Lawrence Shankland

Another 4 yesterday
Certainly knows how to put the ball away
3 of 4 would not have reached him in Championship as defenders would have cleared and the other was a debateable pen
Still he can only play what is in front of him and is now scoring at more than 1 per game so will be in big demand


  • We need a striker. Let's have him. 
  • Probably wouldn’t wouldn’t have the service to score, just like every striker we’ve had. 
  • Media bollocks, it states we want to buy him in January and leave him in Scotland until the end of the season, why would we do that he has scored 26 in 23 games and we are desperate for goals. Then he is a free agent in May, the likelihood is he will go to Sunderland, they will pay a moderate fee which we cant match and offer him about 5K a week which we wont match either.
    Jason Scotland did, scored up there and became top scorer for us in division 1, perhaps that's what we are waiting for div 1 because if we don't start scoring goals we will continue to drop, we are the lowest scorers outside the relegation zone
  • Striker who scores in league 2 joins league 1 team
    If he scores in league 1 he joins a PL team
    If he scores in PL he joins a top 6 PL team
    If he fails at any point he slides back down the greasy pole to the level below
    At the moment we don't know whether this gentleman could score in the Championship
    All we know is that some Scottish coaches think L1 and the Scottish Championship are about the same standard - and he's scoring for fun at that level
    So we don't know whether he has reached his limit or not
  • Might be worth testing him out at the club. His contribution could be vital to our survival.
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