Play Offs - every teams max points total

5th Bristol C - 83
6th Villa - 81
7th Boro - 78
8th Derby - 78
12th Hull - 75
13th Swansea - 74
9th Weds - 74
10th Forest - 72
11th Preston - 72

If we can dispatch QPR, Rotherham & Ipswich and still be on target for 74 points then the above numbers gap will close drastically as the ones above us are forced in head to head games to lose points, or, are playing one of the top 4 teams.



  • As it stands we have a potential 9th place finish. I have a feeling we will end up 7th and be left looking back at games like Forest Wigan Ipswich Rotherham and Birmingham etc and thinking what might have been and then hoping we do not sell any of our new jewels in the summer.  7th place finish on the back of the Citeh cup game and 8 or 9 wins in the last nine games will surely catch the attention of Birch and then we have to hope he can convince the owners not to do what they did in Jan but find other ways to balance the books for just one more season.
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    Mings sent off for Villa away.

    Could be interesting.

    And Rotherham score from the resultant pen !!!
  • Effin Hell.

    Villa just score twice in 3 mins to go ahead.

    Still. Nice when it lasted.
  • We've still got to play Derby at home as well so that reduces their total to a max 75 points - providing we beat them of course 
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