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How signings can change a teams performances

In any recruitment this summer Swans would do well to look at the way Glamorgan Cricket club  performances have been improved by one or two new players this season. The squad is essentially the same that was getting thrashed on a regular basis towards the end of last season yet with reliable support from the newcomers those same players have a belief and determination that was totally lacking last year.
I know it is easier in that sport when players do not cost millions if anything at all when they move counties.
If he was a footballer the signing of Billy Root would of cost 10+ million no doubt, but he has transformed the middle order with some outstanding displays. I don't even think there are transfer fees in Cricket- never heard them mentioned anyway.
The present Swans squad ,if no one left of course, would only need two or three  decent carefully chosen  signings to be a force next season in the championship.


  • Agree mate. Especially as there are a fair few I'd expect to keep improving next year. Trouble is my gut feeling is that we're more likely to be replacing than adding to the squad.
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