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Swansea City u18s v West Ham Utd u18s

Another punishing defeat for the youngsters against a bigger, comparatively older & cleverer West Ham side.  We were 2 down even before the team started to find its feet.  Rickard pulled one back on 23m, we created & spurned further chances, but went into half-time 3-1 down. Al-Hamadi made it 2-3, Rickard missed a 1 on 1 chance to level soon after and that was about it, really.  West Ham cut open our defensive 3 routinely, scoring 3 goals in quick succession at the close to win 8-2.  Rather demoralising for our very young side - our 3 subs couldn’t be much older than 15 years of age each, but each of them got involved: tall centre forward Ruben Davies, 2 central midfielders Josh Edwards & Cameron Congreve.  We also featured a left sided centre back Cian Williams, who I’m led to believe is a 16 year old triallist from Wrexham.  He did Ok first half before the 2nd half collapse, when West Ham scored at will.  It’s absolutely right to keep promoting our kids, but games like today will inevitably follow from time to time.



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