FFP, is it really working


  • Manchester City could indeed be banned from the UEFA Champions League
  • Club owners have allegedly funded own sponsorship deals to stay in regulations 
  • Claims that Abu Dhabi United Group directly paid £59.5m of Etihad's annual sponsorship, which UEFA and the Premier League are investigating


There are no doubts that Bournemouth are an exciting team to watch managed by a vibrant young coach in Eddie Howe, but do the maths really add up on the transfer fees and players wages on 11,000 attendances and Sky money.
If one can believe that Jermain Defoe had a salary of £100k/week prior to his transfer to Rangers, Solanke’s transfer of £19m follows on from summer signings Rico(£10m), Lerna(£25m), Brooks(£11m), while last season saw Begovic(£10m), Ake(£20m), Ibe(£15m)


  • Colin
    its a complete joke. They cheated their way up from the championship. How can you sustain those transfer fees on their gates and generated revenue. 
    FFP has always and still is abused. Stoke another team we could mention with a super rich owner
  • I'd rather be sustainable and have a go on a philosophy than to chuck money at it like Chelsea and Man City, David Conn, a great writer wrote a book called richer than god, all about Man City, he's not happy even though he's a Man City supporter.
    Birmingham owe millions out and haven't been in the Prem for a decade.
  • Financial Fair Play - both the UEFA and the EFL versions - is an utter nonsense that needs to be scrapped.

    Clubs with greater resources than the rest of the competition have existed since year dot. Arsenal had the cheque book out in the 1930s and had enormous success. Bob Lord splashed the cash to win the league for Burnley in 1960. Jack Walker at Blackburn in 1995 spent tens of millions at a time where no one was really spending that type of cash.

    No one was clamouring for 'rules' until Abramovich came to Chelsea and the Shieks came in at City. There's a lot of xenophobia behind it, as well as 'traditional' big clubs feeling threatened and wanting to pull up the drawbridge behind them. It's pathetic imo.

    Let it be. Stop trying to artificially engineer outcomes. Like in any walk of life some will gamble and fail, but some will win. It is what it is.
  • I'd prefer to see a wage cap & squad number cap (apart from home grown players under 23) in all squads
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