Match Discussion: Swans v Middlesbrough - Championship 2018/19

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Middlesbrough - Championship game on Saturday 4 April 2019 at 3:00pm.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Graham Potter's pre or post match comments, team selection and score prediction!

The referee for the game is Andy Woolmer.

Have a browse of the Swansea City v Middlesbrough Head to Head Stats for games between the sites at the Vetch Field and Liberty Stadium.



  • Boro in woeful form

    We are in good nick at home so I'll back us for a 2-0 
  • Pulis side well drilled at set pieces - will be shocked if we keep a clean sheet (still hopeful of a win mind!!)
  • I was up in Middlesbrough a couple of years ago for our match when Bradley was in charge and , when waiting for the early train home on Sunday morning , I got talking to the guy sweeping the floors on the platform. He was a big Boro supporter who said his best ever away trip was to Swansea back in 1981 for the FA Cup match. A 12 hour trip in those days. We had a long chat about that.

    For those that weren't there, it was an unbelievable match - we were all over them but somehow lost 5-0 - I think they only had 5 shots on target and they all went in. That was a very good Boro team which were doing well in the First Division at the time. It was a massive Boro following squeezed into the Wing Stand enclosure with some overflow on the West Terrace.

    Some highlights below ..... I could have sworn that Cochrane scored that goal in front of the East Stand but there you go. I do remember Robbie playing a stormer in that match.

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  • I could have sworn that Cochrane scored that goal in front of the East Stand but there you go. I do remember Robbie playing a stormer in that match.

    "Cochrane speculated and Middlesbro accumulated."   David Coleman was something else behind the mic.
  • Different type of opposition to the last game obviously but I'm going for another home win and good performance. The only issue is to keep the same starting 11 or bring in Oli, I would be inclined to start him if he is properly fit, either way 2-0 swans :smiley:
  • CCV back in at center half, grimes moving to midfield to replace fulton, narsingh in on bench
  • Some more great football played again today, good win,nice to see Rodon get a few minutes, plenty of chances created well done GP.
  • Good win and another impressive performance, but I have to say, how on earth have Boro been a top 6 side most of the season until recently?

    Absolutely dreadful team. At least Brentford could say they were on the beach in the last game. What was their excuse? 

    Dan was electric again and I thought the front three in general looked a handful. 
  • Swans were an absolute delight to see today and as much I can admire the reasons for staying away, those fans are missing some exceptional football.
    Boro had a midfield 5 comprising Downing, Mikel, Howson, Saville and Clayton and created absolutely zero, coming in to the game when we were 3 up and making subs.
  • Col it’s one thing having those players you mention but when you’ve got pullis coaching them you’ve got no hope.iff I thought swans were excellent today iff we could keep this group and add a commanding cb winger who scores goals and a striker we could be a force next season 
  • Connor Roberts outstanding today MOTM!
  • Personally I thought mvh was outstanding iff there’s a better cb in championship I’d like to see him. 
  • Never mind a better CB in the championship , is there on current form a better team in the championship !?
    GP is something very very special ! - give him a 6 year contract NOW !
  • Yes jez there is the league table don’t lie!i really hope Norwich and sheff Utd go up as I’ve got the utmost respect for both managers.both play attractive football and on a strict budget. West Brom Leeds stoke derby boro have gambled.when you dance with the devil you’ve got to know when the music stops!
  • After giving up my season ticket of many years I said I wouldn’t return until that scum had left the club....but having seen on tv and read the way we are playing it is killing me not going. 
    Think I will have to get to a game before we lose our gems again in the summer.
    and I’m so so glad to see Routs and dyer doing well when so many had written off. Great servants of the club
  • I wanna see WBA and Norwich go up

    Hate leeds for obvious reasons (insert profanity) and dislike Sheff Utd manager for reasons I have (and don't need to disclose) but going back to the original topic, excellent to see us dispose Boro with minimal of effort  :)
  • Andrew get your arse back mate. I watched one home game in the premier league as an exile a one nil defeat against Southampton. It was my boys first game and we were both bored shitless! We’ve been to a few games this year and even he can see the difference in our I thought we were brilliant again against very good players but not a good team.ill say it again tony pullis should be tried in The Hague for crimes against football!and as much as I admire Steve Gibson,pullis was given a remate just get us out of this league.i don’t care how you do it but just do it.and it’s come back to bite him on the arse! I think boro have got one of the best squads in the division. Mrs brownie was with me today and with about 15 mins to go boro got the ball down and put a good little passing spell together and the mrs goes “ look they’re passing to each other and not kicking it forward!that sums up pullis to me!
  • SVJack said:
    I wanna see WBA and Norwich go up

    Hate leeds for obvious reasons (insert profanity) and dislike Sheff Utd manager for reasons I have (and don't need to disclose) but going back to the original topic, excellent to see us dispose Boro with minimal of effort  :)
    You're hardly alone in disliking Chris Wilder. He's an arrogant, self-righteous pr*ck.

    But he's got them playing an effective, entertaining and unique brand of football.
  • not bothered who goes up with Norwich, as long as it isnt Leeds. As they will definitely come in for DJ. And while I accept he'll probably go in the summer, I dont want it to be there.

    As for Wilder. I wouldnt worry. They will quickly be relegated if they go up.
  • Great performance again today. 
    The Passing out from the back, was giving me kittens. 
     They must have bollocks the size of footballs, to play like that. 
    We should be building something special here, but instead, you can see the shysters  selling the family silverware in the summer. 
    Unbelievably, they can’t even be asked, to watch the team they own!!!
    The more I hear behind the scenes, the more depressed I get. 
    Heard today Billy Reid, has had enough, and he’s off in the summer  
    He said this wasn’t the deal they were promised, and not
    what they signed up for, including Potter. 
    I hope this is all bollocks, but this seems to be a common thread, from various sources. 
    On radio Wales, they said there were 20 scouts there today, normally, it’s probably 4 or 5 on a good day. 
    Just goes to show the talent we have here. 
    The Shysters must be licking their lips in anticipation. 
    Just imagine, in a parallel universe, where we had owners, who were willing to “invest”
    in their youngsters, and their manager. 
    But instead we’ve  spunked £80m away, on shit transfers, and are paying Pearlman  3 quarters of a million, of your finest British pounds, for God knows what.
    When every man and his dog, have been served with redundancy letters. 
  • Attendance:
    Listened to the game on the radio for the first half
    Rob phillips and IanWalsh said that was the best football they have seen from. Swansea 
  • We are hitting our best football of the season. We have a young, exciting side that next season under potter will be a top 6 contender. If the USA guys have any interest in football they should not let any of our players leave.
  • It was great football coached by a great manager and his staff!i never thought I’d feel so sorry for the opposition,but boro were chasing shadows.i think all their players were over 6 ft. Come the end of the game they were all blowing through their arse.but at least they’re all millionaires, so who cares.
  • Wayne Routledge, stand up you marvellous servant of SCFC. Our manager in the future I hope, or at least 1st team coach. Glad the football is back.
  • Ecstatic with the result and so pleased with the performance (from what I heard). Will have to get down to the Liberty for some of these home games as it’s not much fun not seeing what’s being described. Highlights on YouTube are a joy to watch though. Special mention to Routledge and Dyer. Cometh the hour cometh the men. Rest of the team goes without saying.
  • Lovely, delightful, glorious football yesterday in the warmth of the Lib.
    Dyer and Routledge were the standout players for me but, again, of the 11 chosen to start, all had good games.
    Thank you Mr Potter.
  • We really are a joy to watch at the moment.  No Matter where you read reports of our play, this is also reported in all of them. 
    So isn’t it incredulous that our glorious American owners, can’t even be bothered to book 2 plane tickets, to come and watch their own team, play this great football ? ? ?
  • a lot of people gushing about yesterday's performance yesterday, and rightly so.

    but. and it is a positive but. there is way more to come from this team.

    We could have been 7 nil up at half time. And I am not exaggerating.

    DJ had 2 shots whistle past the post. Routs hit the bar. Celina blasted over from 6 yards. Nathan tamely hit the keeper with a clear path to goal.

    So, they still are a long way from the finishing article, and to me that makes it even more exciting.
  • @Mark_Jack_London

    The thing is, you know as well as I do, there isn't more to come from this team because, unless the Yanks sell up in the summer, it will be systematically dismantled. 

    This is why I'm not renewing my season ticket - it's the potential we're about to waste that makes it far, far worse. If we were just shite, with no green shoots, it would be easier to take. But look at Dan, Connor, VdH, Grimes, Rodon, Byers - we've got something to build around there but we all know half or more of that list will be out of the door by August. 

    I just pray Birch can make a few phone calls in his extensive contacts book and get the club sold.
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