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Squad options

Now the window has shut for ins, this is the options open to Coops. I'd say at the moment, 7 slots (bold) are settled - although Roberts will need to up his first half performance, as KN is breathing down his neck.

But he does have plenty of choices in CM, out wide and up front, and AM, if he wants to fiddle with the formula.

Last week he played 1-4-3-2-1, but with that squad he could do all sorts of things.

He could play 1-4-2-3-1 with Wilmot more natural alongside Grimes, 3 attacking midfielders supporting a central striker. Loads of options. they dont all have to be widemen.

Could go 1-4-2-4 - with 2 central strikers.

I am impressed by what options he has, even if Ayew or Borja or both leave.

Woodman / Nordfeldt / Benda / Mulder

Right back
Roberts / Naughton

Left back
John / Bidwell

VdH / Rodon / Wilmot / Harries

Byers / TC / Grimes / Fulton / Wilmot

Celina / Dhanda / Byers /  McKay / Routs

McKay / Dyer / Routs / Asoro / Peterson / Kalulu

Ayew / Baston / Surridge /  Peterson / Kalulu


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