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West Brom Problems

Im starting to pick up some worrying comments (for Albion) about their precarious financial situation. Anyone else picking up the same vibe, I have them as promotion contenders, but could get derailed if the wheels are coming off financially.


  • Good anybody abusing ffp deserves all they get.its cheating as far as I’m concerned what have you heard springheeled 
  • Stoke hopefully next. Although the owners are blessed with an ever increasing pot of money, there is only so long they can keep splashing the cash.
  • They're getting £8m or so for a 16 year old so they'll probably be alright after the standard clearout.
  • A couple of well respected Academy coaches have left unexpectedly, plus a couple of their top academy talents. In addition a number of the key first team players have been/are exiting without any sign of replacements.

    Lots of Talk of getting replacements, but one loan player in so far.

    Starting to sound eerily familiar, and not controlled.

    Some of my rebel in law family who support the baggies are getting really worried.
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