The ghost of Paul Clement

Had a heavy night of Canadian frosty beer - but felt compelled to post while I watch the Maple Leafs tackle Minnesota.
Overall I am (and remain) a huge fan of Graham Potter..However, there comes a time when you have to call him out when he gets something horribly wrong. Cue Derby away.

Yes we got beaten by Norwich (comfortably) and the baggies (unluckily), and yes the confidence takes a knock.. BUT how the hell did we end up fielding  a very deep lying back 5 against a team that likes to monopolize possession? 

The only result of an approach like that is that the team that routinely get more than 60% of the ball have the 60+% of the ball in your defensive third. What could possibly go wrong????

Derby are a team who like to control possession and have a couple of goal threats in their front 4-5 players - Hey here's a thought - how about keeping them away from our defensive third as much as we can?

Looking at the second half and the way that a more positive approach unsettled the rams made me recall vividly how much I hated the Clement safety first approach to tactics - I hated his self defeating approach to the set up of the team - and today (for the first time) I saw it in Potter. I never want to effing see it again!

While I am venting - Cameron Toshack is a very good coach, nice to his mother and an all round "good egg" - HOWEVER I am paying top dollar for my Swans TV subscription and when we got to the end of the first half good old Cam was praising the "structure" of the team, how we "set up" and "managed the transitions".

I was so pissed off watching the first 45 minutes the last thing I needed was a shiny tracksuit putting lipstick on a pig. Oh how I longed for Wyndhams homespun truths and heart on the sleeves honesty.

In the big picture we all acknowledged that this run of 3 games in a week would tell us where we "were at" in term of competitiveness. This is exactly what happened - we played 3 of the top 6 teams and got turned over 3 times at a goal difference of 8 to 2. 

For Potter - he has a multi year project, and I remain totally behind him. Forget this year we have no shot at promotion - so let's not set up Clement style to lose - better hung as a sheep than a lamb. I never want to see us negative again (on the pitch and in the commentary box).

Off to get completely shit faced - good night to the awesome Jack Army!! STID



  • A very good shout here.

    I hope I'm wrong on this, but I worry that in a few games recently there have been signs of the fear creeping in - a fear that eventually gripped Clement and Carvalhal after bright starts. We saw it with both of them - the switch to a back 5 is usually the first sign and we've seen that a couple of times recently.

    What we have to understand is that the more Potter works with this squad the more he will know their limitations, he's a bright guy. I just hope that if he has reached the conclusion that his squad is short, that he's got more about him than the previous incumbents to show a little more vision than simply whacking ten men behind the ball and hoping for the best.
  • Aren't lambs more valuable and cost less in feed?
  • By now GP should be getting a better idea of what works against different types of teams
    Team selection, shape etc
    We should be getting more of what we saw v Wigan Rotherham - fluid movement  dominating possession and making chances
    We should be at least admiring the performances if not the results
    We are actually going backwards
    If GP is as good as  everyone thinks he is, we would be improving
    We are not
    Something of the freshness in his approach has gone

  • Perhaps it’s because the quality of player we have played against recently have prevented us doing what you mentioned
  • Yes maybe
    But for me the tactical approach should be better, more positive so I can't disagree about the Paul Clement comparison
    There's a bit of fear there at the moment
    Roberto could not organise defences but he knew his team should be playing dominate the ball and he never changed
  • We are nowhere near the Paul Clement school of football.
  • We are nowhere near the Paul Clement school of football.
    Generally yes - but elements of it in the first half on saturday I'm afraid 
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