• I'm not  a huge fan of his but was thrilled for the lad that he scored the winner.  Last laugh, etc.   

    But this is becoming a big problem.
  • This guy will do a stretch for this, can you imagine Winson Green on a Saturday night just before lock-up
  • got 14 weeks bird. probably out in 6.

    10 year ban from all football grounds.

    Plus a lifetime ban from Bimingham's ground - imposed by Brum. 
  • My problem with this is 2 fold
    the judge could most likely only hand down a sentence of x, when this guy needs a hammering jail term to make a point that this is not acceptable 
    when he gets out, he'll be top man among his yob mates
    blowing kisses as he was led away ffs
  • Problem here is they wanted swift justice, therefore he went before Magistrates, not a Judge. Magistrates can only impose a limited imprisonment period, whereas a Judge in Crown Court can impose a much stiffer prison sentence. However, this would have taken weeks to get to Crown Court. Magistrates dealt with him the following day. I fully concur with your second point though BigG. When he comes out of chokey the neanderthal knuckle draggers are going to treat him as a Martyr! What a sad world we live in!
  • Common assault is only tried in Crown Court if racially motivated. so it was always going to the Magistrates.

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