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This is from PlanetSwans .  When are people going to wake up and realise that Sumbler is on a personal crusade against the sellers and will end up ruining the Trust .  His decision making is clouded through vendetta and jealousy and it needs to be stopped before it ruins the Trust and club .  He stepped down once .  He needs to step down again .

When do we learn all we can do to realistically protect the long term future of professional football in Swansea is go legal. 

The Trust have bent over backwards to get into bed with these creatures - happy to put our future in their hands. Openly lied and shamelessly manipulated about the previous deal 

Had their eyes opened to what most could already see and were repeatedly telling them, and what they had previously been happy to discredit by fair means or foul. 

But still at the top level of Trust representation think it ok to openly lie about and abuse members to manipulate to their own ends. 

Openly refuse and mock requests for members to have an opportunity to comment on the ballot paper, to ensure, after the shambles of last time, it is at least fair and balanced (as even Lisa very clearly stated it was not last time). 

Refuse to include the wider (actual) supporters in such a momentous decision. However are happy to let anyone join the Trust and vote, for a fiver / tenner (look how massively membership rose before and fell after the last vote)without a care for their motives, or if they care a fig for the future of professional football in Swansea or even if they exist or not. 

Why have a damaging court case, your ability to sell the club frozen and the strong likelihood of having to personally fork out over £21m, plus expenses when you and your extended friendship and family groups real or imagined can make it all go away for a few thousand pounds worth of membership. 

Mock and stamp over any polite debate tried to be brought up about the above and abuse members for fairly taking their turn to briefly raise less than a handful of questions at meetings, whilst sitting silent at the meeting themselves just using the protection of this website to lie and mock. 

Slag members off between themselves in the corridors after meetings 

Use this website as their own personal propaganda machine (denying members the right to a Trust website where decent debate may be fairly carried out). Here Trust officials lying about members, openly and falsely mocking constructive suggestions, and telling them to F off for presenting fair and honest concerns. All allowed and supported when they should be disciplinary offences. 

Rather than now where ironically, the new rules introduced (supposedly to make the Trust more open) make it a disciplinary offence for any Trust representative to openly disagree with any policy agreed by the majority of the Trust Board. Of course as ECB agreed this is an absolute nonsense. In an organisation such as ours It stinks of internal protection and membership exclusion and is a shame on those that penned it and is telling of their style of internal control. 

Quite honestly, unfortunately still currently a disgrace of an organisation and all those who support it in such behaviour. Shame the decent representatives are being dragged into this by association


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