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Set Pieces

As the mist falls on last season, I realise I will remember it as one where we played some good stuff but could never achieve anything because we were always going to concede from set pieces. Hardly a set piece goal this time round. I am interested what the regulars put this down to. I ask because there are a few common sense theories from afar. Margetson?  Rodon back for CCV? New goalie? Bidwell? Fulton favoured by new manager? All/combination of above? Would be interested in people's thoughts.

I decided a couple of days ago to put this question up as I am interested in answers from people who have watched a lot more than me. It is pure football irony that Woodman, Fulton, Bidwell and Rodon didnt play last night and we concede from a corner.


  • Can't discount a bit of luck as well. QPR had a couple of good chances when they exposed our man-marking system (Hugill's especially when a simple block on Roberts gave him a free hit in acres of space near the penalty spot) and Liam Cooper hit the bar against Leeds. 
  • Nordfelt does not exude confidence in me whatsoever. Last night on several occasions MDV was remonstrating with N and on one occasion he was too slow kicking the ball and was lucky to pass the ball away from a Watford -player breathing down his neck. He stays on his line too much not showing the opposition that he is in charge of the penalty area so puts pressure on the defenders in front of him. For some reason at the death we had another corner and N ran forward into the box ....the cornec rkick did not go anywhere near him and by the time he had decided to run back to goal slowly  Matty Grimes had had to take one for the team to stop a probable 3rd goal for Watford....
  • Another big chance given away today on 13 minutes that last season would have probably been buried. No team is going to have a perfect set piece record but luck certainly a factor in our decent goals against tally this term.
  • We may have sorted set pieces out but imo our open play defending has gone backwards - the Forest goal the other week was naivety at its worst and the Reading goal yesterday was so easily avoidable if players had retained their concentration and composure. 
  • Agree - the similarity between the Forest goal and Readings is alarming ! .......... And we all saw it coming ! 
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