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Oh Dear!


  • edited October 2019
    Got them promoted playing some good footie last season. Deserved better than he's got. Just typical we play them next though
  • This seems to happen far too often to be a coincidence. Either a manager loses his job just before we have to play his team or , as this last weekend, if Stoke had lost would Nathan Jones still be their manager ?

    We all know that changing a manager seems to have a remarkable effect, the so called honeymoon period.
     Swansea have had this with first Carlos, then Potter and now Cooper. Unfortunately Cooper's honeymoon period seems to have  well and truly  come to an end.

    I'm sure this happened sufficient times whilst we were in the Premier league  in that final season to adversely affect our chances of avoiding  relegation.
  • WynWyn
    edited October 2019
    One thing's for sure their defence can't possibly play any worse against us than they did second half against Preston:  

  • We should turn that into our favour instead of using it as an excuse
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