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24 Days to go

its been a quiet news couple of days, but all the news has been good. 

Jordan’s move to Palace is progressing well and likely to happen soon.

Im pleased Byers got his new contract, which was interesting because it wasn’t absolutely necessary, but it posts a statement of intent by the club about the player. Well deserved.

Oli getting up to his normal Twitter activity, this time regarding any %age fee if he were to be sold. Certainly not keen on that, but with the Maupay deal to Sheffield starting to progress then hopefully Sheffield’s forward position will be taken. Stay here Oli we want you and need your goals.

I’m looking forward to the first official friendly on Saturday, hopefully we start to get some coverage so we can see how we intend to start playing.

On other issues, I’m hoping Mike will sign a new contract otherwise a tough decision may be needed about selling now. Related to that, still concerned about no sign of a replacement for CCV (just realised we had the ‘Rhino’ and a Hoorn playing for us last year) we need to get our four centrebacks in place very soon.

Regarding more championship defending news, I must admit I have enjoyed the Pontus Janssen Saga especially the Angst when the Leeds fans found out about the price paid for Tyrone Mings.

I don’t feel all alone any more for underpricing players to get them sold. For whatever reason, he was sold!

Heres hoping there is more good news today, certainly we need it on Borja and Andre Ayew.

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