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Once a Bluebird always a Bluebird...........


  • I can see Neil warnock resigning over this.
  • a complete lack of class, trying to get out of their obligations. what must his family be thinking right now. 

    And on the back of it, very short-sighted by them. who is going to want to do business with them in the future?
  • A disgraceful, sickening act of greed. Makes a mockery of all the outpouring of grief a few weeks ago. 

    Maybe they should run out to "True Colours" by Cyndi Lauper at their next home game? 
  • Surely Nantes just need to show Fifa the video of the Cardiff chief executive Ken Choo declaring that Sala was officially a Cardiff City player !
  • Its always a bit difficult to know what to make of a situation from a legal point of view from press reports as they are often colloquial and don't set out the (boring) minutiae of the contractual position.

    However, from the reports I have read it seems that the transfer was concluded under UEFA/FIFA regulations but not did not meet FA/Premier League rules. On the face of it this may mean that he was Cardiff's player but that as it stood they couldn't have fielded him in an FA sanctioned fixture. Unless there was something in the small print this could have left Cardiff in a rather embarrassing situation. I suppose we'll have to wait and see....

  • If we’d brought in a player and they were injured before they’d played a single game I have no doubt that we would try to use every legal means possible to argue that they weren’t ‘our’ player yet and the other club should pay his wages and we would cheer the club on.

    This feels very different. Nantes have been deprived of a player and the income they could have got if they’d sold him to another club. Sala’s family have lost someone they loved who would not have been on that plane if Cardiff had not bought him. I know £15m is a hell of a lot of money but the transfer window is closed so they aren’t going to spend it on another player during this relegation battle. They should pay up - or reach a compromise agreement with Nantes.
  • We signed Baston with a broken arm if my memory serves me right and still he hasn’t played many games for us at roughly the same price . 
  • They should pay up end of!!

    They were happy to claim him as one of their own!!
    They completed the the transfer on Jan 19!!
    Pls see extract from BBC website:-

    Saturday, 19 January: Cardiff confirm their club-record signing of Sala for an undisclosed fee thought to be around £15m.

    That evening, Sala says: "It gives me great pleasure and I can't wait to start training, meet my new teammates and get down to work."

    Cardiff's chief executive Ken Choo, who is present when Sala signs, says: "I'm sure all Cardiff City fans will join me in that and we can look forward to seeing our record signing in a Bluebirds shirt."

  • Cardiff set for a transfer ban for 3 windows if they dont cough up.

    Plus I cannot see any clubs doing any deals with them without getting all of the money up front from now on.
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