Expected Goals Table

Based on the expected goals table shown by #EFLSTATS we occupy the last play-off spot:  https://twitter.com/eflstats?lang=en

This just adds to my feeling of frustration, I'm sure shared by many, at what might have been this season. The expected goals table has us with 7 more wins than defeats - in stark contrast to our actual record which has us with the same number of victories as losses. The main reason for this is the difference between expected goals (62) and actual goals (55), with expected goals conceded being two better than our actual tally. It's not really surprising, given how many penalties we've missed, free kicks in dangerous positions just outside the box squandered, and generally poor finishing. If we're to challenge the top of the table next seasons we really need to hone our finishing skills - because we're creating more than enough chances to score. 

Confident though I am about the game on Saturday - it's worth noting that QPR are 8th in the expected goals table - on 60 points. Remarkably, they've conceded 65 goals to their expected tally of just 52 - so they've been rather unlucky on the face of it, having faced very clinical opponents. Let's just hope their misfortune continues on Saturday.
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