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Barmy Jack and posters of your ilk

Barmy Jack:
This forum is exactly what it says it is, "A Forum".

Which means that it allows individuals of differing opinions to post their thoughts concerning The Swans, or any other topic Swans related.

If you are going then you certainly will not be missed by me.

You are obviously lacking in morale standards to offer the abuse on here to other posters that you do,  whom you disagree with on opinion.
Illiterate in not even, in the most part I have noticed, able to get their forum posting names correctly stated.
In addition offering opinion not backed up with any kind of logical constructive argument or facts, but mostly happy to degrade your self by offering those posters you disagree with illiterate abuse.

You are probably like most of us on here not trained in journalism, but that does not allow any excuse for unacceptable offensive and disrespectful comments.

It is why posters like you Barmy Jack, on this site and other social media forces government legislation having to be brought in.

I couldn't care less about your mindless comments and abusive posts but there is a need for this forum administrators to start policing it and blocking abusive and offensive posters like yourself.

If you or any one else does not like my opinions by all means disagree.

Two points though.
1. They are my opinions and I am entitled to them.
2. I am also entitled to change them as well, either as a result of deciding for myself or as a result of constructive argument from other individuals. 

I am  football fan, wanting and hoping each week, to see the best from our Swans squad of players under the management teams guidance.

Trouble is as we all know " Football goes hand in hand with emotional fan reaction".

Please admin start doing what we have the right to expect and police this forum.
At the same time admin thank you for the fact that this forum exists and allows us to discuss our beloved Swans.





  • Fabulous post and I wholeheartedly agree. 

    I'll hold my hands up and admit that at times I have allowed myself to become riled by the sort of posters you mention and have, on occasion, responded in kind. I regret ever having done that. But it is difficult when, as you suggest, the ones who have the power to stamp down on that sort of behaviour turn a blind eye. This is a point I have made several times in the past but to no avail, on one occasion receiving a rather flippant reply that suggested they don't really care. Which I thought a shame. It never used to be that way - mods used to intervene more regularly.

    I would never stop posting on this forum because that is to let 'those' people win, but I agree that it really does bring the standards down and make it less enjoyable and it is unfortunate when that is continually allowed to happen. 

    That said I echo your closing sentiments - despite the lax moderation this continues to be a great site and I thank those running it that it still exists.
  • MJD,I salute you sir,an extra ration of Rum for this man!
  • Guys - it is not a case of being lax with the moderation or ignoring the sometimes unnecessary personal abuse.

    It is simply a fact of a lack of time as both Duncan and I have day jobs also, which means we can't monitor the forum all day every day sadly.

    That is why we rely on forum users reporting any issues (as you do in fairness) to help bring things to our attention so we can look at each and every one as and when possible, taking action accordingly.

    We know it can be frustrating but please try and bear with us :)
  • Sticks and stones, and scroll down. 
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