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  • The key words in this report are rather stark & a clear warning ... “, the Championship is much more reliant on the generosity of its owners. It is questionable whether this is sustainable.” ... a really interesting read highlighting the state of football in the country & the greed of the EPL
  • As the money concentrates at the top so the lower leagues deteriorate as their best talent is bought up
    Below Championship  ie commonly 2nd division there is not much right across Europe that is of league 1 /2 standard
    The more spent by the back room casino boys - Man C and the first 1 billion pound squad etc - the more they become too powerful to fail ( hence strange ref decisions like our quarter final) and the bigger the share of the TV pie they expect - see Barcelona/ RM share of Spanish TV income and you get the idea - they are locked in at the top
    Enjoy the Championship before it turns into an impoverished bunch of clubs selling off all their talent to be held in the PL reserves or loaned out to Europe or simply wasted
    Or just remember the good times when it was all on free TV and your team was all local boys plus a couple of Yugoslavs
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