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Match Discussion: Charlton Athletic v Swans - Championship 2019/20

edited October 2019 in Swansea City
This is the place to discuss all things related to the Charlton Athletic v Swans Championship game on Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at 7:45pm.

Referee Peter Bankes will be assisted by Adam Nunn and Mark Perry, with Charles Breakspear the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Charlton Athletic v Swans Head to Head stats when the sides have met at the Valley.

If you are going to the game at the Valley have a read of our Travelling Jacks Guide to Charlton Athletic.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments, team selection and don't forget to submit your score prediction for our Swansea City Prediction League.


  • 7.45pm. Let's continue to concentrate on attack rather than sitting back. This was a breath of fresh air at start of season.
  • I was at the Valley Saturday to watch charlton beat Leeds. We need to attack with pace. I'll be at the Valley Wednesday and want to Celina central. But I'd rather see Garrick start than Ayew. The area charlton struggle with is defending against pace. Solly and purrington struggle especially.
  • On form surely Celina should be dropped for a while.
  • Fair point @jasper_T Byers at 10 with Celina on bench no issues for me. Naughton at LB is an issue. I'm sure the key to how we play is the wing backs attacking and using their natural foot to cross without breaking stride. When 'inverted' players stop to cut back on their stronger foot the impetus goes unless they bang one in the top bin. So I'd have Declan John LB.
  • My team vs Charlton
    Roberts VDHorn Rodon John
    Fulton Grimes
    Ayew Celina Garrick
    Subs Knordfelt, Knaughton, Wilmot, Carroll, Byers, Routledge, Surridge
  • I'm going to the match on Wednesday with a Spurs supporter who lives about a mile from The Valley. He watches Charlton now and again - he reckons they are in a falsely high position and will bomb downwards once they lose the early momentum they've got after promotion.
  • SV Jack
    If you were at the Liberty on Saturday you’d have seen Garrick was totally out of his depth. To drop Ayew for Garrick would be madness. And I’m not having a go at Garrick he’s young and has plenty of potential and his time will come. 
  • Ayew had a really good first half. Garrick had one kick and rush. There's an expectation from some fans that Jordon's going to be the next DJ and we just need to get him in the team and watch him go. 
  • The other option is put Ayew in the 10 role and rotate the wingers - he is clever enough to play there for sure!
  • We are unable to replace DJ's pace - Garrick is the closest thing we have to a speed merchant. But setting aside pace, I think it's proper width that we've been missing. Cooper has recently been playing a very narrow team - OK, we've had Celina and Ayew playing wide but neither are effective wingers. And , yes , I did notice Ayew's cross from a great wing position on Saturday. Several decent options are available for Cooper to change things around if he wants to.
  • Perhaps Dyer can play on one wing as he did reasonably well at Watford. Would leave Surridge on the bench as I don't think he is strong enough as a battler against some defenders. Leave Garrick on the bench as an option. SC knows what he is doing and will get it right soon this our little bad run? 2nd in the table still.
  • tonight's results have seen us slip to 6th. 

    A win takes us top.

    A draw 2nd.

    A loss and we drop at least 1 to 7th, possibly 9th if QPR and Bristol City win.

    Pressure on.
  • tonight's results have seen us slip to 6th. 

    A win takes us top.

    A draw 2nd.

    A loss and we drop at least 1 to 7th, possibly 9th if QPR and Bristol City win.

    Pressure on.
    Pressure on? Really...  the only pressure comes from unrealistic expectations being transmitted to the players
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    tonight's results have seen us slip to 6th. 

    A win takes us top.

    A draw 2nd.

    A loss and we drop at least 1 to 7th, possibly 9th if QPR and Bristol City win.

    Pressure on.
    Could be good pressure, high motivation, to play as well as we can, fight for every ball, get the win to go top.
  • if this team wants to be successful then performing under pressure is a skill they must master. So it is a good thing.

    and it is a good test, which we knew would come, of the manager's credentials. 
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    a) I like Byers but he doesn't have the creativity of Celina. For me step one of getting back to scoring is putting Celina back to No 10. Leaving Byers as either replacing Fulton in the starting line up or subbing Celina when Celina is not performing in the No 10 slot

    b) the lack of pace complaint. There has not been a lack of pace on the left and Bidwell was always doing lots of overlaps. For me the problem is Andre. He doesn't have the pace to take on a defender and get to the byline. The only way Andre beats a defender is by receiving the ball then trying to use his body mass whilst facing our goal to try and gradually turn around the corner inside to get past him. To do this Andre chews up the best part of 10 seconds and the opposing players are now all back in defensive formation. Secondly in doing that he severely limits Roberts ability to attack. With Dyer or Routs they will take one or two quick touches and square the ball into the attacking Roberts. Andre doesn't do this so our right wing is where the main problem is in terms of the pace of the attacking. Andre is also not an assist player. If he turns his defender he wants to play a one two with someone to get him in on goal. Nothing wrong with that but that's all he does with the one exception of Saturday when holy of holy's he actually crossed a ball into the box. We need Dyer or Routs on the right so that fluidity and speed of attack returns on the right side
  • Astonishing that you can criticise Ayew for slowing down attacks but praise Celina's "creativity" in the same post. Bersant's the number one offender at the moment for delaying our forward play.
  • @jasper_T we all have different opinions. But I see celina often trying to beat the full back or sending Bidwell in. I rarely see Ayew do that. I am not saying he is a bad player I am just saying his style of play does hold up speedy attacks on the right. As for Celina's creativity I mean when he is in the middle of the park. He is not creative out wide and has not performed well there
  • Shame Bidwell is suspended because him and Celina were developing a great understanding.

    Would often seem to be our only attacking threat.
  • 1 change tonight. Dhanda replaces Byers who is not on the bench so must have a knock or something
  • Yet to be convinced by Dhanda. Big chance for him to shine tonight.

    Let's hope our midfield is not too lightweight.

  • If I'm not mistaken Charlton's recent home form is impressive (taking out the defeat to Birmingham) Let's hope it takes a turn tonight
  • If I'm not mistaken Charlton's recent home form is impressive. Let's hope it takes a turn
  • 1-2 to us tonight...i can feel it !!

    Cmon !!!!!
  • Wyndham ill and can't do the comms. Great stand-in in Curt.
  • ****** me, cooper don’t like changing it much does he... 
  • 1-0.

    Howler from Rodon.
  • terrible start,  need a good comeback from this

  • Oh well , lets win 1-2 then 

  • This isn’t the result we were looking for. Got to get back in this and quickly.
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