for the much up 2nd goal. But he had a poor game overall on Saturday, and a spell out of the spotlight may help the young man.

    Carroll you can forget. He and Narsingh were confirmed absentees by Potter at today's PC. 

  • Potter will go with three at the back tomorrow bringing in CarterVickers with Joe and VDH. I reckon Connor and Olsson will play in the wing backs role. Can’t guess the rest
  • In Shakespeare's Macbeth there were "three witches" who upset the audiences they played at.

    In the Championship this season there are  two of "three wiches" who have enjoyed upsetting us at the
    Liberty Stadium with a third on its way tomorrow.

    An ominous omen of what could come next appeared last Friday when Sky's live match saw Ipswich  lose
    1-2 at home to West Bromwich Albion who  played in the away colours remarkably resembling those of
    Norwich City we saw a few days ago.

    My forecast?  0-2     :(
  • Almost 6 years to the day since the best 45 minutes I have seen by a Swans team, when Laudrup's team destroyed West Brom leading 3-0 at half time.It was a  Tuesday night game rather than Wednesday, but lets hope for another positive result today.Unlikely to be of the same quality but hopefully a good result will happen.
  • moorlands

    Agree with your reminder of the past - with one minor error.....  Romelu Lukaku scored with the last kick of
    the first half to make the result 3-1.

    Cracking first half display by the Swans and in my opinion the best player on the night was one Pablo Hernandez
    now helping Leeds get back to the top league. We could do with him tonight but we know the aversion here to 
    Spaniards since ML was pushed out leaving the recruitment "team" to throw euros away on 4 or 5 Iberian
  • What's the weather like in Swansea?

    Any chance of it being cancelled?
  • I'm backing the boys to bounce back tonight, no clue about lineup but going 2-1 swans with Jeff coming off the bench to set up the winner :smiley:
  • For anyone unable to make it tonight, if you don't have the club TV thing but you do have Sky, then the game is live on the red button on Sky Sports Football. 

    For those thinking of heading to the pub, I wouldn't bother or at least check first - I don't believe the red button service is available in commercial premises.
  • That clown PRUTTON predicting on Sky that WBA will win 0-2. Does that guy ever give us any credit.He predicted we would lose against NORWICH. I think he’s our JONAH.  
  • Swans: Erwin Mulder, Connor Roberts, Joe Rodon, Mike van der Hoorn, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Martin Olsson, Leroy Fer (capt), Matt Grimes, Bersant Celina, Daniel James, Oli McBurnie.

    Subs: Kristoffer Nordfeldt, Kyle Naughton, Declan John, Jay Fulton, Jefferson Montero, Barrie McKay, Wilfried Bony.

  • " the club TV thing " is unavailable tonight, as the broadcasting rights have been sold.

  • Once again no Byers or Dhanda in squad 
    Off on loan January maybe along with CBR?
    Last attempt at 3 CB's didn't go too well
    Let's hope it works better tonight
  • Despite a red banner across the site proclaiming the match unavailable in my area,it is . :)
  • Done again by two ste pieces, two corners two goals. FFS 
  • Looks like we're in the Xmas spirit nice and early, two more gifts dished out tonight to add to the four on the weekend.
  • Mulder has been piss poor...both goals, no presence at all...instead if hoping for a free kick, bloody catch or punch the ball ffs...the 2nd one well, well, well...hes beaten from a yard out..absolutely gutting.

    Celina has been poor too. Hes needs to do more. Underwhelming so far.

    Fer doesnt look fit either. To top it off WBA are shit.

    Get Montero and Bony on. 
  • How long is Fer going to be able to play the fitness card before people realise he's not good enough
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