The irony is.

The irony of our situation is that despite long term miss management of finances and transfers, despite the random fire sale scatter gun approach to building a team for this season, despite being left with an unbalanced, inexperienced squad. This squad with the addition of a few good experienced players isn't far off being a team that has a chance in this very, very poor division of promotion and all the riches that would bring.

Yes we have been beaten but never utterly destroyed and never totally outplayed. Take the last three games against so called big teams. Norwich we dominated the first fifteen minutes and if we had scored in that period then who knows the final outcome. WBA four shots two goals again nothing special in that team either. Derby we weren't destroyed but I think tactically we got that all wrong.

I strongly feel that if the Swans management had made a more positive, ambitious approach to transfers, yes costs have to be cut but the random desperate nature of our transfers reminds me of the mad panic we were in during our last relegation from the top flight and look what happened there.

January is going to be very interesting.


  • The championship is poor, no doubt about it, and I concur with your sentiments that if we showed one iota of ambition/transfer nous we could well be challenging.

    However these owners are money men, not football men, and as a result all they look at is the bottom line in terms of the club's finances. The only way we go back up with our current owners is that the academy pays huge dividends and we produce enough players to get a promotion team together. Investing new money on new players isn't part of the plan and never was.

    Relegation from the PL wasn't on their agenda, and now that it's here, they only see one way of dealing with it.

    January will be depressing. Another wndow where it'll be more hard medicine.  

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