Nervous about the end of season

I am nervous about the end of season. With all the false promises etc that have gone on the past few years, for me the end of season will be the most vital point for us where we stand as a club.
If they decide to cash in on D James, VdH and other key players, even having seen their how they are vital to the team and detrimental to us going forward (and upwards hopefully) next season. 
If these guys are off loaded then we know where we stand and its heart breaking even thinking about it. If they do claim there is no money to buy players, however they give new contracts to these players and stamp there foot down and not sell at least it shows some intent and forsite. As much as i love seeing the style of play lately and the likes of DJ tearing up the wings, but the more i hear the crowd cheer the louder those dollar signs are ringing in the eyes of those sat in the boardroom. 


  • I think we hope for the best but expect the worst with the current ownership model. They will not give a toss where we finish in the championship, how many matches have they attended since we were relegated?
    asleep at the wheel now
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