• Very.

    I said before a ball was kicked that the squad was imbalanced and short in key areas. I stand by that. I'd still be happy finishing 21st. Anything higher, a bonus.
  • I'm confident that we've got a team that can compete for mid table. I am worried about the bigger picture and the future of the swans - there seems to be no leadership.
  • Mid table this season would be very good
  • The club's priority this season seems to be to get through the season as cheaply as possible whilst trying to make a few bob from the continuing fire sale of everybody and anybody who attracts interest from elsewhere. Next season? We'll worry about that in the summer - no matter which level we're playing at.
  • We are likely to be nearer the bottom than the top
    That is OK if the finances work out, the squad is tidied up and the younger players are learning and improving and so is the manager
    Not confident that is the case though
    Too many errors of judgement at the moment
    I accept teams with better players can hurt you
    But the newspapers were broadcasting Harry Wilson messages for days before
    There's this thing called man marking
    What happened to it?
  • Worried so much in that if the youth players coming through the ranks aren't up to it then we're up the swanny as the owners don't like opening their wallets
  • I'm not worried and am pretty relaxed about things.

    Ok, we aren't getting the results that we'd like or deserve sometimes but our playing style has been transformed this season and, despite recent dodgy form, I can't see us going down. We are a young developing mid-table team and I'd be happy to see us mid table at the end of the season having established a distinctive pattern of play. That's what I'd hoped for at the start of the season but not confident that we would -  but we've been much better than I thought we would be. There have been times when I thought we were in with a shout for a play-off spot but I don't think that anymore, well not this week anyway. Still, there's a lot more that can happen either way in terms of final outcomes.
  • Good post Jeff, I agree with your well balanced comments. I feel this season we will win more than we lose, we've just lost our zippy ness going forward. Don't expect many or, any signings this transfer window, more going the other way more like. Next season as we don't know what money we still owe for players bought in the final 3 years in the premier league, I am hoping that we might be able to add and grow as a club again. I feel we are in good hands management and owner wise. But let's see. 
  • The knee-**** reactions really are OTT.

    We have been an inconsistent mid-table team for most of the season. We have just lost three games against sides that are going well and of which two were among most people's tips for the top. This was always going to be a tough week and bearing in mind where we are at just now three draws would not have been a bad outcome. As it turned out our play off pretensions were exposed.

    The next three games those from which we can have realistic thoughts of taking points. If we ended losing all three then genuine concern will be justified. I suspect we will take enough points to be back at 8th-12th in the table at the half way mark which is probably about right on our overall performances.  

  • I've not seen any sides we have played that are head and shoulders above anyone so far in this Division.

    But on the flip side of that, Ipswich are the only ones I'd say are in big, big trouble, and .

    We are as close to the top than the bottom. So while mid table looks the most likely outcome for us this season. I wouldnt like to see our recent run continue, because these players are very inexperienced to be in such a position.

    With such inexperience, we could quite easily get sucked into a battle at the bottom.

    We have 5 points from the past 6 away games, the same as Brentford's home form.

    while we have 6 points from six games, home and away, Brentford just 2.

    So we REALLY need a result on the weekend, with struggling Sheff Wed up after that.
  • We need to get streetwise, and Potter needs to as well, his tinkering has cost us.
    He's had big credit in the bank but he's moving towards using his overdraft facility IMO
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