Leeds-Derby Spygate

This is an incredible story...and according to Lamps, there was a man hiding in the bushes before the first game when Leeds beat Derby 4-1! 

I've never been to Fairwood, but how easy would it be for a Leeds employee to spy there?

See tweet below, and follow the subsequent tweets that follow it:


  • Ah the return of dirty Leeds after all these years!
  • Obviously bielsa has done his homework. The supporters the whole club in fact want this us against them attitude. Derby bit like a great white.
  • This is hardly a new activity!

    When we trained at Llandarcy , there were observers filming entire training sessions.
    Players and managers now talk to each other from behind cupped hands, this happens whatever the division of PL or FL.

    Analysis can be done on the opposition from show reels of matches on media anyway and most clubs have analysis of opposition players and tactics used.

    It seems quite ironic that one of the most predictable of teams has faith that every other team is as predictable as them!
  • Seen on the Tawe near Landore earlier Leeds United cheating again lol
  • in our hey day we could have had open training sessions - as everyone knew what the first XI was and exactly how we would play. At last we seem to be migrating back towards that!
  • Bielsa has gone further in his press briefing today to say that he has sent someone to the training ground of EVERY opponent this season.

    I've not been Fairwood. So anyone know how easy it would be for someone to get access to the pitches to see what the team was up to in prep for the game vs Leeds?
  • Mark,
    there is a security guy at the only entrance and the boundary towards Upper Killay Rugby Club is fenced. 
    Whatever pitch they train on is dependant on the weather, grass or 4G, but on the Fairwood Golf Club side, although boggy and overgrown, I dare say you can get access
  • Someone said he’s been laid off . I can’t confirm this though lol
  • Being a Leeds lad and getting to see a lot of Leeds Utd I thought Bielsa' s press conference to was a genius response to this whole spygate affair.

    I am interested to know what side of the fence(no pun intended!!) the Swansea fans are on?

    Me personally i think it's all blown out of all proportion and I'm sure stuff goes on all the time. Also it's not even breaking any rules so can't even be classed as cheating.

    Also Frank Lampard seems to have a selective memory as AVB did exactly the same job for Mourhino at Chelsea which would be information that benefited Lampard.

    I do think this will be a watershed for mangers who will (if they not already) be expected to leave no stone unturned in their preparation. I feel Potter is from the Bielsa school when it comes to preparation.
  • it may not be illegal, but it's not really in the spirit of the game. And where does it end? Flying drones over training grounds? 

    It also detracts from the success-story that is Leeds this season.

    But you'd have to say that security is pretty lax if someone was able to gain access to the training ground so they could film/watch and take notes.

    What should the punishment be? Fine? Points deduction? Touchline ban? Or maybe the opposition for every game from now until the end of the season can film/watch every training session on the week of their game at Leeds' training ground?  ;)
  • I agree it's not in the spirit of the game and I think the EFL will make it illegal going forwards (but it won't stop). 

    I don't think there can be a punishment as nothing has been done against the rules, but they will be desperately trying to find something to pin on them.

    This saga has got more legs yet
  • It is my understanding that anyone is legally able to film,photograph or observe other teams training PROVIDED THE OBSERVATION OR FILMING IS DONE FROM A PUBLIC FOOTPATH OR FREELY ACCESSIBLE PUBLIC AREA.
    If the Leeds secret agents wanted to observe or film from private land then they would be breaking the law without the express permission of the landowner.
  • Trespassing in common law, aside from the if's & but's of EFL rules, just nail him on that first to send out a clear message
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