• very promising signals that he will stay. he wants to stay and is happy to, that much is clear.
  • My first thoughts are like everyone, of coarse, we all want him to sign. 
    If only to secure a bigger sum, for the inevitable scramble for his services, come the summer. 
    It will be tough holding on to him.
     But if the money is used to build the squad, then fairenoughski. 
    Otherwise, our owners will say, it has be used to service the debt. 
    I asume extending his contract, would be one of the first decisions, (if he takes the job) of Mr Birch, on his long list, of must do things, for securing the future of SCFC. 

  • I think Mr Birch (has he been confirmed yet??) has a number of ways to plug the estimated 30 million gap in our finances - and it should mean doubling down on most of those young players that have excelled this year (BC CR JR MG DJ GB etc) and the few senior pros who truly make a difference (VdH Fer? WR ND KN etc) everyone else is halfway through the door, and ANY of our young players move on reluctantly and at TOP DOLLAR.

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    TB has a tough job but it is the right appointment, welcome
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