Cost of team

The total cost in transfers of the team we fielded v Stoke was, I estimate, less than 10 million. Or put another way ,6 million less than we splashed out  last season on one of their players last Tuesday ie Clucas.
I think Naughton was the costliest player of ours on the field by some way, probably followed by Routeledge at 2 million.



  • Just shows a decent team (not squad) can be assembled prudently.

    The wheels fell off by purchasing Bony & Andre Ayew (again), Mesa, Clucas and Jordan Ayew.

    Hughever signed off those transfers...

    Super Swans.
  • That is the value of an academy, the Swansea and South Wales areas have always produced good players, unfortunately we took our eye off looking for local talent and thought Spain was the answer to everything!
  • Below shows the fees paid for yesterday's starters and subs. Definitely more than £10m. But shows how shady things are, when you see all of this "undisclosed" nonsense. No transfer should be "undisclosed". All should be transparent IMO. There is no reason to hide figures.

    • Nordfeldt - undisclosed
    • Roberts - Academy
    • van der Hoorn - undisclosed
    • Carter-Vickers - n/a
    • Naughton - £5m
    • Fulton - £200k + add ons
    • Byers - free
    • Rodon - Academy
    • Grimes - £1.75m
    • Dyer - £400k
    • Celina - £3m + add ons rising to £4m
    • McBurnie - undisclosed
    • James - £72k + add ons 
    • Routledge - undisclosed.

  • Actually @Daitumble it was when we moved on from the Spanish contingent and reverted to the Monk (err lets say) pragmatic approach that the wheels came off. But you are correct in that a bit more focus on the youngsters instead of over priced mercenaries would have allowed us to possibly survive, but at least get relegated with our finances in order and our dignity intact.
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