Should the new chairman and owners re evaluate what we have and appreciate and keep  the wonderful Mr Potter and if they can grow some balls they might want to hold their  nerve and apparent investment and watch this team develop into something special .Build it and they will come !
We can really build off this season without the mega salaries afforded to ill equipped mercenaries that we have experienced these past few seasons ..Do i want to get back into the premier league yes for the financial rewards and balancing of the debt .would i rather see us play wonderful football rather than looking for end of season run in maybe not.The premier league is the holy grail however hanging on for Arsenal to play poorly and we nick the odd point quickly diminishes the football experience .
I like what we are now youngsters giving 100% local ones even better and some wonderful football !
Premier league its over rated ,seek out that post about Norwich being promoted ,its here somewhere it really does speak volumes ...


  • For me, its all about moving the Ayew's and Borja on for some dosh, we won't get anywhere near what we paid for them but if we could get £10m for the 3 then that would keep the wolf from the door
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