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Andrew 2! there's always people ready to put the boot in ? Comparing cooper to monk were all individuals  ! monk in managerial terms is still a novice! who was a good servant to our club? ,the guy had 2 of his best players sold, and he's working basically with the under 23s, your  like the majority of fans ,have "No patience", no heart wouldn't want spend much time in a boozer with you yu misarble sod ! Chill!


  • Why the negativity? We are sixth in the table with a game in hand . If we win tonight we go top draw and go back to second.  We could be in the quandary that Stoke and Huddersfield are in rock bottom. Was it one or two shots on target between them last night? We were no where near as bad on our performances last season after dropping down. I just hope that Stoke give their manager another chance to get it right.

  • Ignore people like Andrew2 and they will go away.
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