Possible further first team opportunities for youngsters

Last night highlighted once again the lack of strength in depth and quality in the forward line and with our U23 squad being decimated through first team call-ups all season perhaps there is now an opportunity for Liam Cullen to be given his opportunity as the lone striker to link up with Dan James. When Oli is injured, apart from Baker-Richardson there is nobody else. Earlier in the season I had my doubts over whether Cullen could play that role but in recent matches he has shown his strengths in linking up with play and his goal scoring ability inside the area has been his strength throughout his academy career. 

Jordan Garrick appears to be still not back to match fitness while the progress shown this season in the U23's by Oli Cooper could well see him in the first team squad during the last few games of the season.


  • Not an essential requirement by any means, but neither have a significant physical presence. If either were to play in Ollie's place then we would have to employ similar tactics to last night's first half where we saw far more movement when not in possession than in recent games. 
    I do agree that I'd rather see these two be given an opportunity as neither CBR nor Biabi will ever be the answer.
  • I'd love to see Cullen especially be given a chance 
  • As pointed out, we have absolutely no other option but to play Cullen as back up. 
    CBR has to be one of the worst Swans strikers, since Tommy Mutton. 
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