Promotion to the Premier League - a Norwich fan's view

I read this on a MBM commentary after Norwich went 2-0 up this afternoon in the first 15 minutes.  Anybody else feel like this fan?  I do.  I don't miss the Premier League at all.  I like the suggested option at the end: decline promotion so you can enjoy the Championship every year.  :)

16 min “Leaving aside that automatic promotion is not quite as done and dusted as you reckon, going up to the Premier League is weird for a small-medium club (and with a 27k capacity that’s what we are),” says Ben Heywood. “Yes, the glory of temporary success is a brilliant feeling - but then what do you do? Like a dog chasing a car, the chase is much more fun than the outcome, which is often a series of tonkings from the big boys, scrappy wins against the rest, a brief, Icarus-like moment if you have either splashed some cash or stumbled upon an outstanding talent or two and then a free-form, depressing tumble down the table and out of the league again when the aforementioned big boys nick your best players or your manager - or decide they’ll spend the sort of money that you just don’t have.

“I’ve followed Norwich all my life and seen all this happen many times over. I love watching us in the Championship - can’t we stay in it for a bit? Win back to back titles maybe? The Premier League odds are so stacked against a small club (and yeah, I know, Leicester - but even they had more money than we’ll ever have) that it just doesn’t feel fair any more. Gone are the days when a small provincial club can nearly win the thing as we so nearly did in the very first Premier League season! Still, I guess it’s worth it just to say that we managed it - and if our inclusion makes you feel better about the world in general, I’m all for it. On the ball City!!!”

Yes, I know what you mean. Maybe you should have the option to decline promotion, and treat your fans to this glorious football again next season.

I hate modern football.


  • Well if they didn't wanna go up they should be throwing the games. They won't...
    1) because it's illegal
    2) they want to satisfy the cravings for the prem

    Good to see a different perspective of course but let's be honest, he's in the minority, most Norwich fans wanna be back in the prem fighting the so called 'big boys' 
  • Norwich are a bigger club than Burnley, and they seem to be doing ok. blip on form this season, some of it due to their Europa Cup exploits, I think.

    But they recently announced a £35m profit!

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