I actually believe that Agent Mulder is a better shot stopper than Nordfeldt, so this is not necessarily my opinion - BUT I think I saw a lot of why GP wants Nordfeldt in his team last night.
Nordfeldt played like an outfield player while in possession and this allowed us to very stylishly work our way out of a high and intense forward press, and get possession in areas where our midfielders had time to play.
Obviously a big part of this was the excellent Matty Grimes (my most improved player of the year) splitting the two centre backs and acting as the pivot for us playing out, but Nordfeldt was excellent with the ball at his feet and had one of his best games in a Swans shirt (both keepers combined would not have saved the piledriver).
I wonder if posters saw what I saw last night, and whether, like me you would like to see Nordfeldt continue with a view to building the overload in possession that will allow us to play out? For sure we will all have kittens and possibly give a goal or two away - but it really helped us to dominate the best team in the league away from our patch for the first half.


  • I don't think there is much between the two keepers, Nordfeldt would probably get the nod for his ability to start play but my main concern is that neither have stood out this season with question marks over both, whether it be in either keeper's lack of agility or in decision making in gathering a high ball.
  • I probably agree that Nordfelt played out from the back well, and does it better than Mulder. 

    Still think Benda is the long term solution 
  • I just think we can do a lot better than both keepers to be honest. They're the least reliable we've had since Willy Gueret. It's the same in several positions with this squad - we're making do and mending in far too many areas. Of course we all know it's not going to improve any time soon so we just have to get on with it unfortunately.

    Mulder would still be my pick of the two but there's not much in it. 
  • his play out from the back...

    apart from the last kick of the game, when he fannied around with it for so long, while I was screaming at the TV for him to launch it, the ref blew the whistle when he finally booted it.

    Am surprised the neighbours didnt call the police, the language was so bad! 
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