Shame on Them

First thing first, Well done Mr Potter for putting on a brilliant first half performance against Norwich last night, was not lost on their manager when he said" Swansea was the best team we played in last few months, they where brilliant." Yes they where ,,against an accomplished  sitting at the top  team 5 points clear of the rest .   There is no doubt had Potter been given just a smidgen of backing we too would be there or there about.
My worry is Potter will say enough and move on end of season.  

shame last night was on the owners and HJ who i bet was watching at home. So stripped of assets we could not even put out a full team. only 5 reserves. Remember we are a team who spent 7 years in the prem, not a team who just came up from the back waters of football . Potter should win manager of the season where ever we end up. he has performed brilliantly .and we fans should demand our owners stand accountable.  The demands and protests from fans seams to have ebbed away, believe me this apathy plays into the hands of those who will continue to strip our club of assets and worse dignity. 

Well done you Swans players and management alike for a brilliant performance and only losing out to a wonder goal.  W e fans salute you. We all know you did it on pure talent and coaching ability, you did it despite the owners not because of them. 



  • Let's remember that Buendia was inside our box and unmarked before we get too carried away
    Yes it was a good performance but the goal was down to a marking error
    We got into lots of good positions and did not take advantage
    Encouraging for next season only if we strengthen the squad with 4 good signings and see off the PL wages of Baston Bony Ayews etc
  • Theoretically you are correct, but prior to the ball being pulled back Grimes was marking Pukki. As the ball was pulled back Pukki peeled away and perhaps you can blame one of three of our defenders who were marking one Norwich player to step out to mark Pukki that would have allowed Grimes to close Buendia down. 

    If you want to continue in the blame game, van der Hoorn could be blamed for turning his body side on to the ball, but be honest, give Buendia the credit for a great strike.

    Buendia has a feistiness about him that should have seen him booked way before he actually got a yellow card while at the match earlier in the season at the Liberty did not particularly endear himself to the home fans with his repeated cheating.
  • For me the signings need to be affordable/sustainable and not punts on exotic high earners.To fall into the trap of recent excesses would be mad.Steady improvement alongside the U23's and Academy players coming through in my opinion.Southampton as an example.
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