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Forest hold Leeds to a draw

Good result for Forest and not bad for us.



  • Leeds dominated, but failed to take their chances and were punished by a very sloppy, scrambled goal.
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    Leeds look weak at set pieces, dont know whether to laugh or cry!
  • @SpringheeledJack I was at Elland Road today and whilst your right it was a good result for Forest they were pretty poor and put 11 men behind the ball and the ref was also pretty poor as Leeds has two decent penalty shouts and also should have been awarded a free kick in the build up to the corner from which Forest scored, which as you say was weak defending but I wouldn't go as far as saying they are weak at set pieces.

    However as Mark_Jack_London said they failed to take their chance (Bamford was particularly wasteful and not for the first time) and they really need a striker to step up and be clinical as this was also their achilles heel last season hence they struggled when teams came to Elland Road and stuck 11 men behind the ball.

    Will be interesting to see what approach Swansea take when they visit Leeds on 31st August!!

    Oh and I was right about Kalvin Phillips not leaving  ;)

  • From what Ive seen one was a good shout, in fact totally obvious, but the other wasnt. Sort of inconsistant refereeing
  • To be fair I was up in the gods and at the other end, so you likely had a much better view than me (plus I only saw it once).

    Was it the tackle on Dallas that was a good shout?

    Sadly inconsistent refereeing is part and parcel of the championship and seems to have been the same story at Pride Park today. 
  • Yes, the Forshaw one wasnt. Having said that Phillips should have been sent off.

    Leeds dominated by playing their own game, a very different draw to ours. We showed more character but Leeds showed more quality.
  • I never thought the Forshaw one was a penalty, that as clear in real time. Just seen the Dallas incident on quest and that is a penalty all day.

    Can't agree about Phillips his yellow card tackle didn't look too bad to me, yes he slid in but the tackle was not  dangerous (I am not a big fan of this booking players for every slide tackle, as for me a well timed tackle even if you slide in is a massive part of the game that must not be outlawed) and if that's a yellow (or red) then Ben Watson should have been carded as well for a very similar tackle, yet he got nothing (which I suppose highlights the inconsistent refereeing again).
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