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Helicopter at Pentrehafod Comp

Does anybody know the reason why 2 helicopters were circling above Pentrehafod Comp, with one landing on the football field around 5pm last night.
Half hour later the helicopter took off only to return about 45 minutes later and land back on the football field.
Surely the presence of Ryan Giggs at last night’s match warranted such intricate travel arrangements!!!


  • Stoke's chairman normally arrives via helicopter and often uses Morriston golf club as his landing site. Don't think he used it yesterday, so it may have been him.
  • Bloody cheek whoever it was ,unless it was a genuine emergency.
  • Hopefully nobody required medical assistance but it wasn’t the air ambulance that landed at Pentrehafod
  • Some one at the school said it was to do with the match but not sure if it was Giggs or Stoke chairman!
  • moorlands said:
    Bloody cheek whoever it was ,unless it was a genuine emergency.
    Why is it a cheek ? If it was the Stoke chairman, he will have paid for the privilege of landing there. 
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    What's wrong with Fairwood where there are aircraft landing facilities.Why use our educational facilities just to save 20 minutes in a hired car.I wouldn't assume that anything was paid to the school either.
  • Why would you assume that no payment was made to the school ? It is their land and a pre arranged landing would command a fee. Morriston golf club were paid several times for the use of their land. 

  • Why would you think it appropriate at all.fee or no fee,to land a helicopter in a built up area, unless in an emergency , presumably  for the convenience of whoever was in the machine ,when the correct facilities are available elsewhere in the City.
    I've no doubt that if I lived in the Hafod or Landore the unexpected landing of a helicopter nearby would certainly have caused me concern.If a private organisation like a golf club, which presumably is a profit based entity, wishes to sell such a service good luck to them ,but a publicly owned School seems inappropriate.

  • Landing a helicopter is an intrinsically safe procedure and probably statistically safer than driving a car. Personally, I wouldn't be worried by a helicopter landing in the vicinity of my house, but that's down to an individual's perception of risk. Yours is clearly different to mine, so we'll have to agree to disagree.

    As for the school receiving an income from it, I'm sure all schools need as much income as they can legally generate these days.
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