Dwindling Attendances

I have noticed that crowds at the Lib have got progressively lower over the last 4 home matches, setting aside the Man City match.

The official attendances probably reflect this to some extent because they take account of away following but do not give a true measure because I believe they include season ticket holders even if they don't attend.

Last night there were only about 80 or 90 Brentford supporters present so that will produce a low official attendance, but it is the home support that is falling away and has done increasing so over the last 4 league matches. I don't know what the official attendance was - not easy to find so I gave up - but looking around at the empty seats I would say it was around 14000.(As an aside, by the final whistle is had probably reduced to 6000)
Noticeably quieter last night where I park, quieter in the pub before the match and less queues in the toilets.

I was told last night that the season ticket renewal figures are much lower too. I was told a percentage take-up but it's so low that I won't even repeat it here because I don't believe it can be that low and is probably unfounded. But they must be somewhat lower because the club has extended the closure date for renewal.

I can understand a drop off in support next season due to season ticket non-renewals but I'm a bit surprised at the reducing home support this season because we are playing some good football again.


  • I was about to ask if anyone knew what last nights attendance was ? Nothing in the papers or on the BBC or SKY sites.
    A ll the other games had official attendances given.
  • A rearranged Tuesday night fixture isn't going to be the ideal way to judge. 

    Some fans seem more concerned with fantasising about where our players might be in 6 months than going to support them now, though. We're in good form at home, should be turning up on Saturday even if we're not playing United or Liverpool like they're used to.
  • I agree Jasper that last night's game is not the ideal way to judge, but, as I said in my original post, this view is based on the last 4 league matches, so not just on last night - I feel that it's got progressively lower in each successive match over the last 4 games. I almost posted after the Bolton match but thought I'd wait for "match 4" for a better picture.

    I agree that the Boro match will be higher than last night's, certainly from an away following, but also probably for home supporters too. But, whatever Saturday's attendance, to me there appears to be downward trend going on here. 

  • On the radio the attendance announcement was repeated as 17K plus.The guy on Swansea Sound commented that there was no way that there was that number in the Stadium but then the figures also include the total number of Season Tickets held, and obviously not all holders necessarily attended.
  • If it was 14k then that's a good turn out given the timing, opposition and relative (un)importance of the game.

    I see this size crowd as consistent with our previous spell in the championship so for me the trend is linear.

    I think it was Colin who posted our last ST take up in whilst in the championship was around the 8k mark and I'd expect that to also remain constant.

    Also there is the owner factor. There is a sizeable portion of supporters who do not want to line the hedge fund capitalists pockets. 
  • Could it be a bit of supporter apathy? Nothing to play for, extra expense of a cup run, weather not great. I'd expect a drop off given where we are.
  • Are you really surprised?

    I posted on here about five years ago about a very uncomfortable truth - there is and always has been a very fickle element to our fanbase. I don't care if that offends people because it's true. All that talk when we were in the Prem of expansion is now being proven as the nonsense it always was. The fairweathers will always out themselves eventually.

    As if that wasn't enough to contend with, we have owners who are arguably the very worst we've ever had when you take into account the overall package they've brought to the table (or not, as it were). That will have killed the enthusiasm for many and I number one of those.

    So I am not surprised in the slightest. And worse it will get until these Yanks leave.
  • Yes Gary, I am surprised - mainly because of the quality of football we are playing and I also thought that we would have gathered more long term supporters from our 7 years stay in the Prem. 

    Maybe your intuition for this sort of thing is better than mine :)

  • Watched my first game in 1978  never missed a game home and away for many years after that, stopped buying my season ticket last season , and wont give these cretins who own our club a penny . Does it hurt? bet it does. but its a principle thing now.  If this can happen to me, it can happen to many more. We need our club back. Potter in charge of the team and decent owners. 
  • Leave it out big oak you left watching this club for the golf course before the Yanks arrived.
  • Since I’ve been back home living I love watching potters football he deserves better.swallow humble pride and get down there and support those fantastic youngsters cos I guarantee you. They won’t be here long.ive been the biggest critic of dyer and Routledge,but their experience professionalism and absolute quality has been exemplary this season which begs the question should we offer them new deals on reduced terms?
  • Yep !
    Routs and Nathan have been a taste of back to the future !
    They deserve something !
  • Dyer has a year left, definitely offer Routs another year
  • Agree Colin at least another year, Routs is as fit as anyone in the squad. 
  • Didn't seem that many stay-aways last night, the pubs looked busy, there was plenty of people milling around and apart from a few in the family stand, most STHs turned up, its amazing what a week can do for morale.

    Routs has been a great servant and as long as his demands are not to high, I'd expect him to get a new contract.
  • The crowds will be down if only because of smaller away support  as has been the case in the last 3 home games. When the crowd is announced they will always include season tickets as those have been bought up front adding pay per game purchasers. The gaps in the crowd would include season ticket holders that have not bothered to turn up for one reason or another. If we had been higher up the table and more consistent obviously the crowds would have been bigger...its all to do with success on the field.

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