U23s support

The interest in U23 football is very poor across the board- not just at Swansea .Against West Ham on Monday evening ,in a match Swansea had to win or be relegated the attendance was only 179 . Played at the Liberty and  free entrance I would have thought a figure at least three times this would have been quite feasible. After all, as has been shown this season, our future firmly depends on the progress of these young players.

Back in the 60s when we played a reserve team in the Combination support was far more, even when the first team was struggling in the lower divisions. I can recall gates of 2500 when our reserves played the likes of Spurs and Arsenal. I was a season ticket holder and got in for free but otherwise I think you had to pay. 

Of course the difference is that then the team was a mix of players returning from injury, on trial, out of form , and one or two youngsters. The mix is now more just youngsters, in which the  majority of supporters clearly  have very little interest.


  • Another major factor is that there is usually a Champions League/Europa Cup/PL or championship game on the tv on the same night. Add in the sky sports channels etc and the fans have a much bigger choice on how to spend their time on a cold, wet and windy evening. Personally, I still prefer to watch the youngsters in action, but I do accept that others make different choices.
  • Aren't the u23 games free on the Web? Might be a factor

    Hopefully there's a few to step up because when the Americans sell Mcburnie, Robrts, James, Grimes, Celina etc we'll need them in the first team

    Not usually a glass half empty guy  :'(
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